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NCCC Atlantic Region Get to the Point Issue 13 Volume XVII

NCCC Atlantic Region Get to the Point Issue 13 Volume XVII

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Published by Sam McKenzie
AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, Atlantic Region campus newsletter, based in Perry Point, MD. Class 17. Issue 13
AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, Atlantic Region campus newsletter, based in Perry Point, MD. Class 17. Issue 13

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Published by: Sam McKenzie on Jun 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Get to the Point Volume XVII Issue 13
Get to the Point: The NCCC News
An NCCC Atlantic Region Publication
Perry Point
June 6-12 2011 Volume XVII Issue 13
Get to the Point Volume XVII Issue 13 2
Inside Issue 13:
I’m a member of the National Civilian
Community Corps, an AmeriCorps program. N-triple-C members are 18 to24 years old and spend 13 monthsgetting things done for America whiledeveloping their own leadership skills.We serve on teams to help communities prepare for and respond to disasters, build homes, and help the environment.
Strengthen communitiesand develop leaders throughdirect, team-based nationaland community service
 Featured on the Cover-
Upper left clockwise: Raven 1’s Kelsey Smith & Ryan Hatem move some, while Moose 2
TL Allen Hunt and CM Amanda Ambrass work on disaster clean-up. Leandro Lopez works outdoors and Thub-
nder 1& Buffalo 1 pose for the camera while Raven 7’s Sophia Neil picks up sticks. Center: Buffalo 2, Moose 3
and Raven 6 Plus Chris Quirk (OSTL) poses while working in a warehouse out on disaster.
Buffalo 4UpdateAmeriGourmentAmeriCount3-4Stress Balls54Weekly Alums 9Brain Food67Alumni Spotlight 8Bursting
Bubble 10Healthy? 11Socializing 12Stress: Ms. Tuck 13-14TL Application 15
Get to the Point Volume XVII Issue 13 3
assigned to work in a warehouse full of donated goods in nearby Northport, AL.The atmosphere of the warehouse is slightly hectic, with shipments being broughtin and out nonstop and hundreds of different volunteers every day, with only familiar faces to guide us through our tasks. We have been assigned to differentdepartments of the warehouse: Tracy manages the Toiletries section, Analisamanages the food section, Joe manages the diapers, LeeAnne is manager of clothes, and Nate has become the chief grill master and prepares volunteer meals,all while Billy drives shipments back and forth. Kevante works alongside Buffalo 2and Moose 3 at a Tuscaloosa location. Kevin had been working with the Red Cross
in Mississippi to alleviate the flood damages, but he came back to the “Force”.
 After several weeks, Kevante and Joe move their work to the 15
street location
assisting “clients” (people in need of support from the destruction of the storm)
 while the rest of the team works at 8
street, at one of the eight warehouses thatTES has stocked with emergency supplies. Buffalo Force sure has their work cutout for them, but they are eager to serve the citizens of Tuscaloosa.
Days UntilGraduation
Days UntilSummer Break 
Days UntilTransition
Days UntilReturn to the Point
AmeriCount Down
5 S
 We havenothing clever to say this week, but
 we’re not opposed to stealing otherpeople’s witticisms…
The Bermuda Triangle used to be theBermuda Square, until Chuck Norrisround house kicked a corner off.Chuck Norris was in all of the Star Wars movies. He played the Force.Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear rug in
his living room. The bear isn’t dead, it’s
just afraid to move.
4 S
Shout out to our sister team raven 4!Danielle wants to shout out to Amelia! Ihope your bed is made!
Happy 24
 Birthday Darren!
Above: TL Kulfan & CM ReeseCM Choomack with Volunteers
 You can find the
“A” everywhere!
  Where have you seen it lately?
2 S
P2 had a ‘reel’ fun time fishing with the kids this weekend.
Nothing like a baited pond to bring out the true skills of a little fisherperson.
M2: I could really go for some Lord Voldemort7 in my life…
Hey R4 see you soon!
LoganB5 continue killing it at the camp without me. Is there ever a bad time for DOTA? - Isaac
B4 Bring ‘em out, bring ‘em out! Jon fight on Towson Tigers!
R1’s Maddy likes to cook in
her free time! Show whatyour team does on YouTube!

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