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Astrology Corrections

Astrology Corrections

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Published by Chris
find out your Tikkun
find out your Tikkun

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Published by: Chris on Jun 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knowing your personal correction (Tikkun) and zodiac signAries
Aries is a very creative sign. Since it is the firstsign of the zodiac, people who were born underthis sign will always try to be first.The planet Mars is the planet of war. This is thereason why the Aries born will constantly seek after new and exciting challenges.An Aries is known for his generous heart.Sometimes he is hard to live with.He might be a hopeless rebel, impulsive,childish and insensitive.The natural inclination of an Aries is to runforwards. If something or someone gets in hisway he will run them over.
: Nissan
Daled Hey
: Aries born should learn tostop their thoughts and actions and tostart listening to the people whosurround them.For those of them who tend to spark off fast it is recommended to use theproactive formula.
Taurians are loyal, consequent, patient, tolerant,law keeping, friendly, dependent; they areusually not judgmental and have a niceappearance. A Taurian will mostly choose notto change because if everything in his life is sogood, or more correctly
comfortable, he willprefer to stay in his bubble.Taurians are the eternal optimists. It is veryhard to make them angry; they are very easy toplease and will refuse to see the bad in others.That virtue along with the tendency towardsoptimism brings Taurians to passivity and lack of ambition to grow because everything isanyhow going to be o.k.Additional characteristics of Taurians arepracticality and a down to earth view of things.The Taurus loves comfort, a nice house,property. They are stable partners and love
Month: IyarPlanet: VenusLetters: Pey VavCorrection:
The Taurus needs to beinvolved with his surroundings, takeresponsibility and act practically inorder to achieve the goal. He needs toget out of his indifference. He needs torealize that he also can make adifference in this troubled worldthrough the transformation of his desireto receive for the self alone to a desireto receive in order to share. They haveto remember that the realization of theircorrection demands endless spiritualwork.
 partnerships.The Taurians will work hard to get to comfort,especially to material one, but this is notenough.
They are friendly, charming, amusing andlight. Gemini people are the most enjoyableto stick around with. Their speed of respondis over average, they can understand anddigest occurrences and respondimmediately. Their quick way of thinkinglends them persuasion power and theirability to communicate is unusual. Thedownside of it is impatience to go deeperand a tendency towards shallowness.Their interests and knowledge are vast butin an unfocused and shallow way.One of the most significant characteristicsof the sign of Gemini is their duality. Onone hand they have a very developed senseof seeing both sides; they simply see thesituation through an additional pair of eyesand can change their viewpoint very easily.On the other hand because of this dualvision they are mostly not committed andnot loyal to any side.They can change their attitude in a blink of an eye
as if the former one didn’t even exist
at all.
Month: SivanPlanet: MercuryLetters: Resh ZeinCorrection:
Their quick thinking and quicksilver(mercury) flexibility derive from a deep internallack which pushes them to move fast and look after
satisfaction. The Gemini won’t reach a realsatisfaction though if they won’t have a deep
commitment towards values, relationships and lifein general.Practically they need to undergo a crucial changeand connect to others not only intellectually, butalso emotionally
a heart to heart connection.Geminis need to achieve a real care for the needs of others, to loyalty in heart and soul, tolerance andpatience. Only then will they be able to connect tothe source of the Light of the Creator and to anabundance which will bring them to the satisfactionthat will fill their lack at last.
Cancerians are very emotional. The moon,the ruler over Cancer, is also ruling over theties. That makes Cancerians extremelyemotional.They might be instable, introverted, moody,insecure, nervous, wicked, defensive,prejudiced, fearful, vulnerable andobsessive. They are scared to go out of theirshell and open up to others. On the otherhand they might be warm, giving, caring,sensitive towards others, a talented initiativeworker (especially as a teacher) andintuitive.
Month: TamuzPlanet: MoonLetters: Chet TavCorrection:
Their main correction is to go out of their shell, open up to others and see the bigpicture.
The most typical characteristic of Virgo istheir striving for perfection. It makes themsensitive towards tiny details, often on theaccount of seeing the big picture. They arevery responsible and complete every task inthe best possible way. You can give them atask knowing that they will accomplish itperfectly.Another characteristic which derives fromtheir perfectionism is a harsh judgment. Itmakes them rush to conclusions aboutothers. Their over sensitivity towards thefaults of others might lead them to falseconclusions because they only see parts of the picture. They have a very high ability of analytic and systematic thinking. Thismakes them be very tidy, well dressed andlive in an organized environment.
Month: ElulPlanet: MercuryLetters: Resh YudCorrection:
They should avoid judgment andcriticism towards others; they should stop therushing to conclusions and ask again: do I have alldetails? Do I see the full picture? Virgos shouldlook with their examining eyes inwards andpractice in giving help or advice to others, but onlyfrom a place of true care and willingness to help.They need to ask themselves what is the right thingfor the other person and what is the best way forthis person to accept their help or advice.

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