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Time Warner Cable of New York City

Time Warner Cable of New York City

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ACustomer Successfrom the Experts inBusiness-Critical Continuity™
With the introduction of high-speed Internet and VoIP phoneservice, the critical power infrastructure of Time Warner Cable of New York City was not adequately equipped to support the fastgrowth in services and customer expectations. Commercial space isat a premium in New York City. So as more IT systems were added tosupport new services, the company was forced to build on the agingpower systems, which were not sufficiently able to support the highlevels of availability the new services required. A power failure atany point along the power infrastructure can impact the entireoperation—and have serious consequences for the business.
Case Summary
LiebertNX UPS moduleswith parallelingcabinets
Critical Needs:
Create a dynamic power architecture to meet powerand high availability needs as the company’s communicationsnetwork and breadth of services continued to grow.
Designed and installed a dynamic power architecturethat enabled the company to better plan for and meetgrowing power needs.Added level of redundancy to current power infrastructuretoincrease business-critical systems availability to 99.99999.Retrofitted aging infrastructure with state-of-the-art UPSunits without any service interruptions.Eliminated single-point-of-failure areas in the company’spower infrastructure.
Time Warner CableofNew York City
Time Warner Cable Inc. is thesecond-largest cable operatorin the United States and anindustry leader in developing andlaunching innovative video, dataand voice services. The companydelivers services to customersthrough technologicallyadvanced, well-clustered cablesystems that pass approximately26 million homes. The companyoffers high-speed data service,IP-based telephony service and arange of advanced digital videoservices. Time Warner Cableof New York City services thelargest concentration of cablecustomers per square mile inthe United States.
ACustomer Successfrom the Experts inBusiness-Critical Continuity™
The Situation
When cable companies delivered only televisionservices, the industry was willing to occasionally copewith relatively of downtime—most customers wouldtake a temporary service interruption.Sal Azzaro, director of facilities for Time Warner Cableof New York City will be the first to tell you that timeshave definitely changed.“With the introduction of high-speed Internet andVoIP phone service, not only has our customer baseincreased, but the scope of services we offer thosecustomershasalso broadened,” says Azzaro. “Thishas significantly increased the importance of servicecontinuity.Our customers require continuousavailability of our services.”Similar to many companies, Time Warner Cable’sIT infrastructure has evolved into an interdependentbusiness-critical network that includes data,engineering systems and servers. A power failureat any point along the network can impact theentire operation—and have serious consequencesfor the business.Unfortunately, the company’s critical powerinfrastructure was not adequately equipped tosupport the fast growth in services and customerexpectations. “During the last couple of years, ourpowerneeds shotthrough the roof because of theadvanced applications we needed to support,” saysAzzaro. “And, we were severely limited in the courseofaction wecouldtake because of space and powerissues in our facilities.”Time Warner Cable of New York City oversees 22facilities in New York—18 “hubs” that serve as signaldistribution points and four “head ends” where thesignals are converted and processed for transmissionto customers. Control for all 22 facilities is centralizedin the company’s Master Control Facility, also locatedin New York City. Commercial space is at a premiumin NewYork City. So as more IT systems were addedto support new services, the company was forced tobuild on the aging power systems, which were notsufficiently able to support the high levels of availability the new services required.“We understood this was a short-term solution,” saysAzzaro. “In our industry, the pace of change is so fastit can be difficult to always stay ahead of the curve.Technology demands and customer expectationsdrive our business. Given our limited options, we had tomake quick decisions that would ensure our customerscould continue to enjoy our breadth of services.”
“The Liebert NX easily fit into our current infrastructure. We did not have to rearrange our  facilities to accommodate the units. It allowed ustogoback intothecurrent, aging powe structure and overbuild redundant UPS power in critical spots without having to rebuild theinfrastructurethat is supported by the existingUPS units, or experience any downtime.”
 Sal Azzaro, director of facilities,Time Warner Cable of New York City 
ACustomer Successfrom the Experts inBusiness-Critical Continuity™
“We were hoping to find a solution that would allow usto retrofit our aging infrastructure without causing anydowntime, while at the same time delivering an endproduct that was expandable and redundant,” saysAzzaro. “But we weren’t sure that was possible.”This particular division of Time Warner Cable has hadalong relationship with Emerson Network Power andAzzarowas familiar with its Liebert technology andcomprehensive service business. He approachedMary Kaye Hertz, his Emerson Network Power servicerepresentative and a team of Emerson executives,including its president, with the challenge.“After describing our unique situation, we were able totell them what we thought we wanted to accomplishand how it needed to work in our system,” says Azzaro.“They listened and came back with a reliable solutiondesigned specifically to meet our needs and overcomeour obstacles.”The solution featured eight, 30 kVA Liebert NXmodules installed in the master control facility.The modules were configured in a dual-redundantconfiguration with four Liebert NX systems workingin parallel on each bus.“The configuration developed for Time Warner of New York was designed for both flexibility and highavailability,” says Peter Panfil, vice president of powerengineering Liebert Solutions, Emerson NetworkPower. “It offers redundancy within each parallelsystem, within the two parallel systems and betweenthe master control facility and the facilities it supports.Atthe same time,it provides a clear path foreconomically adding capacity in the future.”The Liebert NX is one of the most compact UPSsystems in its size range. It features a 24-inch by32.5-inch footprint including the back-up battery,and is utility and back-up generator friendly.Designed to meet the high availability power needsof a wide variety of applications, it delivers bothreliability and a return on investment that isuncommon in the industry. The Liebert NX withparalleling cabinet gives customers increased flexibilityin designingfor adaptive redundancy and/or capacityin the power protection systems. It allows multipleLiebert NX systems to work together as a singlesystem, enabling the Liebert NX to support a widevariety of configurations, including N + 1 and N + N.“The LiebertNX easily fit into our currentinfrastructure. We did not have to rearrange our
“For me, the most important aspect of this project was the fact that Emerson Network Power waswilling to sit down with us, talk through our  situation, and give us exactly what we wereasking. They were willing to be innovative based on customer needs. That was solid proof that they viewed us as a partner, and not just a customer.”
 Sal Azzaro, Time Warner Cable of New York City Mary Kaye Hertz, Emerson Network Power service representative

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