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Published by Aucun
Using Logic Pro for Mastering
Using Logic Pro for Mastering

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Published by: Aucun on Apr 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mastering in Logic
A step by step guide
Mastering In Logic - A Step by Step Guide
Understanding the mastering chain will give your musicthe polish and punch you have been looking for.
As you may have learnt from my YouTube videos mastering isconsidered by many to be the silver bullet for a bad mix and an artthat should only be practiced by a select few. In reality anyone canlearn to master and should be seen as just another part of therecording process.Learning to master isn't just about adding that expensive plugin butmore about understanding the key workflow, using and developingyour ear to make good mastering decisions.This step by step guide will show you some of the key principles ofhow to master your own music using Logic Pro. Although there aremany possible ways you can master a track having a guided outlinewill most certainly help you to follow the correct workflow and willensure your music has more chance being loud, polished andsounds finished.The general workflow of mastering is this:1.
Listen critically2.
Decide what needs to be done3.
Shape and Balance the Frequencies based on number 24.
Control the Dynamics5.
Make it LOUDER with a touch of limiting6.
Send to label and make a ton of DOSH!8.
Step 1 - Bouncing your stereo mix
The first step in the mastering process is actually at the mix stage. Ifyou bounce your track with a loud gain structure you may as wellforget mastering. Bouncing your mix correctly is critical to creating agood master, get this step wrong and all you mastering decisionswon't mean zip!So let's assume you have got your mix as balanced and punchy asyou can and are ready to bounce. You want to bounce your mix withthe best signal and sample rate possible. As a rule of thumb youwant to leave anywhere between -3db to -6db of head room clear onyour master output channel ready for mastering.Make sure you have the start and end points set in the arrangewindow accounting for the tail if you want to. Logic's bouncewindow has an option to 'include tail' which you can use to if youwish. Personally I don't use this option but that's just me and I'm abit weird!!Once you have named your file; the file format to bounce in is 'AIFF'

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