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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Harry Potter Fan Fiction



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Published by api-3744163

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Published by: api-3744163 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He\u2019d been on the run since less than an hour after he and Snape had disapparated from the borders of
Hogwarts. Even though the task that had been set before him had ultimately been achieved, he had not been
the one to achieve it. He had failed, and The Dark Lord had called for his head before he\u2019d even escaped the
school grounds.

Since then, he\u2019d never stayed in one place for more than a week. He was currently sleeping in an abandoned house in the village of Staining, outside the city of Blackpool. He\u2019d been here for 3 days now, and knew that he must set out again when he awoke.

His only thought was that he must get to Azkaban. If he could get there and free his father, one of two things would happen \u2013 either this noble act would allow The Dark Lord to forgive his weakness on the Astronomy Tower, or if it didn\u2019t, at least his father would be there to protect him, and they would go on the run together. He knew that at best it was an extremely flimsy plan, with both potential outcomes highly unlikely, but it was the only plan he had.

He had only the vaguest notion of where Azkaban was: somewhere in the North Sea. He wasn\u2019t yet
comfortable apparating on his own, his Nimbus 2001 was still at Hogwarts, and the Floo network was of
course being watched, so his only option was to walk. He\u2019d been walking from Spinner\u2019s End ever since
Snape had apparated with him there. And he still had a very long way to go.

Draco Malfoy awoke with a start. The disorientation that came with sleeping somewhere new every few days

quickly evaporated, and he looked around to try to find the source of the sound that had awoken him.
\u201cDraco\u2026\u201d a voice whispered from outside the house. \u201cAre you in there?\u201d
\u201cYes son, it\u2019s me. I\u2019ve come to take you home.\u201d
He got up from the cot on the floor that he\u2019d been sleeping on. \u201cTake me home\u2026? I don\u2019t understand.\u201d
The front door of the house opened and Narcissa Malfoy stood in the entrance. She observed her son silently

for a moment. Then, with a hint of sadness in her voice, she said \u201cYour hesitancy has cost us dearly son.\u201d
Draco said \u201cThat is why I am running of course. How did you find me?\u201d
Narcissa sighed. \u201cThat\u2019s really not important now is it?\u201d
\u201cIt is to me. If you can find me, surely He\u2026\u201d
Her anger flared up. \u201c \u2018He\u2019 has known where you were this whole time, my foolish arrogant son. Don\u2019t think

for one second that He couldn\u2019t have killed you whenever He wished. Where do you think you were going

anyway? Where on earth did you think you could escape His gaze?\u201d
\u201cTo Azkaban. I\u2019m going to break Father free. If anything can save my life, it is that.\u201d
Narcissa\u2019s lip quivered, and a single tear spilled down her cheek. \u201cYour father is dead.\u201d
Draco stood in shock for a moment. \u201cNo\u2026 no\u2026 I\u2019ve been reading the Prophet. It would have been

\u201cThe Prophet has more important things to report on at the moment. Your father was killed because of your
error. And it is time for you to pay the price as well.\u201d
As she reached for her wand, 3 more tears spilled down her cheek. Draco\u2019s mouth fell open, as he stared back

and forth from the wand to her miserable face.
\u201cYou\u2026 you killed Father.\u201d It wasn\u2019t a question.
She either didn\u2019t hear this, or ignored it. \u201cForgive me Draco. Another loyalty test from The Dark Lord, you

see. It was either this, or he\u2019d kill us both himself.\u201d
Draco\u2019s mouth slowly closed, and he discovered he had some tears of his own to shed. Under his breath, he
muttered \u201cI hope Harry finds him\u2026\u201d
Narcissa\u2019s own shock at hearing this was enough to make her wand dip down momentarily. \u201cWhat did you
just say?\u201d she shrieked.

At the end of his life, Draco discovered a well of courage inside of him that he\u2019d heretofore never known existed. \u201cI SAID I HOPE HARRY POTTER FINDS YOUR MASTER AND KILLS HIM! I HOPE HE FINDS YOU SOON AFTERWARDS\u2026\u201d

Narcissa had heard enough. \u201cAVADA KEDAVRA!!\u201d
Draco\u2019s last thought before the green light hit him in his chest was \u201cHarry\u2026 I\u2019m so sorry\u2026\u201d
Narcissa walked slowly out of the house. She felt as if she might faint, but The Dark Lord was waiting for

confirmation that his will had been carried out, and she would not keep him waiting. Dazedly, she turned back

to look at the house, and pointed her wand up in to the air.
With the Dark Mark now in place over the house, Narcissa apparated back to The Dark Lord\u2019s side.
Minutes later and many miles to the south, Harry Potter awoke with a start. His scar was prickling painfully.

Wherever he was, Voldemort was pleased about something, and for the first time in over a year, he had not
tried to conceal it from Harry.

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