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List of Amals

List of Amals



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Published by Zahra
This is a list of Islamic dua's/amals for anyone who is suffering and trying to self-heal with the Qur'an and Sunnah.
This is a list of Islamic dua's/amals for anyone who is suffering and trying to self-heal with the Qur'an and Sunnah.

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Published by: Zahra on Jul 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of amalsSalam- Plz only post amals here. try not to post dupicate amals. (sorry, I thinkI lost all my formatting when I did copy-paste)Sihir of clone :1) the patient may not even have the dream of clone, if the sihir is very strong. Perhaps after they themselves doing tahajud and reciting Surah Yasin, As-Sajdah, al-Mulk, and Al-Waqiah, insyALLAH, they may get a short dream in total darkness, as if spending a dark night in a large desert2) usually, if the sihir is strong, the family member or spouse will get the dream of patient in house, or sometime in glass coffin, or sometime lying on tree top all tied up. ALLAH is Most Merciful to the Muslims, and will give us lots ofclues, when we are getting problems but of course, we will ignore until it is too late.3) the patient will appear to have very submissive behaviour and follow orders to the letter. He/she will be hesitant to ask ask questions even when he/she knows when something is wrong or even if he/she has much academic qualifications. Toput it sharp and short, the patient becomes docile and stupid.4) the patient will have some reaction when reciting or hearing the verse SurahAz-Zumar verse 42 repeatedly.AMAL FOR 1st 2nd 3rd NIGHTThe amal for first 3 tahajud nights is same- Tahajud 2 rakaat, then recite:Istiqfar 3xFatihah 1x,Darood Ibrahimiyyah 3xAl-Baqarah 17 21xYasin 17 21xAl-Mukminun 112 21xQursi 21xFatihah 21xYasin 14-17 7xYunus 81-82 7xAl-Baqarah 125 7xSurah Falaq 3xSurah anNas 3xSurah Ikhlas 3xDarood Ibrahimiyyah 3x----------------------------------------------------------------Never forget to blow into water when finishing the recitations. Please blow within 2-5 minutes. The recitations done during tahajud time is more powerful than recitation on Friday, or at other times.If we recite in front of Kaabah (Masjidil Haram), it is 100,000x times better comparedto other places, but if we recite in tahajud time, it is 1,000,000x.After the tahajud for 1st night, 2nd night and 3rd night, try also to dosolatul hajat 2 rakaat with niyat for cure from all sihir, jinn, diseases and alsorequest protection from all calamities, sihir, jinn, and evils of all creatures.-----------------------------------------------------------------AMAL FOR 4TH NIGHTFor 4th night, after the tahajud 2 rakaat; recite Surah Yasin 3x. Youneed to read little bit fast but watch the tajweed.Then recite the following to blow into bottle(s) of water:Istiqfar 3xFatihah 1x,
Darood Ibrahimiyyah 3xYasin 17 7xYasin 75 7xYasin 81 7xAl-Baqarah 163 7xAl-Baqarah 1-10 7xQursi 7xFatihah 7xYunus 81-82 7xAl-Hasyr 21-24 7xAl-Mukminun 117-118 7xAl-Baqarah 254-255 7xYasin 12 7xYasin 10 7xYasin 27 7xDarood Ibrahimiyyah 3xThis may go into morning or fajar prayer, but I believe you will befresh after the 4th night of this amal.Use the water for bathing yourself on the 5th night, 6th night and 7th night.The best time for bathing for this situation is between maghrib and ishak prayer. So be punctual. But if you are too late, you can still bath after ishak prayerbut never allow to pass midnight.-----------------------------------------------------------------GUIDE FOR BATHING USING RECITED WATER:You need to have 1 pail/bucket for each bath per day. Just pour 1 glass of therecited water into a pail filled with regular clean water. Then cut andpress the juice of 3x whole pieces of lime. So for each night, you need 3x wholepiece of lime. Make sure they are juicy.Make sure the water which we have used does not splash into the unusedwater in the pail. Either we put the pail somewhere high on achair/stool/counter,but placed it near the wall so it does not fall.In addition, everyday drink 1 glass of the recited water, plus thejuice of 1/4 of fresh lime. But drink this when we have eatensomething. This is because lime juice is sharp on empty stomach.-----------------------------------------------------------------On the 6th night, before sleeping recite Surah Yasin 3x. insyALLAH youwill be given guidance dream as to your situation.General:Before starting any amal you need to check first….Things which block our doa from maqbulhttp://www.rawatansihir.com/forum/forum ... p?TID=2406Here are some Amaals and Dhikir in general to keep you, your family and your home protected:First (Protecting our bodies from shaitan and jinns)* 4th Kalimah - 100x after fajar prayer, and * 100x after fajar/evening prayer.LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH WAH DAHU LA SYARIKALAHLAHUL MULKu WALAHUL HAMDuWA HUWA 'ALA KULLI SHA IN KADIRSecond (House protection)fajar/evening prayer.
* al-Baqarah 1-4* al-Baqarah 255-257 ( Qursi and the 2 subsequent verses)* al-Baqarah 284-286Third (General Amal for All Type of Sihir) (night)* Atleast 3-4 days* Istiqfar 3x (the shortest is "Astaqfirullah 'al 'azim")* Fatihah 1x, Qursi 1x, Al-Baqarah 285-286 1x* Salawat/Darood 3x (the shortest is "ALLAH humma sali 'ala Muhammad")* Al-Baqarah ayat 1-17* Surah Yasin 1x* Surah al-Jin 1x* Salawat/Darood 3x* AmeenFourth (Daily Recitation)(during the day)Daily recitation* Istiqfar 100x* Salawat/Darood 100x,* Tasbih Fatimah 100x,* zikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 100x ( or more up to 1,000x per day)Fifith:To weaken the Sihir jinns, in the patient's brain and stomach, (during the day)* Recite for the patient every day:* Al-Baqarah 163 100x, or Al-Baqarah 163-164 21x* Surah Yasin verse 10 100xTasbeeh Yunos for self protection:For cases where the patient is frequently disturbed by jinnsat home or at work or when strolling near temples, graves etc one way to protecthimself/herself is to recite Tasbih Nabi Yunos (peace be upon him) which is inthe last half of Surah al-Anbiya verse 87, 100x morning (for day protection) 100x evening/night (for night protection)insyALLAH, the disturbances should be reduced or gone completely(1-b) For the long term, to prevent ourselves reacting to magicians renewing their sihir on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween,Full Moon night, Bowling day, Independence Day etc, etcEvery morning and every evening:o Al-Baqarah 1-4, 255-257, 284-286.o Salawat/Darood 50xo Tasbeeh Yunos 50xSPRITUAL STRENGTH(2-a) Actually this post gives the answer of most frequently asked question likewhy my situation becomes worse since I started amal……so we need to make ourselves spiritually strongMINIMUM PERSONAL AMAL (for 40 days):Istiqfar 100x a day shortest is "astaqfirullah 'al 'azeem"Salawat 100x a day shortest is "ALLAH humma sali 'ala Muhammad"Tasbih Fatimah (subhanALLAH, alhamduLILLAH, ALLAH hu Akbar) 100x a dayzikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 1,000x a dayRecite Manzil once morn and night(2-b) Minimum amal for patients (key amals)http://www.rawatansihir.com/forum/forum ... p?TID=1803After reading these key amals of protection and spiritually strong a person is ready to start any suggested specific amal.

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