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October 2011

October 2011

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Published by Uzair Ba

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Published by: Uzair Ba on Sep 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harmful effects of co-education-IV
Fayyaz Ahmad Zaroo
Summary and Conclusion
Evidence based on scientific research andempirical studies has been briefly presented anddiscussed in this editorial to support the claim thatsingle-sex educational systems are best suited to thehuman fitrah and the function of education in thehuman life. The editorial also pointed out the negativeeffects of coeducation and the fact that it is anunnatural and artificial social construct with more harmsthan advantages. Boys and girls need separate trainingto suit their different rates of physical, intellectual andemotional growth. Research has shown that thisgender gap in education extends from primary schoolto undergraduate levels at university. However, itbecomes much more intense when boys and girlsreach their adolescent age and then it continues in thehigher classes. Single-sex schools provide better environments for young people where they remain freefrom the pull of the opposite sex. This differ-ence in thepsychological make-up results in a huge difference inthe way the two sexes learn in a class and in the way
members of the two genders influence the learning of one another while present in the same classroom.It must be noted that Islam cares much for thepreservation of morals and the maintenance omodesty and chastity in the Muslim society. To achievethis goal, Islam requires the highest degree ocautiousness when dealing with the members of theopposite sex. A Muslim is always asked to distancehimself from any thing that stirs his sexual urge. Islamforbids free intermingling of sexes in the society. Islamhas the basic requirement of young men and womenmaintaining the purity of their sexual lives from the verybeginning. Muslim adolescents are specifically asked tomaintain a safe distance from the opposite sex for their own benefit. Islam is a religion that is in completeaccordance with human nature. Islam emphasizes theupbringing of children in an environment that wouldpreserve their ‘fitrah’ (inherent Islamic nature) state. If children or youth attend mixed-gender classes ineducation, there are good chances they will beexposed to acts that may tarnish their whole worldviewof sexual morality. They may even lose the ability todistinguish between modesty and indecency, moralityand immorality, chastity and promiscuity.The Islamic approach to dealing with vice andcorruption in the society is, as we stated above, to nip
the evil in the bud. This can be better understood bylearning about the well-known principle of Islamic lawcalled: sadd baab ath-Tharai(i.e., blocking onarrowing means/ways that lead to commission of sins). According to this principle, if an act or event iscapable of leading you to sin, you should avoid it evenif it were not a sin in itself. It is due to this principle thatIslam always discourages free-mixing of the sexes,which includes coeducation as well. Imam IbnulQayyim writes in his I’ lamul Muwaqieen (vol.2) aboutthis Islamic principle thus: “The Islamic principle knownas sadd baab ath-tharai’, means that some of thepermissible acts (mubahat) are sometimes forbiddenlest they serve as back doors for commission oprohibited acts. For instance, exchanging gifts amongMuslims is recommended Sunnah act, but it isforbidden to present gifts to a government official for fear that it might lead to bribery and corruption. Also, toogle the face of woman
(who is not one’s mahram)
isprohibited because such intense staring is capable of sowing the germs of fornication in the heart.”In coeducation environments, students havemore opportunity and temptations to go astray. Theycannot maintain the right etiquette of intermingling asprescribed by the Islamic Shari’ah, at all times duringschool hours. Also, students in coeducation schools

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