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US ROBOTICS Brand-guidelines

US ROBOTICS Brand-guidelines

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Published by pjanto

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Published by: pjanto on Jun 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brand identity guidelines
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The guidelines covered herein are designed toassist in the consistent use o the USRoboticsbrand identity or the development o marketingcommunications, collateral, advertising, etc.In most instances, it is through our marketingcommunications that our customers come to learnabout our products and company. Both eectivecopy and visual design are integral to theproper presentation o the product and o theUSRobotics brand name to our customers.This is a guide to applying and communicatingthe brand o USRobotics, which reects ourcommitment to our products, our level o qualitand reliability and to our customers. The brandidentity guidelines provide context and detailthe corporate voice o 
helping communicatorseectively and consistently convey a completemessage or this world-renowned brand. Any quest-ions regarding specifc design applications notoutlined in this guide should be directed to theUSRobotics marketing team.
Our brand is not just a setof colors or fonts. It isa part of the USRoboticsbusiness strategy. It isalso our unique signature.
 And like a signature, it is a kind of promise.

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