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The Builder Magazine Vol IV # IV

The Builder Magazine Vol IV # IV

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Published by Cosmomind

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Published by: Cosmomind on Jul 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 APRIL 1918
 BY BRO. JOHN H. COWLES, 33d ACTIVE, DISTRICT OFCOLUMBIA Many times we have heard expressions of wonderment on the partof Masons living in other Grand Jurisdictions because of BrotherShryock's long term of service as Grand Master of Maryland. It wasour privilege to be personally acquainted with him and to benumbered among those who loved him. To such there was no needto make inquiry regarding these years of service In every office to which he was elected in Masonry, he served with a superb capacity, but it was the spirit in which he served that caused him to beuniversally loved. As in life, so in death, many charities and benevolences will have cause to remember his generosity and broadmindedness. His most typical expression was that "the word'can't' is not in my dictionary" - a phrase which easily sounds thekeynote of his ability as an executive. His character, energy andkindly spirit mark him as the most unique, if not the mostprominent Masonic character of this generation.EDITOR 
THOMAS JACOB SHRYOCK, Grand Master of Maryland, wasserving his thirty-second year in that official position when called by the Grim Reaper, February third, 1918, and the Masons of Maryland were so pleased and satisfied with his administration that thechances are he would have served many more years.This is the record for length of service as Grand Master of any GrandBody of Masons in the United States. His administration of Masonicaffairs in Maryland has been wonderfully successful. Not long afterhe was first elected Grand Master, fire destroyed the Temple, but it was rebuilt, and a few years ago, fire again destroyed the Templeand it was again rebuilt. The new Temple is one of the most beautiful and complete Temples in the United States. In each caseGrand Master Shryock was appointed chairman of a committee of one to rebuild the Temple destroyed by fire. The finances of theGrand Lodge have been especially well managed, deeply in debt atone time, with its credit almost gone, he and his brother William H.Shryock, financed the Grand Lodge, restored its credit and today thenew Temple is almost paid for, and the per capita may be reduced.The Grand Lodge of Maryland has no Masonic Home, so the GrandLodge contributes to many Protestant Hospitals and Homes, andengages in welfare work, and contributes liberally to charity.Grand Master Shryock endorsed the Liberty Bond issues strongly and the Masons of Baltimore alone invested nearly eight hundred
thousand dollars in them. The Masons of Maryland have also givenabout fifteen thousand dollars to the George Washington MasonicNational Memorial Association.The wonderful success, the splendid harmony and the good works of the Masons in Maryland are mostly due to his excellent leadership.He was genial, kindly courteous, affable, and approachable, for he was truly democratic. These virtues, added to his executive ability,have given the Masons of Maryland the most concrete and perhaps best government of any Grand Lodge. The Masons of Maryland atleast were satisfied, and no doubt rightly so, for they preferred tokeep one good Grand Master in the harness rather than to indulgein frequent changes.Grand Master Shryock was born in Baltimore, February 27, 1851, of Prussian descent, and his great-grandfather was Lieutenant Colonelin the Sixth Battalion, Maryland Line, in the Revolutionary war. Onthe visit of Lafayette to Alexandria in 1824, General Shryock'smother, then a little girl and daughter of Thomas Shields, a Masonand member of Brooke Lodge No. 147 of Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington Encampment No. 1, Knights Templar, of Washington,D.C., was selected to recite a childish welcome to Bro. Lafayette, onthe occasion of a Masonic parade in honor of a visit of the greatFrenchman to Washington. Two Lodges formed the parade - Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, of which Washington had been Master, and Brooke Lodge No. 147.

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