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Hyper Space

Hyper Space

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Published by Dave Do-One

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Published by: Dave Do-One on Jul 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CLEANSING BREATHSThis is the first thing you do, no matter how advanced you are in hyperspace or other techniques. It is important to remove negativeenergies from your body before you start anything else. If you don't do it, it will be harder for you to do other work and to get goodresults. This is also important when you work with high frequencies. Make sure your energy is clean when you access higher realms.Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose while visualizing clear or transparent white energy, (not milky white!) energy entering your crown chakra (the top of your head).Let this energy fill your body completely, to the toes on your feet. Now, exhale through your mouth and rush all the clear energy WITH ALL THE NEGATIVITY from your body all the way back, leavingyour body. If you like, you can visualize this negativity as patches of dark color energy that are begin leaving your body with the clear energy.Do this a couple of times, feel for yourself how many times you need. There is no rule on how many times you should do it, however acouple of times should be enough. This also helps you to relax your body from tension, preparing you for mental work. It is also excellentif you do conventional meditation.BALANCING LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHEREThis hyperspace technique is very important before you do any hyperspace or other techniques. If your are not balanced, you would getemotionally or Egoistically involved in what you do which would then destroy the result of what you do.For example, if you are trying to get some answers, most likely unbalanced mind will create answers for itself.Concentrate on your pineal gland, put it in royal blue. Visualize royal blue Ankh. Visualize pale red epsilon in your reptilian part of the brain (which is in the back of your head). Now, move both symbols above your head, but let the royal blue Ankh overlap the pale redEpsilon. Concentrate on it for short time. Some people need more time, some less it depends. You would feel that you are becoming morefocused and more balanced, that is how you know your work is done.If you are a beginner and you don't feel anything, don't worry. It takes time to get use to it. Just do it.
Shields helps you to repel any kind of attack and to stay protected for a certain amount of time. Depending on your practice and a type of shield, it should keep you protected for at least 24 hours. In current time, we are very much exposed to negative forces, negative entities,technology attacks (ELF waves), subliminal messages, triggering alters, programing mind, etc.
Let it be clear! We teach defensive methods ONLY! We never use offensive methods even under severe attack. If you areinterested in attacking other people, then you are not on the right place at all!
How shields work? Basically, every action based on manipulation, attacking, lies, programming, and other negativity is on lower frequencies. Negative entities, demonic entities, luciferian consciousness, egoistical thinking, is all on low frequencies. What you do isthat you put yourself and surround yourself in higher frequencies. Lower frequencies cannot access higher frequencies, so basically you become invisible to those who want to harm you in any way.The use of certain color, shapes and frequencies of higher realm allows you to enter higher frequencies.There are many ways how can you achieve this.Lets start with basics. This will help you understand the method of protection.
Protection colors are those with high vibration. These are:
This is the highest vibration color that exhibits our natural body. It is a color of our crown chakra.
Silver and gold are beautiful and extremely efficient protection colors. These are NOT part of our chakra system, however you can usethem safely to protect yourself and to raise your being on a higher frequency. These colors may feel "heavy" at first, but that is only because your body needs to get used to high vibration.WHITE - is extremely high vibrational color and it is used in some advanced technique, which we are going to describe specifically. Itmusnt be put inside your body, because it fades your chakras.Dont use white color before you read more about it! Ill add link here when I write it down.
BUBBLEThis technique is really only to help you understand basics in shielding. If you are beginner, you would want to try this a couple of times just to "feel" how these things work.
Don´t stay too long on this, because you need to proceed to advanced shielding so that nothingcan interfere with your progress on other stuff that you need to work on.
After you did preparation techniques, relax and visualize a VIOLET BUBBLE is surrounding you. Feel you are completely surroundedwith VIOLET energy. Also, completely FILL your body with VIOLET. Try to feel the energy. If you dont feel anything, don't worry, you just need some practice.While you are in this state, mentally say;"I AM COMPLETELY PROTECTED WITHIN THIS BUBBLE.""I SUCCESSFULLY REPEL ANY KIND OF ATTACK."You can also create affirmation that suits you better.Stay in this state as much as you need to feel the "effect", that you are really now protected.It takes time to figure this out. Especially if you have "victim" mind-pattern (and these days we all do, more or less), you will need sometime to start "believing" in your protection. That is essential. That will help you change your "victim" mind-pattern. You need tounderstand that you have to be patient with this. It takes time to get full effect. Just work on this EVERY DAY.VARIATIONS ON BUBBLE:Golden or silver bubbleYou can try the same technique with GOLD or SILVER. I recommend this. Your goal IS to use these color on regular basis.Multyple layers:While you are in violet bubble, add another layer of golden energy around it. This is especially useful, if you want more effective protection, but you are still not use to golden energy. In this case, violet will act as an filter.You can add both silver and gold layers around violet.

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