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CBSNYTPoll 9-11 Security and Terrorism

CBSNYTPoll 9-11 Security and Terrorism

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Published by cbsnews

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Published by: cbsnews on Sep 08, 2011
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CBS News/New York Times PollFor release: Thursday September 8, 20116:30 PM EDTAssessing Security and the Threat of Terrorism Ten Years Later
August, 2011This CBS News/New York Times Poll measures the public’s attitudes toward security andterrorism ten years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The poll includes interviews with Americansoverall, residents of New York City, and those who report a close friend or family member waskilled in the attacks on 9/11.
More than 4 in 5 Americans think the country will always have to live with the threat ofterrorism.
Expectations for another attack are low now; 55% think one is not likely in the next fewmonths. Just after 9/11, 53% thought another attack was very likely.
Americans are divided as to whether the government has done all it can to secure thecountry from terrorism; 46% think it has, while 48% think it has not. 54% think thegovernment is prepared to deal with another attack.
Two thirds of Americans say the death of Osama bin Laden has not made them feelsafer from terrorism. And for most close friends and family of 9/11 victims, his death hasnot brought closure.
One in four Americans admits to negative feelings for Muslims as a result of the attacks.
The Terrorist Threat
Ten years after the September 11
attacks, terrorism has become something most Americansexpect to have to live with. A large majority of Americans – 83% - feel they will always have tolive with the risk of terrorism. Eight in ten New Yorkers also think their city will always have tolive with the threat.
Will Americans/New Yorkers Always Have to Live With Threat of Terrorism?
Americans New YorkersYes 83% 79%No 15 19At the same time, Americans have become complacent in the past ten years about anotherattack; 55% think one is not likely in the next few months. Fears were much higher just after9/11, and have risen at times over the last ten years.
Likelihood of Terror Attack in U.S. in Next Few Months
---------------------- Americans -----------------------
Now 1/2010 8/2006 3/2003 10/2001 9/2001Very likely 9% 26% 16% 24% 53% 36%Somewhat likely 33 40 43 47 35 42Not very/at all likely 55 30 39 27 10 201
2Americans who were close to someone who was killed on 9/11 are more likely than Americansoverall to think a terrorist attack is likely in the United States within the next few months. Slightlymore than half think this is at least somewhat likely (51%), while most Americans and most NewYorkers do not.
Likelihood of Terror Attack in U.S. in Next Few Months
Friends/ Americans New Yorkers FamiliesVery likely 9% 11% 13%Somewhat likely 33 27 38Not very/not at all likely 55 54 45And when it comes to an attack in their own area, 91% of Americans, and most New Yorkers,think an attack is unlikely in the near future. However, 35% of New Yorkers think an attack intheir area is likely.
Likelihood of Terror Attack in Your Area in Next Few Months
Americans New YorkersVery likely 2% 10%Somewhat likely 6 25Not very/not at all likely 91 5868% of Americans overall say they personally feel safe from an attack, a percentage that hasincreased since the 9/11 attacks. A year after the attacks, just 48% said they felt safe fromterrorism. 56% of New Yorkers and 57% of those close to a 9/11 victim also say they feel safe.
Personal Safety from Terrorist Attacks
-------------- Americans ---------------Now 8/2006 9/2002Feel safe 68% 54% 48%Uneasy 24 40 44In danger 6 6 6
Security Steps Taken
Americans split on whether the federal government has done all it reasonably could to make thecountry secure from terrorism. This hasn’t changed substantially in the ten years since 9/11.
Has Government Done All it Can to Secure U.S. from Terrorism?
-------------- Americans ---------------Now 8/2006 10/2002Yes 46% 40% 49%No, could do more 48 58 46A slim majority of Americans – 54% - say the U.S. is adequately prepared to deal with an attackif one occurs. This has been the sentiment since 2008. New York City residents agree in similarnumbers, and about the same percentage – 55% - think NYC is ready if that happens.
Prepared to Deal with Another Attack?
Yes NoU.S Prepared ? 54% 37 (among Americans)NYC Prepared ? 55% 37 (among New Yorkers)
3At specific points of potential attack – airports, bridges, nuclear plants – Americans see a mixedbag of improvements. 70% say airports are at least somewhat safer – but airport securityenhancements may be more visible than measures taken elsewhere. 49% say security atnuclear plants has made them safer, and 45% say bridges and tunnels are safer.
Has Security at America’s….Made Things Safer?
-------------- Americans ---------------A lot safer Somewhat safer Not saferAirports 26% 44 23Nuclear plants 18% 31 19Bridges & tunnels 13% 32 26New Yorkers were asked about security at points around the city, and expressed similar views.
Has Security at New York City’s…Made Things Safer?
-------------- New Yorkers ---------------A lot safer Somewhat safer Not saferNYC Airports 27% 42 25NYC Bridges & tunnels 20% 35 33NY Area nuclear plants 14% 21 27Most New Yorkers (57%) do not, however, think security measures on their subways aresufficient.
Are Security Measures in NYC Subways Sufficient?
----- New Yorkers -----Yes 31%No 57
Civil Liberties and the Fight Against Terrorism
52% of Americans think the government has achieved the right balance between fightingterrorism and maintaining people’s civil liberties. However, some are concerned aboutgovernment overreach: a quarter of Americans say the government has gone too far inrestricting people’s civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. 17% say it has not gone farenough.
In Fighting Terrorism, has the Government…
Gone too far in restricting people's civil liberties 25%Not gone far enough 17Right balance 52As they have for years, the public supports monitoring phone calls and emails of Americans thegovernment is suspicious of in order to reduce terrorism, but is against keeping tabs on thecommunications of ordinary Americans.
Willing To Allow Government to Monitor Phone Calls Of…
Yes NoThose gov’t is suspicious of 65% 31Ordinary Americans 26% 7265% are willing to allow the government to monitor the communications of Americans it deemssuspicious – majorities have expressed this opinion since the question was first asked in 2003.

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