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Dr Brunton, whoto works ara best-sellers in a nin Loncian in 1898, The Inno Realty ‘The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yooa ‘The Wisdom of the Overselt ‘The Spiritual Crisis of Man Tha works of Dr Brunton In chronological order ‘A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA THE SECRET PATH A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT A MESSAGE FROM ARUNACHALA A HERMIT IN THE HIMALAYAS THE QUEST OF THE OVERSELT THE INNER REALITY INDIAN PHILOSOPHY AND MODERN CULTURE THE HIDDEN TEACHING BEYOND YOGA ‘THE WISDOM OF THE OVERSELF ‘THE SPIRITUAL CRISIS OF MAN —————— PAUL BRUNTON THE SECRET PATH A Technique of Spiritual Self-Discovery for the Modern World B. I. bay ~ B. I. PUBLICATIONS Head Office + ‘4, Janpath, NEW DELHI- Regional Offices 18, Lansdowne Road, BOMBA Y-1 13, Govt. Place East, CALCUTTA-L 13, Daryaganj, DELHI-6 35, Mount Road, MADRAS-2 © Paul Brunton 1969 This ei PRINTED IN INDIA Published by K.P, Chramani for B. 1. Publications, $4 Janpalh, New Delhi and Printed by K-L. Sachdev, Skylark Printers 1135S, 1-Gah Read, New Delis v vt var CONTENTS Wirt A Wiss Maw or tis East Man—Screncr’s Greatesr Ripputl ‘Tue Mrsrenrous Oysxseur Tie Practice or Mesran Quer A TECHNIQUE OF SHLF-ANALYSIS A Brzarine Exercise to Coxtmor, THoucHrs Tm Awakentne 10 Isrurmion ‘Tus Awaxexrnc 70 TH Ovsnsetr ‘Tae War or Divine Beavry ‘Tae Gospr, oF InspineD Action Srimruan Hex my Marearat Arrarns ‘Tue Eeocus n 7 8 59 1" 9 123 142 149. 159 in