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List of Shortcut Keys for Corel Draw X4

List of Shortcut Keys for Corel Draw X4



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Published by Harvinder Singh
List of Shortcut Keys for Corel Draw X4
List of Shortcut Keys for Corel Draw X4

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Published by: Harvinder Singh on May 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LIST OF SHORTCUT KEYS FOR COREL DRAW X3GeneralShortcutCommandShortcutCommand
BAlign Bottom F11FountainEAlign Centers Horizontally F5FreehandCAlign Center Vertically F9Full-Screen PreviewLAlign Left DGraph PapeRAlign Right Ctrl+F5Graphic and Text StylesAlt+F12Align to Baseline Ctrl+GGroupTAlign Top HHandIArtistic Media Ctrl+,Horizontal TextCtrl+PageUpBack One Ctrl+Shft+UHue/Saturation/LightnessCtrl+KBreak Apart Ctrl+IImportCtrl+BBrightness/Contrast/Intensity Ctrl+F11Insert Symbol CharacteCtrl+EnterBring Up Property Bar MInteractive FillPCenter to Page Ctrl+DownMicro Nudge DownCtrl+TCharacter Formatting Ctrl+LeftMicro Nudge LeftShft+F11Color Ctrl+RightMicro Nudge RightHift+F12Color Ctrl+UpMicro Nudge UpCtrl+Shft+BColor Balance NNavigatoCtrl+LCombine Ctrl+NNewCtrl+F9Contour PageDownNext PageDownNudge DownCtrl+F8Convert LeftNudge LeftCtrl+Shft+QConvert Outline To Object RightNudge RightCtrl+QConvert to Curves UpNudge UpCtrl+CCopy Ctrl+OOpenCtrl+InsertCopy Ctrl+JOptionsCtrl+XCut Alt+DownPan DownShft+DeleteCut Alt+LeftPan LeftDeleteDelete Alt+RightPan RightShft+BDistribute Bottom Alt+UpPan UpShft+EDistribute Centers Horizontally Ctrl+VPasteShft+CDistribute Centers Vertically Shft+InsertPasteShft+LDistribute Left F12PenShft+RDistribute Right YPolygonShft+PDistribute Spacing Horizontally Alt+F7PositionShft+ADistribute Spacing Vertically PageUpPrevious PageShft+TDistribute Top Ctrl+PPrintCtrl+DDuplicate Alt+EnterPropertiesAlt+Shft+DDynamic Guides F6Rectangle
LIST OF SHORTCUT KEYS FOR COREL DRAW X3GeneralShortcutCommandShortcutCommand
Ctrl+Shft+TEdit TextCtrl+Shft+ZRedo %sF7Ellipse Ctrl+WRefresh WindowCtrl+F7Envelope Ctrl+RRepeat %sXEraser Alt+F8RotateCtrl+EExport Ctrl+Shft+SSave AsCtrl+Num2Font Size Decrease Ctrl+SSaveCtrl+Num8Font Size Increase Alt+F9ScaleCtrl+Num6Font Size Next Combo Size Ctrl+ASelect All ObjectsCtrl+Num4Font Size Previous Combo Size F10ShapeCtrl+PageUpForward One Zlt+F10SizeCtrl+YSnap to Grid Shft+SSmart DrawingAlt+ZSnap to Objects Ctrl+F3Symbol ManageCtrl+F12Spell CheckF8TextASpiral Shft+PageDownTo Back of LayeCtrl+Shft+DStep and RepeatCtrl+EndTo Back of PageShft+DownSuper Nudge Down Shft+PageUpTo Front of LayeShft+LeftSuper Nudge Left Ctrl+HomeTo Front of PageShft+RightSuper Nudge Right Ctrl+SpaceToggle Pick StateShft+UpSuper Nudge Up Shft+F9Toggle ViewCtrl+ZUndo %sAlt+BackspaceUndo %s ZZoomCtrl+UUngroup F2Zoom One-ShotCtrl+MUse Bullets F3Zoom OutCtrl+.Vertical Text F4Zoom to FitCtrl+F2View Manager Shft+F4Zoom to PageAlt+F11Visual Basic EditorShft+F2Zoom to SelectionShft+F1What's This?

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this is not X4 it is X3
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