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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Published by Марија К.

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Published by: Марија К. on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan
Class: VI/9 Date: 05/09/2011Objecives
Introducing oneself using simple structures My name is.. I am … years old
Answering simple questions about oneself 
Oral feedback
 Anticipate ProblemsMaterials
Questionnaire, paper, yarn, puppet
Stage Estimatedtiming Activity Procedure1.
Upon meeting a new teacher, children are usually scaredand not free to talk about what they think and how theyfeel so the teacher uses a puppet to ask the questions.First the teacher introduces herself and the puppet andthen she walks around the classroom asking questions(
using the puppet) about the students’ names, age,
favorite subjects, sports etc.
Classroom Web
The teacher holds a ball of yarn and tells the studentsone thing that is unique about her
. She then holdsonto the string, tosses the yarn ball to one of herstudents, and asks him or her to reveal somethingunique. By the time the ball of yarn has made itsway around the circle, everyone will be holding apart of it, and it will look like a web. The teacherencourages them to discover that, even thoughwe are all unique and special, we are all connectedto each other like the web, because we are aclass.
Time Capsule
The teacher hands in questionnaires with questions suchas
What's your favorite TV show?
What's your favorite song?
What's your favorite book?She also encourages them to make a hand tracingover a sheet of paper and measure their heightwith a yarn. All the items are sealed in anenvelope and kept by the teacher to be opened at

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