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Published by David Adelman

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Published by: David Adelman on Sep 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love, War, and Medicine805
i2/iS/i i8
Sweetheart Hubby:-
What a party was given for me yesterday: But I’m
a bit ahead of my story. You know (I told you) Celia
called May and Stella ~nd invited them to Tea (that’s
the story that was told me). I was out when Celiacalled up, so of course believed it. Well May and I
were stuck in the office until after three o’clock andas we were leaving called Stella and told her to meet
us at the subway. I never suspected a thing wrong
though now I realize how unusual it is for Stella toleave the office (even on Saturday) before 5:30.Upon reaching Celia’s unconsciously I gave fourrings (which Stella and I always use for each other)and that was to be the signal for Celia, though I
didn’t know it. Celia gave us the devil for coming
late and said we were to take our things off in her
bedroom. As I reached the door of that room a yell
was let out and a bell over my head seemed to spread
and a mass of packages fell upon me. For a moment Ilooked about. There seemed to be two of each person -
my head went round. Then someone shouted ’pick them
up.’ I did so and quite mechanically kissed them all.
Someone removed my hat and coat and I sat down to
open the packages. Honey - love, l’ve never seen suchgorgeous underwear. Each piece is more beautiful than
the other. It was a silk underwear shower. Each had
a card attached. Stella is giving me my bridal set so
hers is the camisole (corset cover) in white satinwith lace which she made and every bit is handmade.Her mother gave the bloomers to match, while my Mothergave pink satin and chiffon bloomers which are perfect
dreams. There was one ni6htgown and combination (cor-
set cover, drawers in one) to match which is exquisite.Two matinees (one short lacy and one short chiffon -Jackets to be worn in a boudoir over pajamas or overa beautiful corset cover if I don’t want to get into
a waist at once). Altogether I got five camisoles,
one gown, two matinees, two pairs bloomers, threecombinations. Boy, oh boy, I’m so anxious to show
them to you. Someone suggested you take my picture
in each, but I objected as I said such scenes werefor ’home consumption only’ and not to be shown tothe public as only my husband would see tb~m on me.That’s right, isn’t it, dear?Well then all said they were hungry and they formeda line in the hall and sang the wedding march while I
passed into the dining room. That was a wonderfulcreation. It was all decorated in red, white and blue.
The American flag hung in the centre of the room and
~ove, War, and MedicineFollowing Page 805Immense statue of Kaiser Wilhelm der Erste (#I),located at the mDeutches Ecke," where theMoselle River empties into the Rhine River
at Coblenz. Statue about i00 feet high.
Love, War, and Medicine
the table was in national colors. There were all kinds
of cakes, salads, nuts, candies, Jams, cheese, fruits,relishes, crackers, cream, coffee, and heaps of other
things too numerous to mention. The favors were small
duplicates of the Statue of Liberty.
These two letters were delayed as I’ve already ac-knowledged #170 and 171. However, they are differentand more intimate.than those previously written. But
I like your frankness as it is all new to me.I’m so glad, honey, that no matter how many babies
we have I’ll always be your big baby. If bringing a
child or two into the world would mean sacrificing yourcaresses, I should feel that I were attending my own
funeral the day our first baby came on earth. In my
opinion, a child of one’s own flesh and blood is ablessing and it is the natural result of a perfect mar-
riage, but that happiness must be shared by both ’Dad
and Mother’ equally, not to the exclusion of the love webear for each other.Your talk on a ’man’s attitude towards women’ is
very interesting and entirely new. Strange that yourfrank talk should come at this time. Only last Thursday,
May was handed a circular letter addressed to her brother.
As she was on her way to business, she put it in her
muff and fount all about it until noon. She opened it
and it was something about segregating vice, because of
disease, etc. I paid little attention to what she was
reading to me, but it evidently made an impression asthat night I had a hideous dream of disease, filth,dirt, etc. and could not shake a most revolting feel-
ing. It was really the first paper (or talk) I had
heard on the subject.
But what I did not know is that a man succumbs soeasily to a pretty face. Do you mean to say a manwould hug and kiss a woman with whom he flirted? Howcould they? When a man goes in search of vice, he is
always told where to go - isn’t he? - else how would
he know where to go (or to whom?)? Take myself, for
instance, we have lived in some pretty rough neighbor-hoods, and I have come home alone all hours of the night
or morning and n@ o~ne ever even spoke to me -
while five minutes later Harry or Clarence would comehome with some story about someone having been held up
in the block. I-have yet to have the first man speak
to me when I am alone (without an introduction).But, Honey, I’m so glad you keep away from ’prettyfaces’ if it means so much to us.What a lot of stories the prisoners will be able
to tell. Your talk with some of them must have been

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