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Health Reforms in Australia 2011

Health Reforms in Australia 2011

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Published by Tim Tufuga
Australian Labor government's Health Reforms plans for 2011.
Australian Labor government's Health Reforms plans for 2011.

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Published by: Tim Tufuga on May 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPter 7
iMpleMentinG A nAtionAl plAnFor HeAltH reForM
A HeAltHier Future For All AustrAliAns
 FinAl report  June 2009
   C   H   A   P   T   E   R   7   1   6   4
CHAPter 7
   C   H   A   P   T   E   R   7   1   6   5
7. ipeenng a naona pan orheah reor
There is no shortage o excellent health policies in the Australian health system – the problem is implementation, not policy.
7.1 Cmmg  hah m
th ak  mpmg maj m  Aaa’ hah ym may m dag. B   whcag ha h Cmmwah Gvm mpmd Mdca   ha w ya ad hVca Gvm mpmd acvy-bad dg  pbc hpa  j v mh. i bhca, h gvm had a g cmmm  m  h ac  a g d  ac. Whav agd  h p ha Aaa aga ac a g d  m   hah ym. ohah ca ym  d p m may qa:
gca ca  dmad , ad xpd , hah ca d  may ac,cdg advac  mdca chgy, a agg ppa, h ca  chcda, ad h ca  cm xpca;
accpab q  hah cm, pacay h gap  hah cm Abga ad t sa iad pp;
ack  acc  hah vc  may pp, pacay pp wh a ma ,pp  m ad a Aaa, ad w-cm pp  d  da ca;
gwg cc ab qay ad ay;
pbm wh h avaaby, mx ad db  h hah wkc; ad
hgh v  ccy, cdg admav ccy ( xamp, bpc ad bacacy), paa ccy ( xamp, p   daa adma ad mdca ), ad acav ccy ( xamp, apppampha  ac ca ad ack  c cv  v).
Addg h p  h qy, ccy ad aaby   hah ym w qh adhp  a Aaa gvm. A ca mag   cmmda  ha w d mv  may aa  ‘ hah ym’, wh a aa appach  may ky pc adgvac c. t achv m a a aa v, adhp a m qay wh haa gvm. B Aaa d  hav a g gvm wh pby  hahpcy, pgam ad dg, ad m  hah ca w q h adhp ad cmmm h a a w. tha  why w  a w aa hah agm – h Hahy Aaa Accd– bw h Cmmwah ad a gvm a dama  mpma  may  hm ha a dd  gv Aaa h hah ym hy dv  h 21
cy.i h a chap, w   h pacca   adg ad maagg chag, ad cd ampma pa   cmmdd m, ad h aca mpca , ad ga m, m agda.
7.2 impmg m
o m cv a wd ag  av  dg dg  mpma dcy –m cad dg  hah vc ach ad a hah pm,  mpmg aaa -hah ym ad h Cmmwah Gvm akg  pby  pmayhah ca. Wh w ag h  a amb m agda, w  ha    a  hCmmwah Gvm  a a gvm  p av ac may d aamay wh a p. Gvm’ aa bdg dcm pvd vdc  h.
223 naa Hah ad Ha rm Cmm (2009), th Aaa hah ca ym ad h a  fccy ga: A vw  ha, a: www.hhc.g.a

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