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Order of Battle for Gross-Beeren, 23 August 1813

Order of Battle for Gross-Beeren, 23 August 1813

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Published by airfix1999
From the famous Nafziger collection
From the famous Nafziger collection

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: airfix1999 on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Allied Forces
Battle for Gross-Beeren
23 August 1813
 Army of the North: Bernadotte, Crown Prince of Sweden3rd Prussian Army Corps: Generallieutenant Bülow3rd Brigade: Generalmajor L. Hesse-Homburg2nd East Prussian Grenadier Battalion (20/1,004)1/,2/,Fus/3rd East Prussian Infantry Regiment(65/2,397)(includes 2 jäger dets)1/,2/,3/4th Reserve Infantry Regiment (49/2,127)8/,11/,12/,20/3rd East Prussian Landwehr Regiment1/,2/,3/,4/1st Leib Hussar Regiment (27/691)(+jägers)6pdr Foot Battery #5 "Glassenapp" (4/109)4th Brigade: Generalmajor Thümen1/,2/,Fus/4th East Prussian Infantry Regiment(68/2,481)1/,2/,3/,4/5th Reserve Infantry Regiment(56/2,825)1/,2/Elbe Infantry Regiment (34/1,686)2/,4/East Prussian Jäger Battalion (8/350)1/,2/,3/Pommeranian National Cavalry Regiment (14/361)6pdr Foot Battery #6 "Ludwig" (3/101)5th Brigade: Generalmajor BorstellPommeranian Grenadier Battalion (25/943)1/,2/,Fus/1st Pommeranian Infantry Regiment(68/2,622)1/,2/,3/2nd Reserve Infantry Regiment(41/2,150)2/,4/2nd Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (29/710)1/,2/,3/,4/Pommeranian Hussar Regiment (29/710)(+jägers)1/,2/,3/,4/West Prussian Uhlan Regiment (16/575)6pdr Foot Battery #10 "Magenhofer" (3/111)6th Brigade: Generalmajor Krafft1/,2/,Fus/Colberg Infantry Regiment(68/2,627)(2 jäger detachments)1/,2/,3/9th Reserve Infantry Regiment (45/2,210)1/,2/,3/,4/1st Neumärk Landwehr Regiment(65/2,730)1/,2/,3/,4/1st Pommeranian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(15/270)6pdr Foot Battery #16 "Spreuth" (4/119)Reserve Cavalry: Generalmajor Oppen1/,2/,3/,4/Königin Dragoon Regiment (+jäger)(21/676)1/,2/,3/,4/Brandenburg Dragoon Regiment (+jäger)(22/613)1/,2/,3/,4/2nd West Prussian Dragoon Regiment(+jäger)(19/598)3/,4//2nd Silesian Hussar Regiment (14/430)1/,2/,3/,4/2nd Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(15/316)1/,3/,4/,5/4th Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(19/356)Horse Battery #5 "Neindorff" (4/126)Horse Battery #6 "Steinwehr" (4/128)
Artillery Reserve: Oberstleutnant Holtzendorf12pdr Foot Batteries #4 "Meyer" & #5 "Condradi"(4/353)6pdr Foot Battery #19 "Baumgarten/Liebermann"(4/108)2 Russian 12pdr Batteries #7 "Dietrich/Zaweski"& #21 "Schluter" (18/500)Prussian Feld Pioneer Companies #4 & #5 (3/152)4th Prussian Army Corps: Generallieutenant Tauentzien1st Brigade: Generalmajor Dobschütz1/,2/,3/3rd Reserve Infantry Regiment (49/2,405)1/,2/1st Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (37/1,426)1/,3/2nd Neumärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (8/164)1/,2/,3/,3rd East Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(15/295)1/2 6pdr Foot Battery #20 "Papendick" (2/52)2nd Brigade: Oberst Graf Lindenau1/,2/,3/,4/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (86/2,790)1/,2/,3/,4/2nd Neumärk Landwehr Regiment (50/1,520)1/,2/,5/1st Silesian Landwehr Regiment (61/2,010)2/,6/Berlin Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (2)(8/176)1/,2/1st Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(9/136)1/,2/,3/,4/3rd Pommeranian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(12/315)1/,2/7th Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(7/157)1/2 6pdr Foot Battery #30 "Hertig" (2/79)Artillery Reserve: Oberstleutnant von Strampf6pdr Foot Batteries #17 "Gleim" & #27 "Matthias"(4/157)Horse Battery #11 "Borchard" (2/79)Detached Corps: General von Wobeser1/,2/,3/,4/1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment(62/1,770)1/,2/,3/2nd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment(68/1,860)1/,2/,3/,4/3rd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment(64/1,950)4/1st East Prussian Landwehr Regiment1/,2/,3/1st West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(10/198)1/,2/,3/2nd West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(9/168)1/,2/3rd West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(9/153)6pdr Foot Battery #22 "Wegner" (3/122)Detached Corps: General von Hirschfeldt1/,2/,3/,4/1st Reserve Infantry Regiment (82/2,800)1/,2/,3/,4/3rd Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (80/1,860)1/,2/,3/4th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (68/1,800)1/,2/,3/,4/6th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (80/2,400)1/,2/,3/7th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (68/1,800)1/,2/,3/,4/3rd Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(14/320)
1/,2/,3/,4/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(14/320)1/,2/,3/,4/6th Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment(14/320)Russian Light Battery #26 "Chamborand"(10 guns) (6/190)
French Forces
Battle for Gross-Beeren
23 August 1813
 French Army of Berlin: Maréchal OudinotIV Corps: Général de division Bertrand15th (Italian) Division: Général de division FontenelliBrigade: Général de brigade Martel2/,3/,4/1st Italian Légère Regiment1/Milan Guard RegimentBrigade: Général de brigade Saint Andrea3/,4/1st Italian Line Regiment2/,3/,4/4th Italian Line RegimentBrigade:Général de brigde Moroni3/,4/6th Italian Line Regiment2/,3/,4/7th Italian Line RegimentArtillery:1st Italian Foot Artillery(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)13th Italian Foot Artillery(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)5th Italian Artillery Train Company6th Italian Artillery Train CompanyDet/6th (bis) Italian Artillery Train Company12th Division: Général de division MorandAdvanced Guard:2/8th Légère Regiment4/8th Légère RegimentBrigade: Général de brigade Belair1/,2/,3/,4/,6/3th Line RegimentRegimental ArtilleryBrigade: Général de brigade Hulot1/,2/,4/,6/23rd Line RegimentRegimental ArtilleryArtillery:1/2nd Foot Artillery(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)3/2nd Foot Artillery(6-6pdrs & 2-24pdr howitzers)1/7th (bis) Train Battalion2/7th (bis) Train Battalion38th (Württemberg) Division: Generallieutenant FranquemontBrigade: Generalmajor Spitzemberg1/,2/1st Line Regiment "Prinz Paul"1/,2/2nd Line Regiment "Herzog Wilhelm"

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