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Published by Nurul-Haque

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Published by: Nurul-Haque on Oct 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 3 Issue 6‘’Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’’(II Kings 6:16)
SEPTEMBER 2011Published by:El_Shaddai Literature Ministries Trust. Chennai -600059, INDIA
From the Editor…
Dearly beloved in Christ,
It is gratifying to enter into the ninth month of this year. We praise the Lord for His unmerited favor towards each one of us. He is our Father and He is our Friend as well. How privileged are we to stand close to Him in great confidenceas His children! Halleluiah! May His everlasting arms hold us close to His bosomand lavish us with His everlasting and satiating love all the days of this newmonth.The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to anend, They are new every morning,New every morning, Great is Your faithfulnessO Lord, Great is Your faithfulness! exclaims the hymn writer. We too can say thesame thing if only we stop to think every morning how much the Lord has lovedus. But, in the hurry of the day, we just rush madly behind our daily chores andforget the love of the Lord. Someone said, ‘If we are not able to enjoy the love of God it is because we block it with the umbrella of unwanted worries and theburden of all sorts of things that we compel ourselves with. This umbrella eventuallyparalyses and prevents us from the joy of experiencing God’s love which is never abating and ever fresh.’ Most of us, whether we are in the secular job or in theLord’s ministry, get so bogged down in the abundance of unfinished work that weinadvertantly open up the umbrella and shield ourselves against the rain of God’slove. Ultimately we feel exhausted and burnt out, instead of getting refreshed. Letus take time this month to set apart specific times of refreshing - just to bask in therays of love from our Lord, the Sun of righteousness.We seek your prayers for the construction of a separate room for the literatureministry and administrative work. We thank you for your wholehearted supportthus far and expect to receive the same henceforth too, so that the work of theLord can go on without hindrance. The accounts for the financial year 2010-11have been finalised and by the time this issue reaches your hands, the statementof accounts would have been submitted to the government. We thank our auditor Bro.Selvaraj and also his associate Bro. Ravikumar for their unstinted support inthis matter. We are amazed to know how the Lord’s provision came in at the righttime, and in the right measure to meet the needs of the ministry. We pray that theLord would bless all of you who had generously and sacrificially contributedtowards the ministry’s needs. We pray that the Lord’s perennial brook of lovemake you flourish like a well watered garden. God bless you and satisfy you withHis love.
Yours in His service,
Samuel Premraj & Manjula Premraj 
[Mrs. Manjula Premraj]
Occasionally throughout the Bible we read phrases like ‘Theireyes were opened’, ‘God opened their eyes’, etc. This raises a seriesof questions in our minds. ‘Does it mean that their eyes were closedtill then? If so, how and when were they closed? And for what reasonwere they closed?… and so on. Genesis 1:27 says, ‘God created man(and woman) in His own image.’ So in the beginning man and womanwere created flawless and perfect in God’s image, whereas ‘the godof this age’ has blinded the minds of people. ‘God of this age’ is noneother than Satan. He has blinded the eyes of people so that theywould not see the glory of God, the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God. (II Corinthians 4:4) But, praise God!He did not allow men to be ruined by Satan. He opened their eyes forvarious reasons – to make them reconcile with Him and enjoy Hissweet fellowship once again.
Firstly, He opened the eyes of Adam and Eve to reveal theirsinfulness: (Genesis 3:7)
Since Satan’s idea was to cause rift in the relationship betweenmen and God, he started playing his tactics on the very first couplewhom God created. He disguised himself in the form of a serpent andentered the Garden of Eden. He thus blinded Eve and deceived hercunningly, who fell pathetically in his trap. Having succumbed toSatan’s temptation herself, she enticed her husband Adam also toyield to sin. And when both of them knew that they had trespassedGod’s commandments
their eyes were opened
. They realised for thefirst time that they were naked. The glory with which God had clothedthem departed from them, and their sin was exposed! They witnessedthe immediate effects of sin – viz. shame and guilt. They were ashamedbecause they were naked and they felt guilty for they disobeyedGod. So they hid from God. But God being a merciful Father clothedthem and at the same time He being a righteous judge punishedthem by driving them out of the Garden.
Secondly, the Lord opened the eyes of Hagar to remind her of Hispromise and give her hope. (Genesis 21:19)
Hagar with her son Ishmael was wandering in the desert of Beersheba, with no water to drink and no human help. She was in anutterly hopeless condition and was afraid that her son would die. Asshe sat there forsaken and helpless she must have recollected asimilar incident that happened in her life years ago – how she waswandering as a pregnant woman in the desert and how she met theliving God personally, who talked with her regarding her future andher son’s future as well. But now… her mind was so much troubledthat she seemed to have apparently forgotten the promises God hadmade. But God is gracious, kind and faithful. He remembered Hispromise made to Hagar,
opened her eyes
to see a well of water andrescued them both from the jaws of death.
Thirdly, the Lord opened Baalam’s eyes to caution him of hisrebelliousness and disobedience. (Numbers 22:31)
When Balak, king of Moab, sent some men with a large sumof money to Baalam, the Gentile prophet to curse the Israelites,

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