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Taimni - Siva Sutra

Taimni - Siva Sutra

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Published by KarolVallner

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Published by: KarolVallner on Jul 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Siva-Sutra, with text in Sanskrit,transliteration in Roman, translationin English and commentary
More and more intelligent people in the world with spiritual leanings are turning away fromthe orthodox ideas of religion and philosophy and taking to the realization of an UltimateReality which is hidden within the heart of every human being as the ultimate goal of allspiritual endeavour and self-discipline. What is the nature of this Reality, how can it berealized, and what is the nature of work done by those Great Beings who have succeeded inthis effort and become permanently established in that Reality—these are some of thequestions which are bound to be of great interest to all serious students of the Occult Scienceand those who are treading the path of practical Occultism,Of course, all such questions are beyond the realm of the human intellect and cannot be answered satisfactorily on the basis of reason alone. They are matters of inner experienceand this experience can be gained only by treading that difficult path of unfoldment of consciousness which reveals, step by step, different aspects of the one Reality and finally theUltimate Reality itself. But this does not mean that it is not possible to say anything about thisReality or the method of realizing it. This Reality can, no doubt, be known only by directexperience but those who have succeeded in their efforts to know it in this manner arecertainly in a position to give us some idea with regard to the nature of that experience, how itcan be gained and the nature of the self-discipline which makes this possible. Not only is it possible for them to say something on these vital questions but it becomes a kind of compulsion under which they have to tell others about their experience andexhort them to take to that path which will enable them to gain this direct experience for themselves.There is a definite reason for this urge to persuade others to take to the path of Self-realization. This realization reveals the unity of life which underlies all living creatures. Fromthe experience of this unity is born a tremendous love for them and the desire to see human beings free from the illusions and limitations of the lower worlds in which the common manis involved. Love always wants to share what it has and prizes most with those who are lovedand therefore an Enlightened individual does everything in his power to persuade others toacquire what has brought him superlative happiness. He sees clearly the Divine nature presentin the heart of all human beings and how involvement in the illusions of the world preventsthem from becoming aware of this tremendous Reality. It is therefore natural for him to beconstantly engaged in making others see these illusions and free themselves from the miseriesof life which are inherent in these illusions. They may or may not pay heed to his vitalmessage but he has to spread it far and wide and make them realize its importance.
3It is for this reason that though Truth is a matter of direct realization by one's ownindividual effort we have available to us such a precious and vast literature giving theexperiences and exhortations of those who have gained realizations of this Truth in differentdegrees by following different methods. The
and similar treatises belonging toother religions are full of experiences and exhortations of those who have gained glimpses of the Supreme Truth and wanted to share their experiences with others who were also seekingthe same Truth, though under a different name and by following a different method.The student should however exercise his discrimination in going through suchliterature and try not only to separate what is profound from what is spurious but also to noteto which category a particular treatise belongs. One treatise may give in glowing terms the particular experiences of a mystic whose consciousness has been raised temporarily to ahigher level in an ecstasy. Another may present an exquisitely beautiful panorama of ever-receding horizons in the long journey to our spiritual goal. A third may give us not only aninspiring glimpse of our spiritual aim in a masterly manner but also lay down the general principles underlying methods of achieving it.
belongs to this third category.Those who study this treatise carefully and are able to appreciate its grandeur and beauty adequately will be able to see for themselves that it must have come from a very highsource, although given out through the medium off an ordinary scholar inspired temporarily toreceive and pass on to the world its priceless message. The very nature of the topics dealt withand the masterly manner in which they are presented shows that the real author of the treatisemust be a Self-realized individual who has himself trodden the path of spiritual unfoldment,reached its ultimate goal of Self-realization, and is therefore familiar with all aspects of spiritual life, as it is lived by an aspirant and also as it is lived by one who is established in theworld of Reality,This kind of communication of truths of the most profound significance to the world atlarge is well known and not uncommon. Those who possess and are capable of giving thiskind of knowledge are naturally great souls who have reached the highest stages of spiritualdevelopment and have therefore risen far above the vulgar desire to see their name and personality associated with the knowledge thus passed on to the world outside for the benefitof others. They know full well that there is only one source of all real and true knowledge, theOne Reality underlying and containing the universe in its vast embrace. And therefore, allthose who discover and give out such knowledge are merely channels through which thisknowledge flows from the innermost Centre to the world outside. The expression of profoundideas and concepts in the form of aphorisms not only enables the author to condense his ideas

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