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Rydex Report for 9.12.11

Rydex Report for 9.12.11

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Published by glerner133926

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Published by: glerner133926 on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Figure 1. Rydex Bullish and Leveraged to Bearish and Leveraged/ daily1) The ratio of Bullish and Leveraged to Bearish and Leveraged: 1.02) Values <=1 (below blue line) means more bears than bulls and typically this isbullish for prices3) Values >=2 (above red line) means more bulls than bears and typically, this isbearish for prices
Figure 2. Rydex Money Market Fund/ daily1) High indicator value suggests fear as investors are seeking the safety of themoney market fund; this is bullish for higher prices2) Low indicator value suggests complacency as investors are fully invested; this isbearish for higher prices3) The trading bands are set to identify values that are 2 standard deviations abovenormal over the past 40 trading days
Figure 2a. Rydex Buying Power/ daily1) The Rydex Buying Power indicator assesses the amount of money on the sidelines;
it is “fuel” available for buying
 2) This indicator assesses considers both non
committed money (i.e., assets in themoney market fund) and committed money (i.e., assets in all of the bearish fundsthat could potentially wind up in bullish funds) as available money on the sidelines3) The indicator is calculated by taking the sum of all assets in bearish plus moneymarket funds divided by all assets in bullish plus bearish plus money market funds4) Low indicator values suggest little money on the sidelines and are consistent withexcessive bullishness (i.e., bear signals)5) High indicator values are consistent with increased buying power and areconsistent excessive bearishness (i.e., bull signals)

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