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How Nonviolence Protects the State

How Nonviolence Protects the State

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Published by AntiFascistMilitant

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Published by: AntiFascistMilitant on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ceros press
department of republicationon the high seas
“There is nothing in this world currently deserving of thename peace. Rather, it is a question of whose violence frightens us most, and on whose side we will stand.”
In lucid and accessible prose, Gelderloos invites activists toconsider diverse tactics, systematically debunking the notionthat non-violent activism is the only acceptable or effectivemethod of struggle.
better than not fighting at all; fighting empowers people and teaches us that wecan fight. Referring to the defeat at the Battle of Blair Mountain during the 1921Mine War in West Virginia, filmmaker John Sayles writes, "the psychological victory of those violent days may have been more important. When a colonizedpeople learn they can fight back together, life can never again be so comfortable fortheir exploiters. With enough bold, empowering resistance, we can move beyond small victories to achieve a lasting victory against the state, the patriarchy, capitalism,and white supremacy. Revolution is imperative, and revolution necessitatesstruggle. There are many effective forms of struggle, and some of these methodscan lead to the worlds we dream of. To find one of the right paths, we mustobserve, assess, criticize, communicate, and, above all, learn by doing.
How Nonviolence Protects The StatePeter Gelderloos
Semi-Abridged 2
EditionTo be feasible for zine printing and binding, Gelderloosextensive section of endnotes had to be cut for space. They are available in the complete 2
edition text, purchasablefrom South End Pressor online for piracy onOneBigTorrent.org 

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