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BARNETT|KEYES v OBAMA (NINTH CIRCUIT - 45 - Received non party letter dated 04/30/2011 - TransportRoom.45.0

BARNETT|KEYES v OBAMA (NINTH CIRCUIT - 45 - Received non party letter dated 04/30/2011 - TransportRoom.45.0

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Published by Jack Ryan
05/06/2011 45 Received non party letter dated 04/30/2011 re: "Express mandates of the US Code require a forced conclusion in this case. PANEL . [7744218] [09-56827, 10-55084] (CW)
05/06/2011 45 Received non party letter dated 04/30/2011 re: "Express mandates of the US Code require a forced conclusion in this case. PANEL . [7744218] [09-56827, 10-55084] (CW)

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Jack Ryan on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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k .= kT. '- 1 V E D
V,(3i LY (-;. I-..IïAYER CLERKU.:-j ,ct.:itlaT' '3F APPEALS
I .
lf â C 2, 2 1
o :Cathy A. Catterson, Circuit & Court of Appeals Executive
Oftke of the Circuit Executive
U.S. Courts for the Ninth Circuit
P.O. Box 193939San Francisco, CA 94119-3939
(415) 355-8800 fax: (415) 355-8901
Alex Kozinskis Chief Judge
Omce of the Circuit Executive
U.S. Courts for the Ninth Circuit
P.O. Box 193939San Francisco, CA 941 19-3939
(415) 355-8800 fax: (415) 355-8901
Molly Dwyer, Clerk of Court 'DQCFCETED--DATE INITOmce of the Clerk
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
P.O. Box l 93939
San Francisco, CA 941 19-3939
(415) 355-8000 fax: (415) 355-8551
' Office 9* Circuit Court of Appealslerk s
125 South Grand AvenuePasaden y CA 9 1 1 05
626) 229-7250 fax: (626) 229-7462
Cc: Dr. Orly Taitz and Mr. Gary Kreep, Attorneys for the Plaintiffs;
Mr. David Delute and Mr. Roger West, Attorneys for the Defendants;Other interested citizens, groups, and entities, both public and private.Re: Vxpress mandates of the United States Code *require* a forced conclusion in fhis casç
Dear Oftkials, Judges, and Stafrof the Ninth Circuit:We, as American citizens, know you will duly provide complete notice of the contents herein to
h l f udges who were assigned to hear the oral arguments on May 2nd in Pasadena withine pane o
the constitutional-crisis case of Wilev Drtzke, e/ al v. Barack Obama. et c/e Docket No. 09-56827.
Because mandates of express federal law *absolutely require* the Plaintiffs to win their primary
objective (regardless of any arguments raised), your panel's sole remaining duties are: to rule in
their favor accordingly; and to grant all relief that is necessarily essential and subsequent thereto
lf the panel's ruling does not comply with these mandates of law, then you could be called into
constitutional ethics questions, for failing, ignoring, or otherwise neglecting to relal these same
commanding authorities to your own fellow employees, within such an historic judiclary issue as
this one - wherein several federal judges have already revealed their treasonous contempt and
utter disdain for our Constitution, and for the People's clear right to assure a lawful Presidency
So, then, the following are nmongst the absolutely mandatory requirements of 1aw in play herein:Title 44, Chapter 22, of the United States Code, entitled as ttpresidential Records''
clarifies and
mandates, inter alia, that: I11 each of the sought records âom Mr. Obama aka Soetoro having
probative value as evidence to determine his constimtional eligibility, or not..
to the Office of
President is declared by express federal law as a çtpresidential record''; I21 all such ttpresidential
records'' are now entirely and wholly owned by the United States, and not by Mr. Obama aka
Soetoro anymore; I31 no such Ppresldential records'' may ever be concealed under any form ofprivacy whatsoever; and I41 the same records are requiredto be freely available, publiç domain.
Case: 10-55084 05/06/2011 Page: 1 of 5 ID: 7744218 DktEntry: 45
This is because the repeated suttltory key phrase - Lnthe cartying out ofconstitutional, statutory
or other official or ceremonial duties of the President', - obviously includes the duty of Mr.
Obama aka Soetoro to qualify himself AS the ostensibly-eligible President. Indeed, it is actuallya mandated legal duty of Mr. Obama aka Soetoro, AS ''Presidenf', to personallv make sure thathis real birth certificate, and other such constitutional eligibility documentation, were put into the
freely available public domain upon his vcryWrxç/ da.v in assuming the Omce of the Presidency.
Rephrasing the question against M.r. Obama aka Soetoro, it is mere child's play to point out the
obvious statutory mandates of the United States Code in control of the entire matter, e.g.: (1) that
all of Barack's same such records of constitutional-eligibility importance are expressly not
protected to any privacy, whatsoever, 44 U.S.C. j 2204(c); further, that (2) Barack does not even
own those records, anymore, because, as lpresident', they are now owned solely by the United
States, 44 U.S.C. j 2202, and even further, that (3J Barack's duty under law, mandated, has
always been to ensure those same records are made public domain and freely available for the
daily reviewing by any citizen, see 44 U.S.C. 5j 2203(a) and 2204(c), then 5 U.S.C. j 552.
Ironically also, by the very operation and direct efrect of these statutes, Mr. Obama aka Soetoro
therefore necessarily has p
q legal bases or claims or interests or rights, whatsoever, to continue
concealing tipresidential records'' which now belong only to 1We The People', until he wouldfirst prove his own authentic U.S. citizenship of any level, thereby esàblishing a citizen portion
of legal ownership to such records - byhrst revealing the same records as proof o/citizenship. ..
This is a classic C'Catch-22'' of course, but, in fact, the entire worldwide topic of *where* Mr.Obama aka Soetoro was born becomes instantly and legally irrelevant and moot in the face of theindisputable fact that he simply can never be constitutionally eligible as a valid çûpresident'' under
the Stnatural born'' clause, because one parent (his daddy) never had U.S. citizenship of any level.
To act as a federal judge with enough legal knowledge to obtain one of the higher positions upon
any Circuit Court of Appeals, yet behave as fwitkout understanding regarding the ûnamral born'clause as it relates to requiring two (2) citizen parents, is to also conclusively reveal far too much
incompetence and disdain for the law, to remain in such an important position of the public tnzst.
The three (3) different levels of U.S. citizenship are established. They include unatural bonf',çsnative born'' and ççnaturalized'' citizens. For example, Stanley Annte) Dunham/soetoro, the
mother of M.r. Obama aka Soetoro, was originally a full ttnatural born'' citizen, herselti beingconceived by two existing U.S. citizens (her parents) who were also both still U.S. citizens at her
birth. ln full contr%t, the father of Mr. Obama aka Soetoro, Barack Sr., was never a U.S. citizenof any level, whatsoever, as the world knows. As a direct consequence, Mr. Obama aka Soetoro,
himselt i.e., the currently-sitting Etpresident'' can never be Sçnatural born'' as is constitutionally
required for Presidency, but only tûnative born'' or tûnaturalized'' as second or third best levels of
U.S. citizenship. The secondary level, GGnative bonf', is what the birth certiticate issue is all
about, as fborn in Hawaii, Obama would be at lemst tEnative born'' on U.S. soil (if mommy had
been back on U.S. soil for at least 6 months prior to birth, which she apparently had not been..),
but still never ççnatural born'', again, because daddy was not *also* a U.S. citizen before Barry's
birth, and never was, as is admitted by everyone. Evtn ççnative born'', Mr. Obama aka Soetoro
would have still automatically lost his any (doubtful) citizenship with the U.S., when his
Case: 10-55084 05/06/2011 Page: 2 of 5 ID: 7744218 DktEntry: 45
mommy took him to foreign lands that were on our State Department's no-no lists, and enrolledlittle Barry as a new *citizen* there in order to attend their schools, such as when they lived inlndonesia. Rettlrning to the U.S. later, his mommy *might* have tried to get them both'inamralized'' as immigrants or rettlrning ex-citizens obtaining/re-obtaining their U.S. citizenship,but did she do that each time they leâ for foreign lands and later came back? This is problematicat best. Furthermore, later in life as a young adult, Mr. Obnma aka Soetoro himself took up hisown residencies in the same manner, against our State Department's rules in effect at the time,like when he lived in Pakistan, etc. Once again, having automatically had his any existing
(doubtful) citizenship cancelled each time, any return back to living in the United States again
would necessitate re-initializing the çinaturalization'' or ttre-naturalization'' level of citizenship,
because his any true dûnative born'' level of U.S. citizenship (the tillawaii birth or not'' issue) was
long gone lost, anyway, when Barry and mommy kept moving back and fol'th around the worldto bad places. lt is seriously doubtful that Mr. Obama aka Soetoro has any *valid* naturalization
status, which is the ONLY possible citizenship level he COULD have left now (the 3rd level),
since his any native born (2nd level) is automatically long gone lost, and - to the simplest point -
he never even had the required 1st level of citizenship, iEnatural bonf', to be lawful President, in
the first place, because daddy was never *also* a U.S. citizen, and also a U.S. citizen before littleBarry was born... wherever Obnma wms born. Mn Obama aka Soetoro is *not* a lawful U.S.President, and never was. There is absolutely no possible way he ever couldbe legally valid.
ne 1aw on this critical subject is far too well established, for literally hundreds of years now,
and in multiple formats a1l applyinj directly to the ultimate and inevitable conclusion - without
having both of his parents as U.S. cltizens (of any citizenship level), and that as prior to his birth,
Mr. Obama aka Soetoro simply is not, and never was, lawfully eligible for the U.S. Presidency,
and must be removed from OYce, as expediently as possible by at least one of the legal methods
available under the Constitution, and replaced wlth the most properly-eligible person under law.
Heck, even your own online Ninth Circuit website Gçvacancy Announcements'' for employment
of court personnel include these standard conditions ofall employment roles (emphasis added):
Must be a U.S. citizen or a citizen of a country with a defense treaty withthe U.S. who is eligible to work in the U.S. Positions with the U.S. Courts
are excepted service appointments. Excepted service appointments are at
will and can be terminated wiEh or without cause by the Court. Employees
will be hired provisionally pending the results of a background
investigation and fingerprinting, and are subject to a probationary period.
Direct deposit of pay required.
lt doesn't matter that tépresident'' Chester A. Arthur got away with this exact samefraud over a
hundred years ago, when his own father was still not a U.S. citizen at the time of Chester's birth.
(Chester's father got tûnaturalized'' after Chester's birth, and Chester also allowed and/or helped
his own Eçbirther'' issue to distract from the true issue - lack of çtnatural born'' stattls.) 'I'he only
matter of importance relevant to that prior experience, now, is that, obviously, the entire FederalGovernment has miserably failed the American people again, and should probably be held liable.Moreover, knowledgeable American citizens are tired of the treasonous fraud being committed
by the U.S. Department of Justice attorneys defending Mr. Obama aka Soetoro in all these cases.
Case: 10-55084 05/06/2011 Page: 3 of 5 ID: 7744218 DktEntry: 45

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