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To Have Heroes in Los Angeles 6.23.11

To Have Heroes in Los Angeles 6.23.11

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Jun 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Andy Skib is a genius.Now before anyone scoffs and accuses me of bias, I want you to hear (or in this case, read) meout. By the time you get to the end of this recap, I think you'll agree with my assessment -- if you don'talready. :)On June 4, 2011, I was on my way to take a test for my teaching certification when I realized Ihad forgotten to take my cell phone off "silent" that morning. I dug my phone out of my purse tochange the setting, and saw I had eight new text messages. One of them was Andy with a bigannouncement -- an acoustic To Have Heroes show at the Key Club in Los Angeles on June 23rd!Needless to say, I had a very difficult time staying focused on my test. All I wanted to do was gethome so I could book a flight to Los Angeles. I ended up booking a flight that left at a reasonable houron Thursday (10:45 AM) but a rather late hour on Friday night (8:30 PM). I chose the latter flight simplybecause it was the cheapest available. I figured that if I couldn't find anything to do that day (or anyoneto hang with), I would just head to the airport super early and sit there bored. LOL.I booked a hotel that was close to the airport, because the very wonderful Jeannine (zoo), wholives close to the airport, had offered to pick me up AND take me to the show later. So a hotel next tothe airport was the most convenient place to stay. I ended up spending a ton of time with Jeannineduring this trip, so you'll be hearing a lot about her during the course of this recap. hahaAs most of you probably know, I've spent the last six months on a pretty strict diet. When Andyannounced the show, I realized that if I wanted to look even half-way decent, I needed to buy some newclothes. Since I've lost so much weight (30 pounds total), none of my pants or shorts fit me anymore.So a few days prior to the show, I went to the mall and bought some jeans and dresses -- stuff that*never* would have fit me before I lost weight. After 48 hours of agonizing over what to wear to theshow (Nicole can tell you, it was crazy! lol), I finally settled on a purple tie-dye dress. I then engaged in abrutal war with some purple fingernail polish. But that's a whole other story.So anyway, show day finally arrived. I woke up with a stomach ache, which didn't surprise me inthe least. I always get nervous before an Andy show, and for me, nerves equal stomach aches. I'vegotten used to them by now, though, and I know that if I just fight through them, they'll eventually goaway. I did take a couple of pills, though, just in case it was more than just nerves. Got on the scale justfor kicks, and was pleasantly surprised to see I had reached my goal weight! It couldn't have happenedon a better day.Put on one of my new pairs of jeans and a halter top, and had my sister braid my just-washedhair so that it would be wavy when I went to the show. Headed to the airport with my mom, and gotthe bejeezus scared out of me by a military plane. The darned thing flew *right* over our car, and it waslouder than all get out! I'm surprised my mom was able to keep her hands on the wheel. We both leaptabout three feet in the air. lol
Got to the airport, and literally whizzed through security. The lady who checked my ID watchedme almost *run* up to her, looked at my boarding pass, then said "It's Ok...you still have plenty of time."I thought it was funny she assumed I was moving so fast because I was running late. I *always* movethat fast! And I was excited, too...so that probably played a factor. :)The plane was one of those small commuter planes that only hold about 70 people. I don'treally mind how big my plane is, though, as long as I get a window seat. Got stuck next to a dude whoenjoyed picking his nose while reading the newspaper. Slightly gross. He also took out a HUGE subwaysandwich once the fasten seatbelt sign went off...and it had an extremely strong smell. I spent thewhole flight thanking God I was just flying to L.A.Got to the airport about 15 minutes earlier than expected. Jeannine had asked me to go to theticketing area instead of the baggage area, because it would be easier for her to pick me up there. I hadalways just gone to the baggage area, so I wasn't quite sure what direction to go. I started following thesigns, then got on the phone with my mom to let her know I had arrived OK. At some point, I managedto misinterpret the signs, and ended up on my way to another concourse. I told my mom that I felt like Iwas headed the wrong way, so I turned around and started going back the way I came.Finally, I saw a sign for ticketing that pointed left. I'm not sure how I managed to miss this signthe first time. I ended up in a stairwell, thinking to myself: Am I *still* going the wrong way? But when Iexited the stairwell, I found myself at the ticketing area. Went outside, and immediately foundJeannine's car -- with Jeannine inside, of course. LOL.By this time, it was about 12:15 PM, and I was hungry. I had spoken to Kathy (LooavullLady) theday before about possibly meeting up with her for lunch, so I figured we should contact her beforefinding a place to eat. I tried calling her, but she didn't answer. Sent her a text message telling her tocall me, and still nothing. So Jeannine and I decided to just go to Jeannine's house and hang out whilewe waited for her to contact us.Got to Jeannine's house, where I met her very loud bird. I like birds, though, so I didn't mind hissquawking. :) After a few minutes of chatting, Jeannine tried calling Kathy again. This time sheanswered. Yay! We made plans to pick her up at her hotel, find a place to eat, and then go to Wal-Martso she could shop for an outfit for the show.After we picked up Kathy, she pointed us in the direction of the Wal-Mart, and mentioned thatthere was a Denny's nearby. So we decided on Denny's for lunch. I had a "Build Your Own" Grand Slamwith eggs, bacon, and hash browns. It was very weird (but nice) not having to count calories anymore.As we were eating, we jabbered about all sorts of things -- including Andy, who is my favorite topic of discussion. Of course.As we were standing in line to pay for our food, I heard a voice from behind me say "Excuseme!" I turned around, and two women were standing there. One of them said "Who is that on yourback?" I told her it was an indie artist named Andy Skib, then asked her if she knew who David Cookwas. She gave a very enthusiastic nod and "Yes!" So I told her that he was also David's best friend, and
played guitar and keyboard in David's band. She told me it was a really nice tattoo, I thanked her, andshe left. It's not often I get complete strangers asking about my tattoo, so it was a cool moment. :DAfter we left Denny's, we headed off in search of the Wal-Mart. But somehow, it managed toelude us. We passed a lot of stores, but none of them were a Wal-Mart. Kathy hadn't had any way toprint out the directions, and none of us had a smart phone, so we were just relying on her memory toget us there. Finally, we found a Target, and she said that would suffice. lol.Kathy was a pretty quick clothes shopper, so it didn't take long for her to find a good dress forthe occasion. Then it was off to the shoe section, where she found a pair of flip flops.After leaving Target, we decided to head back to the hotels, where we'd each have a chance tochange before heading out for dinner before the show. We settled on 5 PM as our departure time, witha goal of getting to the venue by 8:30 PM. By the time Jeannine dropped me off at my hotel, it wasalmost 4 PM. So I only had about an hour to kill before heading back out.Got checked in to my hotel, only to find out that my room was actually across the street fromthe main office, in a second section of the hotel. It was a very strange set up. Half the hotel was on oneside of the street, and half the hotel was on the other. Luckily, though, the street was just a side street,so I didn't have to deal with a lot of traffic in order to get over to my room. I was on the bottom floor,and the doors opened to the outside. I was a bit freaked-out by this set-up, especially since I wasn'teven near the main part of the hotel. Jeannine had assured me, though, that this area of town waspretty safe, so that calmed me down a bit.Called my mom to let her know I had made it to my hotel. Then I used my phone to tweet backand forth with a few folks. I really wanted to know how the new DCO looked, and a few people werekind enough to give me some details. Thanks to those folks!After tweeting for awhile, I realized I needed to hurry and get changed before dinner. Took mybraid out, and had lovely wavy hair. Yay. Started changing my clothes, and discovered I had a bit of aproblem that I probably shouldn't relate here in my recap. LOL. That's what happens when you'redealing with clothing items you haven't worn yet. Called my mom in a panic, and she advised me to askJeannine if she could help me out. So I called Jeannine, and she came to my rescue. Yay Jeannine!After Jeannine rescued me (with her hubby in tow), we picked up Kathy and headed towardWest Hollywood, where the venue was located. On the way, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant called"Genghis Cohen." They also have a small music venue, and apparently Phil Marshall has played therebefore. We ordered three dishes plus an appetizer, and it was really good! I probably could have eatentwice as much as I did, but just because I'm off of my diet doesn't mean I should go right back to how Iwas eating before. In fact, if I did that, I'd just gain all the weight right back. So I limited myself to onlytwo small-ish helpings of two of the dishes. The other one was all vegetables, so this carnivore wasn'tinterested. Ha!

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