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The Z Change Our Economic Cimate

The Z Change Our Economic Cimate

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Published by Ugur Ertas Ugur

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Published by: Ugur Ertas Ugur on Oct 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Because We Only have oneWe are the zeitgeist movement
Rotterdam ChapterCHANGE OUR ECONOMICCLIMATEName: There is no me onlyUs
 18-9-2011 Pagina
 18-9-2011 Pagina
The reason for writing this essay is because it is important bringing this information to the public, andit can let people understand why all of this awful this is happening in this world. Most people knowthere is something not quite right about our economy, our values and our
priority’s. But people
oftenthink that this is just the way it is. They believe humans where always like that. So in this essay theirshall be given an explanation about, that it is not human nature that is causing this, there is afundamental flaw in the monetary system itself.This essay is about how our world works. In the First chapter explanation shall be given about themonetary system itself that is the basis of corruption. It is about central banks, how they work andwhat effect it has on society.When that is done further elaboration will be given about the systems itself as the key to thecorruption, poverty, crime in the world. There shall also be given various examples that show thatour out-dated values create this monetary system.Some other things that will be explained is how can we change the system, and what tools can beused to get there. There are various tools by which humanity tried to make the world a better place.An analysis shall be made to see which one is most fits the needs for our time. So it is not aboutwhich one is wrong,
about which one is most efficient to meet our goal.

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