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SONG Baguazhang

SONG Baguazhang

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Published by Dendy Wibisono

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Published by: Dendy Wibisono on Oct 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SONG 1Hollow the chest, suspend the crown and sink the waist,Swing the step, join the knees, and grasp the ground firmly.Sink the shoulders and drop the elbow to extend the forward palm.The eyes watch between the thumb and the index finger.SONG 2First pile up the rear elblow to have the elbow hiding the heart,Then the hand turns and drops to follow forward.Follow the anterior elbow with a holding power,The anterior hand and posterior hand in a group of spirits.SONG 3Walk forward with curved steps and straight foot,Just as in pushing millstones.Flex the knee, follow the hip, and the waist turns the foot,Eyes watch three aspects without wobbling the body.SONG 4To arrive at the target in a straight motion is not special,Fluidly circling left and right is preferable.The left changes to the right and the right changes to the left,In withdrawing the body and reversing the steps one will find an opening.SONG 5Step, then turn with the hands following,The rear palm penetrates out and the forward palm withdraws.Going and coming without warning,Like an arrow shot from a bow.SONG 6Move the fingers and palm forward close to the elbow in penetration,Poeterior shoulder changes to anterior shoulder.
Don’t leave space and don’t hesitate,
 To kick the groin with direct accuracy is a primary consideration.SONG 7When the chest is kept hollow, the Qi will sink,Hold up the back and sink the shoulders to extend the arm.Hold the grain duct while Qi reaches the Dantian area,The head is straightly erected for brilliant spirit.SONG 8Do not sway the body when moving,All relies upon interchange below the knees.The low stance is controlled by lowering the hips and knees,In the middle stance one should also lower the legs and waist.
SONG 9Close the lips and mouth with the tongue touching the palate,All respiration goes through the nose.
When force reaches its peak, release it by speaking “Hun” and “Haa”,
 For obtaining the combination of whole energy.SONG 10Stretch the palm and make the Tiger
’s mouth round,
 With middle finger and ring finger apart.First poke and then strike with the wrist bone,Relax the shoulders and lengthen the waist to penetrate with the steps.SONG 11Advance with the knees close and retreat with knees open,When changing the palms and steps, lower the body.Advance or retreat in accordance with the circumstance,Skillfully arrange the position of waist and legs.SONG 12This palm is quite different from the others,There are skills in advancing steps and lifting the foot.First move the rear foot in retreat,Step apart from the center when moving to the side.SONG 13This palm is quite different from the others,The hand moves after the shoulder attacks.First move backward before extension,Inhaling completely before exhaling, power will be abundant.SONG 14This palm is quite different from the others,Force is mutually connected between anterior palm and posterior palm.First moves the root when planning to use the tip,No technique can be overlooked.SONG 15This palm is quite different from the others,First feint to the east before attacking the west.Know how to point to the upper and strike the lower,Great skill is to roll pearls upward.SONG 16Those with natural proficient skill still fear the three penetrations,Not moving to the outside is a waste of time.He walks outside and I walk inside,
It’s not difficult to attack with the extending hand.
SONG 17It is not a skill to use the palm in only one way,At least be proficient in four ways.One crossing and one straight form triangle hands,
It’s like embracing a person on my bosom.
 SONG 18Attack a tall person low and short person high,If angling the body and changing steps oen can stay calm.Waist force is required in oblique turning and reverse turning,Firm force is like steel when rotation reaches its utmost.SONG 19It is said that the palm method wins from its firmness,Master Guo used to mention gentleness is hidden inside.
It’s secret has been known by some people,
 Combination of firmness and gentleness is its advantage.SONG 20Firmness appears first with gentleness hidden inside,Gentleness comes first with firmness followed.When he moves his waist and hands by gentleness,I would suck in with the waist and move stable steps.SONG 21When in the extreme, the body must turn,Get myself free and move my shadow without leaving a trace.Deception is carried out in footwork,The waist must extend first in advance and retreat.SONG 22The spirit in turning the palm is transmitted from the neck bone,The hand moves before turning the neck.Extend the neck for releasing power and pull it down for changes,Like a spiritual dragon linking its head and tail together.SONG 23When striking the opponent with the hand the shoulder is its root,It is not possible to extend the tip if the arm movement is not from the shoulder.Advance the forward foot when the enemy wants to advance,It is futile to advance the back foot.SONG 24Strong force is released from tendons and bones,Firmness from the bones is channeled by the tendons.The big tendons of the heel connects with the spine and head,Extend the power by using the follow step.

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