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The Perfect Rep

The Perfect Rep



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Published by getfitr
A technique used to succesfully increase muscle mass and the mind-muscle connection.
A technique used to succesfully increase muscle mass and the mind-muscle connection.

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Published by: getfitr on Oct 09, 2008
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Copyright Will Brink And Internet Publications. You are welcome to pass on this special report to others. You maynot however, edit it, extract content rom it or oer it or sale in any way
Perfect Rep
Perfect rep
Will Brink,
creator of:
Brink’s BoDy BuilDingReveaLeD
know what you’re thinking, “I hope this is not going to be another redundant trainingreport!” Having written articles on virtually every acet o bodybuilding at one time oranother, I am the rst to admit that training articles can get redundant. OK, maybe even at-out boring.Nutrition is an endless subject, and most bodybuilders can read articles on nutrition endlessly,but training articles can bore the pants o o people. Why? Because most are either ull o  jargon lacking any real lie application, or ail to say anything new or even believable. I think people tend to glaze over in a sort o semi stupor when reading certain training articles, likewatching the “700 Club” on a Sunday morning. Well riends, I think you will nd this trainingreport low in jargon, high in utility, and not too painully boring to read (I hope).This training report is on a very simple topic: the rep itsel and style o rep I have ound to beproductive to growth. Now beore you go turning the page, consider just how important thesimple rep is to your success.I you think about it, the rep is not only the most basic concept in all o weight training, butalso the most undamental aspect or growth. There are stacks o theories on what is the bestroutine, volumes o research on how muscles grow and what is the most eective number o reps or muscle growth, and countless ways to increase intensity to stimulate the muscles.In the end however, it comes down to the rep itsel. I your reps are done incorrectly, whatdoes it matter which routine you are using? An incorrectly executed rep undermines whateverexercise you choose; theory you adhere to, or guru you ollow in your quest or new muscle.I a person only gets a ew “good” reps per set, and the rest are a waste o time, could this per-son dramatically improve the efciency and eectiveness o their workouts by making everyrep a “good” rep? I think you know the answer to that question, so I will not answer it. I youdon’t know the answer to that question, then brother, you are in the wrong sport and a gol club might be better suited or your hands than a dumbbell!
Copyright Will Brink And Internet Publications. You are welcome to pass on this special report to others. You maynot however, edit it, extract content rom it or oer it or sale in any way
Perfect Rep
Aspiring bodybuilders oten get caught up inthe latest theories on weight training yet ailto grasp the importance o the oundation o growth itsel: the simple rep.Talking about how to perorm a rep is notsexy, high tech, or something that can be putin a bottle and sold as a supplement (RepRX?),yet in the nal analysis, the rep is what standsbetween you and more muscle and is the veryplace so many bodybuilders all short.They slop through their reps, rush through their reps, or have no intensity during their reps,but rarely see what is under their nose: It isn’t the routine they’re ollowing, the supplementsthey’re taking, or the diet they eat that stops their muscle growth, but the very way they per-orm their reps that keeps them rom getting larger. Translated: Sometimes it’s not what youdo, but how you do it!People tend to look or complex answers to simple problems. I get stacks o letters and e-mailrom people with all sorts o questions as to why they are not making any progress. Their theo-ries range rom “I think it was the descending set-negative eedback loop-burn sets that stopmy muscle growth”, to “Aliens have put growth retarding chemicals in my creatine.”With that introduction, let us get onto what is the ultimate growth rep, with a little scienticmumbo-jumbo in between.
 Wha acually causes muscle growt? 
This is the point in the article where I could go into a long and unusually boring dissertationabout muscle physiology: Muscle ber types, controversies over whether the muscle getslarger or divides into new muscle cells, or both.Number o reps, volume o training, concentric, eccentric, isometric, etc.: this is importantinormation or the research scientist, but not all that relevant to the hard training bodybuild-er.I mean, what are we looking or here? In a nut shell, what we want is the correct level o stimulation to a muscle to make it larger, right? Too little stimulus and the muscle won’t grow.Too much stimulus and the muscle doesn’t grow, or worse yet, gets smaller due to injury orinability to recuperate. The proper stimulus within a given period o time is what we are look-ing or.This brings me to another point. It is not the amount o actual weight that is the most impor-tant actor to muscle growth, but the actual amount o stress or tension the muscle must en-dure during the rep that is the crucial stimulus or growth. But some might ask “Doesn’t usingmore weight mean more stress on the muscle?”

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