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CICS Question Answers

CICS Question Answers

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Published by Varun Kumar

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Published by: Varun Kumar on Aug 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Customer Information Control System (CICS)
IBM’s Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an on-line teleprocessing system developed byIBM. By providing a sophisticated control and service database/data communication system, theapplication developer can concentrate on fulfilling specific business needs rather than on communicationand internal system details. CICS allows data to be transmitted from the terminal to the host computer, havethe data processed, access files/databases, and then have data to be transmitted from the terminal to the hostcomputer, have the data processed, access files/databases, and then have data transmitted back to theterminal. To accomplish that, CICS uses a telecommunication package such as VTAM or TCAM andvarious file access methods: VSAM, DL/1, DB2, etc.The latest release CICS/ESA is Release 3.3.Some of the new functionality includes:1. Expanded features for the system programmer2. Improved above the line storage utilization3. New options for many CICS commands4. Improved cross-platform communication facilitiesFunctionalityCICS provides the following support:
 Data Communications
An interface between the terminal and printers with CICS via a telecommunication accessmethod (TCAM or VTAM).
Multi Region Operation(MRO), through which more than one CICS region of a system cancommunicate
Intersystem Communication (ISC), through which one CICS region of a system cancommunicate with other CICS regions in other systems
 Application Programming
Interfaces with programming languages such as COBOL and Assembler
Command level translator
An Execution Diagnostic Facility (EDF)
A Command Interpreter
 Data Handling
An interface with database access methods such as DB2, DL/1, and VSAM
An interface with error checking and reporting facilities
CICS has its own language. Some of the language abbreviations of CICS are:SIT System Initialization TablePCT Program Control TablePPT Program Processing TableTCT Terminal Control TableFCT File Control TableTCP Terminal Control Program
 TCTUA Terminal Control Terminal User AreaDCT Destination Control TableTDQ Transient Data QueueEIP Execution Interface ProgramFCP File Control ProgramICP Interval Control ProgramKCT Task Control ProgramPCP Program Control ProgramSCP Storage Control ProgramTCA Task Control AreaTCTTE Terminal Control Table Terminal EntryTSQ Temporary Storage QueueTWA Task Work AreaAID Attention IdentifierCWA Common Work AreaMRO Multi Region OperationQID Queue Identifier
 1. What are the six different types of argument values in COBOL that can be placed in variousoptions of a CICS command?
Data Value
- EX (Literal 8 or 77 KEYLEN PIC S9(4) COMP VALUE 8.)
Data Area
- EX ( 01 RECORD-AREA.05 FIELD1 PIC X(5). )
- EX (05 POINTER-I PIC S9(8) COMP. )
- Cobol paragraph name
- EX (77 TIMEVAL PIC S9(7) COMP3. )2. Kindly specify the PIC clause for the followingAny BLL Cell, Data type of Length Option field, HHMMSS type of data fieldsAny BLL Cell -
S9(8) COMP
 Data type of Length Option field -
S9(4) COMP
HHMMSS type of data fields
- S9(7) COMP3
3. Specify CICS transaction initiation process. (From the perspective of CICS control programs andcontrol tables.)TCP places data in TIOA and corresponding entry into TCT.KCP acquires the transaction identifier from TIOA and verifies if it is present in PCT.SCP acquires Storage in Task Control Area (TCA), in which KCP prepares control data for thetask.KCP then loads the application programs mentioned in PCT by looking for it in PPT.If resident - real storage memory location is not present in the PPT the control is passed to PCPthat loads the application programs from the physical storage location address given in PPT. Thecontrol is then passed to the application program (LOAD module).4. List the sequence of steps used to achieve “Modification in Skip Sequential Mode”a. READNEXT commandb. Issue the ENDBR commandc. Issue the READ command with UDTAE option.d. Manipulate the record (DELETE or REWRITE command)e. Issue START commandf. Issue two READNEXT commands (One for dummy skip)g. Go to step two.5. Specify the requirements for Automatic Task Initiation. (Mention the control table, it’s entries andthe corresponding Procedure division CICS command)

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