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JTNews | September 16, 2011 Section B

JTNews | September 16, 2011 Section B

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Published by Joel Magalnick
Rosh Hashanah section of JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington
Rosh Hashanah section of JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington

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Published by: Joel Magalnick on Sep 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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september 16, 2011 • 17 elul 5771 • volume 87, no. 19
Photos: Joel Magalnick and Domiriel/Creative Commons
section B
JTN .
friday, sepTemBer 16, 2011
It promises to be a joyous 5772 for our entire communityas JFS will move into the new building, adjacent to ourexisting Jessie Danz Building — creating an actualcampus in the heart of Capitol Hill that will allow JFS tobetter meet the needs of family, friends and neighbors,today and well into the future.This campus is the result of incredibly generous communitysupport of the JFS
Family Matters Campaign
in responseto the need for services that seems to grow every year,every month, every day. You made this building possible(as well as opening doors for enhanced and expandedprograms that are already serving community membersin need). The names of donors making gifts of $10,000or more to the JFS
Family Matters Campaign
will beinscribed on a permanent donor wall in the entrance ofthe new building in heartfelt appreciation and recognitionof their commitment to community…our community.
 After all, family matters…always has, always will.
Jewish Family Service wishes youand yours a happy and healthy 5772.
(206) 461-3240
A commitment to community since 1892.
For information about how to add your name to thedonor wall and be part of the future of JFS,please contact Shelly C. Shapiro, Major Gifts Officer,(206) 861-3148; e-mail scshapiro@jfsseattle.org.
friday, sepTemBer 16, 2011 .
JTNhigh holidays
wishes you shana Tova 
 .cmpcctr.rg 206-447-1967 if@cmpcctr.rg
s  Cmp slm scctr  td
#1 JCmp!
Rgtrtbg  octbrerl brddct lbl
Have you ever been sitting at a RoshHashanah or Yom Kippur service andasked yoursel, “Why am I eeling some-what distant rom the wording o theseprayers?” Or “Why do I eel so distractedhere and the service is so lengthy?”You are not alone. As a psychothera-pist and a Jewish author, I’ve heard romthousands o diverse Jews (rom the very religious to the not-very religious to theextremely not religious) who told me they elt bored or dgety at times during HighHoliday services in previous years.Fortunately, there are some highly eective ways to connect more deeply with the proound themes and lie-chang-ing insights that can be ound in the RoshHashanah and Yom Kippur services o nearly every congregation. Here are a eweasy-to-utilize steps on how to make thesecareully choreographed Days o Awemore meaningul to you or a member o your amily who eels bored or discon-nected rom High Holiday gatherings:
Let the music move you.
Te serviceswill come alive or you i you allow thebeautiul melodies, the talented voices,and the intense sounds o the shoar totake you to a place o proound wakingup. Rather than ocusing on what peopleare wearing or whose kids are misbehav-ing, or even whether the rabbi’s sermonis perect, let yoursel be lied up by thesoulul melodies that connect each o uswith hundreds o years o passionate and vulnerable Jews who have poured outtheir eelings o longing, sadness, joy, andgratitude at similar services during pleas-ant years and tragic years. As you listenclosely to the music and the call o theshoar, imagine yoursel surrounded by many generations o ancestors asking youlovingly, “Nu, how are you? How is yourbeautiul soul navigating this complicatedworld that is so challenging?”
Do some personal preparation.
Duringthe days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, pick a phrase or a theme rom the High Holiday prayer book that makes you curious aboutthe mysteries o lie or helps your soul ndits true purpose o doing some good in largeor small ways. Rather than getting bent outo shape by some harsh phrase rom theprayer book you don’t like, choose insteadto ocus on phrases and themes that youselect consciously to inspire and motivateyou in the days and weeks surrounding theHigh Holidays. For example, what is a vowyou made in the past year (to yoursel, toa loved one, or to someone at work) andthat you now realize you haven’t ully kept?What will it take or you to change that vowand create something new that is muchmore likely to be kept?
Take charge o your breathing and yourocus.
I’ve ound in my own lie and incounseling many dierent types o Jewishwomen and men that one o the best waysto enjoy the High Holiday services and getmore insights rom them is i you noticeyour breathing whenever possible duringthe lengthy services. Silently say “
,here I am,” a powerul ocusing phrasethat you can utilize whenever you eel dis-tracted, tense, or rustrated. I you remem-ber to breathe smoothly and ully as youopen up your creative mind with thesewords, you may be surprised at how youstart to become less stressed and morecentered, not only at High Holiday ser- vices but throughout the rest o the year.
Let your heart speak your deepest truth.
At various points during the Rosh Hasha-nah and Yom Kippur services, you willbe given the opportunity to say out loudor to speak silently the truths, concerns,and aspirations you carry in your heart.In addition, you are being encouraged tospeak these truths to the mysterious Sourceo Lie that is beyond human comprehen-sion. Yet we eel especially close to themysterious One at these holiday gather-ings. Whether you are a strong believer ina loving Presence or you wrestle with many doubts, these Rosh Hashanah and YomKippur services ask you to dig deeply intoyour own heart and admit honestly, “Tisis where I have missed the mark,” “Tis iswhat I notice and appreciate about the gisin my lie,” and “Tis is what I am longingto improve in the coming year.” You willprobably nd that having the chance toslow down and connect with the still, small voice within as you express these prooundtruths is time well spent.
Look or opportunities or prog-ress, not perection.
One o the beauti-ul things about Jewish holidays such asRosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is thatin Judaism we always have the chance towake up anew, to ask or guidance, and toimprove how we deal with our toughestpersonal, amily, and work-related chal-lenges. But we are not being asked to beperect, nor are we condemned or beinghuman and having our struggles. As yousit in the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippurservices, make sure to treat yoursel with
Fiv wys to b mor prsnt t Hih Holidysrvics this yr
Leonard FeLder, Ph.d.
Specil to JTNews
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