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Apron and Potholder

Apron and Potholder

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Published by sondray1
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Published by: sondray1 on Jul 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gathered Apron & Pot Holder
Shopping List:
Brought to you by sewingideas.com 
For Apron:
5/8 yard (or approximately 22")o 45" wide ashion abric
2 yards o 1½"-2" wide grosgrainribbon
 All-purpose thread in coordinatingcolor
Ruer attachment or sewingmachine (Optional)
ScissorsFor Optional Pocket:
9" x 9" abric square or pocket
9" x 9" square o usible tear-awaystabilizer
5" x 5" square o light to mediumweight tear-away stabilizer
30 wt. rayon, polyester or cottonthread or embroidery
Bobbin thread
Pocket pattern (supplied withthese instructions)For Pot Holder:
1 piece o quilt batting, cut 7" x 7"
2 cotton abrics, each cut 7" x 7"
 All purpose thread in coordinatingcolor
1 yard o purchased single-oldbias binding in coordinating color
In our sample, we made our own binding starting with an extra strip o apron abric approximately 3" wide, and a biastape making accessory, available at major abric stores. Making the binding on-grain will require at most about 3" x 36" oextra apron abric. Making it on the bias will require about ½ yard extra abric and you will need to frst make a continuousbias strip. Just ollow the manuacturer’s directions that come with the accessory.
For more inormation please visit: www.sewingideas.com
Gathered Apron & Pot Holder –Sewing Instructions:
Sewing Directions or Apron
 Apron Bottom Hem and Side Hems
Trim away the selvage edges rom both short sides o the abric.1.To create the bottom hem o the apron, on one long edge, turn the abric 1" toward the wrong side and press. Turn the abric2.again another 1", enclosing the raw edge, then press.Pin the entire hem in place. With the sewing machine set or straight stitch, sew along the top edge o the hem.3.On both short sides o the apron, turn the abric to the wrong side about ½" and press. Turn it another ½" and press again. Pin4.these side hems in place.Using a straight stitch on the sewing machine, sew down each side.5.
Gathering the Top Edge of Apron
Place the Ruer on the sewing machine, ollowing the manuacturer’s instructions.1.Using a scrap o abric, test the Ruer, setting it to make a "tuck" every 62.
stitch. Adjust the depth to about medium. The ruershould be set up so that the fnished apron abric, ater ruing the entire top edge, will measure approximately 18" across.Place the apron abric in the Ruer and gather the top edge all the way across, about ½" away rom the raw edge o the abric.3.
I you don’t have a Ruer, you can gather your abric manually. Set the machine or straight stitch with a long stitch length(about 4mm), then turn the needle tension down to a low setting. Sew 2 parallel rows o stitching along the top edge o the abric –one row at ¼" and one row at ½" seam allowance. Because the needle tension was reduced, you can now pull the bobbin threadsto gather the abric yoursel! Pull rom both sides o apron and adjust the ullness evenly across.
Making the Apron Waistband
Fold the grosgrain ribbon in hal to fnd the center point, then open it back up and old it lengthwise. Press it about 10" on each1.side o center.Find the center point o the rued apron top and mark it with a pin.2.Place the center o the apron abric inside the olded & pressed ribbon. The ribbon should encase the raw edge o the gathered3.abric.Pin the ribbon in place across the entire top edge o the apron, making sure that you have the same amount o ribbon on the both4.the ront and back side o the gathered abric.Stitch the ribbon in place, making sure that you catch both ront and back edges o the ribbon as you sew.5.Press when fnished. Clip the ribbon tail ends at an angle so they don’t unravel.6.
PocketsEmbroidering the Pocket
Prepare or embroidery by applying the usible stabilizer to the back side o the pocket abric,1.ollowing the stabilizer manuacturer’s recommendations.Fill the bobbin with bobbin thread.2. At the computer, open the Futura3.
sotware. From the Main Menu, select Create, then scrolldown to Hyperont. (Hyperont
is an optional sotware program, available rom SINGER
 retailers). Click Next to continue.Type the desired monogram letter in the Text Box, then click on Select to choose the ont.4.(For this project, French Script Bold was used). Ater choosing the ont, click OK.Click Next, and then click on Fill Stitch. Click Finish.5.

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