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MADRASA, An Islamic School to Learn Ignorance

MADRASA, An Islamic School to Learn Ignorance

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Published by counter_jihad

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Published by: counter_jihad on Jul 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Sujit DasI and public knowWhat all school children learn.Those to whom evil is doneDo evil in return. ------- W. H AudanOut of all the heinous crimes modern societies have ever witnessed, the worst one obviouslyis crime against children. The barbaric violent acts of brutality against children often leavescars in their soft minds, which often never heals in their lifetime.Islam is such a wonderful religion that legalizes many crimes in the name of God. If there isany ‘beauty’ in Islam, here it is. In fact this is the main reason; many condemned criminals(who otherwise are considered a burden on any civilized society) today are being attractedtowards this wonderful religion. Crime against children is one of such many legalized crimes.There are many incidents where the keepers of Islam have shown merciless and crueltreatment towards children – child suicide bombers of Palestine, camel jockeys in MiddleEast and Islamic schools all over the world.Madrasahs are Islamic schools to study pure Islamic ethics (is there any?). The culprits arethe religious teachers and the victims include helpless innocent underage students. Thesacred teacher-student relationship is given a new definition in these Islamic schools.Following is the bitter experience of a 12 years old Madrasah student from Kenya who wasrescued during January 2003.
"It was a terrible place, they
both legs and both arms, sometimes hands and feet together, They
us at lunch time, dinner time and grab both legs and hands and give us
on the buttocks.
We sleep in chains, eat in chains, and go to the toilets in chains
.Sometimes we are
hooked on the roof in chains and 
left hanging 
. We have to memorize the Koran and get punished if we cannot recite the Koran in the classroom" 
.This is the ‘legal punishment’ for a student who cannot memorize Koran in Arabic language.Like wife-beating; child-beating is also religiously allowed in Islam. Though the prophet of Islam was an illiterate village idiot and child rapist, he had given some ‘valuable’ opinion onchildren’s upbringing and education. According to
Sunan Abu Dawud Book 2, Number 0495, Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: Command your children to pray when theybecome seven years old, and 
beat them
for it (prayer) when they become ten years old; and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately.
Prophet was very concerned about their religious upbringing. Ayatollah Khomeini was evenone step ahead of his Prophet. Khomeini said
"A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby”
(Paz, 2006)
. Like prophet, like follower. Anyway that is a differentstory.Chaining incidents are comparatively rare in Bangladeshi Madrasahs than other backwardIslamic nations. One major incident took place in Chittagong, a busy seaport-city of Bangladesh. More than 20 students were chained and subjected to inhuman torture. All of them were under the age of 14 years; some were as young as 11. One such child was forcedto carry a section of a steel railroad tie for at least one-month continuation.Child torture incidents in Madrasahs are reported mostly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan.The first two countries are safe haven for Islamic radicals, on top of their low economy.Bangladesh is in a much better position than those countries. There are many Muslim nationswhere very little state-fund education is available and the Saudi-funded Islamic schools areonly means of education available. With the curriculum dominated by the Wahhabiinterpretation of Islam, often these Madrasahs – particularly in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia,have produced exactly the same type of 
 Atwan, 2006 
In most of the Madrasahs of Pakistan, the only subject taught is Koran, and that also inArabic, which is a foreign language and unknown to the students. By end of 2005, there areabout thirty-nine thousands registered Madrasahs in Pakistan, whereas during 1978, thisnumber was three thousands only (
O'Rourke, 2005
. The number of students areestimated somewhere between eight hundred thousands to one million (
 Dalrymple, 2005
).They are often run by religious organizations and lure young children mainly from poor families by providing free food and lodging. Some of the schools even provide intensive political and armed training. Recent estimates suggest that between 10 and 15 percent of Pakistan’s 46,700 Madrasahs (includes both registered and unregistered) promote violenceopenly
(Davis, 2002
). In Taliban schools of Afghanistan,
often the first word childrenlearn to spell is
which means “
God’s path to paradise
There are atleast six specialized Madrasahs in Pakistan which regularly supplies suicide bombers to theTaliban.
 Al Qaeda Training Manual, 2001
). During their heydays, Talibans hadbanned watching television, going to school, and learning modernsciences. Even learning of history, geography, and mathematics weretotally banned and the only activities were the recitation and thememorization of the Koran. Learning English was a huge crime (
). Many Taliban controlled Madrasahs are sponsored from the outsetof Pakistani ISI (
 Atwan, 2006
). In Pakistan and Afghanistan, still there aresome orthodox Madrassh teachers, who teaches that earth is flat andstationary and sun rotates around the earth.In addition to promotion of violence against non-Muslims, often there areMadrasahs which promote sectarian violence (e.g, between Shia – Sunnietc). Several anti-Shia militias such as the
Sipah-i Sahaba
(army of Prophet’s companion) and
Lashkar–i Jhangvi
(Jhangvi’s army) hailed fromextremist
Madrasahs and maintain close ties with other terroristorganizations in Afghanistan, Kashmir and elsewhere (
Nasr, 2006
). Theresults, we are seeing everyday in Iraq, where not a single day passeswithout sectarian violence and killing.
During 1994, human rights commission of Pakistan investigated the child abuse incidentsand results of the investigation shows that in many Madrasahs, the children are often lockedin iron chains to a heavy wooden block in group of four or five. When one of them needs togo to toilet, rest all needs to follow him. Several children were found to have beencontinuously chained for up to one year. This prevents them from escaping from the schoolto avoid the burden of memorizing the Koran in Arabic.During March 1996, police raided a Madrasah near Multan and rescued 64 such victims(
 Anon, 2004)
. They were held in strong ropes and chains. The religious head teacher of theMadrasah said that the students had fallen into bad habits of watching satellite television. Inorthodox Islamic society watching television is a big religious taboo. The head teacher alsosaid that, sometimes even the parents of the children instructed the teachers to chain their children. These incidents not only leave scars in their hands and feet but also in their softminds.In another incident in Pakistan, during September 1997, a 14 year old student,
Muhammad  Azam Dogar 
, somehow managed to escape from the Madrasah torture chamber with ironfetters still in his legs. It was not easy for him to remove the heavy iron fetters. In a desperate

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