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Jag Ad an and A

Jag Ad an and A

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Published by api-3695801

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Published by: api-3695801 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jagadananda Karaka

Ragam - Natai
Talam - Adi

General Meaning:

Shri Thyagaraja has described Sri Rama as Parabrahma, which is greater than the tri murthis. Pancharathna
kirtanas are famous like the countless small kirtanas whose, length, substance and greatness have epic
proportions. In these births, tenets of worship, benevolent rule and the incidents of Rama and Krishna avatars
are told lucidly.

Jagadaananda Kaaraka
Jaya Jaanaki Praana Naayaka
[Meaning: Bestower of happiness to the world, Sita's husband, Victory to you!]
P np
pm gm P N
; N
S ;
; ;
- - - -
da Kaa
n n P
n n P
; sn
|N-N S;
pn sn
pmgm ||
- - -
- da Kaa
- - - ra ka----
n n P
R ;
| ; sn
pm R ; gm
pn pm ||
- - -
-- --da
- raka-
n n P
R ;
| rs sn np pm gm rs gm pm ||
- -
---- -- -da Ka -ra kaa-- -
rs sn
np pm mr rs
| np - S ; S
gm pn pm gm ||
Jaa- -
--na- ki--- --Praa na Naa- - ya- ka-
nPm gMg GM
| pn - P ; pm
R ;
S ;
- - -
da- Kaa ra-
- -
Gaganadipa Sath Kulaja Raja Raajeshwaraa
Sugunaakara Sura Sevya Bhavya Daayakaa Sadaa Sakala
[Meaning: Born in the best race of Surya, the kind of the skies. King of kings, fund of the noblest character,
worshipped by the devas, bestower of all successes at all times to all the worlds.]
; n n
, S ,
; p n
, S ,
|PN S;
; ;
sn N
Gaga naa
Kula ja
P n n
, S ,
; p n
, S ,
| pp ns , n - pn sn pm gm ps ||
Gaga naa
Kula ja Raja Raajeshwaraa
np -n n , S ,
; p n
, S ,
| pp ns , n - pn sn pm - R ;
Gaga naa
Kula ja Raja Raajeshwa raa
m g pm n p s n s R s sn pm
| R - , r
rs S ,nP
, m gm ||
Sugu naa kara Sura Se-vya Bhav- vya Daa - ya kaa Sa daa Sa ka la

[Meaning: The moon amongst the Milky Way of the devas, Karpaka tree to the devas. Blemish less, sinless, an
expert in stealing curd and milk from milk pots, One who has the best countenance and utters the nectar
dripping sweetest words, One who is always happy immortal and ever young, Lord of Lakshmi Giver of all
successes to everyone who come to you]

1. ssn p ; mp s s r s s m m r | sm M
; P
; pm
mp mm ||
amaraTha raka nichaya ku mudahitha Pari Pu
nagha sura- sura
Rs-m rsS
n Pm gmP |S s-n ns nn
s n P
rs np
puja dadi payo dhivaasa haranaa Sunda ra dara vada na Sudhaa maya va sho
, s n p M np m R - p m r S | , p p - s
S n- p m rS
, r g m ||
brinda Govin- da Saa nan- da maa varaa ja raa ptha Shu ba karaa
ne- ka

[Meaning: One who expounds the sweet words dripping from the lotus called the vedas, one who is the hurricane to the dark clouds like enemies of imayars, one who has the garuda as his vehicle, one who is filled in the mind of the greatest poets, one whose feet is worshipped by Sugriva the leader of the countless monkeys.]

2. sn p m , n P m r s- n
, r S
| s n p - s , s R s r s- p , m n p
Nigama Nee rajaa Mruthaja Po shaka Nimisha vai ra vaa ridha Sa mee- rana
s n
p-r , r S
ps np
, m g m | p p s
s ,nP m r s-s
, r g m ||
Khaga thu ran ga Sath kavi hrudaa laya -
ga nitha vaa naraa dhi pa na than griyuga

[Meaning: One who has a body like the blue diamond of Indira, one who as the moon and the sun as eyes; one whose greatness is beyond comprehension. Father of Brahma, lord of goddess of learning. Thou are the lord of everything. One who has the white snake king as his bed, one who is worshipped by lord Siva, the enemy of

death/ Yama.]
3. P n p , n p m M p m , p m g
|Gm-g ,mrs
Ns-g ,mP
Indra Nee la mani sanni paa paghana Chandra Su rya naya
na pra me ya Vaa
P n
p sn rs Mr-s
np M |gmp- s
n p - pn p- m r s s r g m
geendra ja naka Saka lesha Shu - bra Naa gendra Sha
yana Samana Vairi San-nutha

[Meaning: Remover of Gauthamas\u2019 curse by the touch of his divine feet. Protector if yagas, one who took great interest in understanding the best mantras Balai and adhibalai from Vishwamithra. One who has a very peaceful mind. Lord of Sita - Granter of boon to Brahma. Giver of happiness to the entire world.]

4. P n p m p N
p M-n pm pn
|P,-m mp M
,g mp
nPp ||
Pa da vi ji tha Mou ni Chaa pa Sava Pari
paa la vara Man
thra graha
n s r
s , s- P p - m r s N pm
| s S n pn s r
R , s , n pm ||
Parama Shan tha Chittha Janaka Jaadipa
Saroja BhavaVara daa -
- kila

[Meaning: One who does the three functions of creation, protection and destruction, one who fulfils countless prayers, one who has a body beyond compare, one who subdues Indiras\u2019 son Vali and king of the seas, one who is the essence of Ramayana, the embodiment of love and desire.]

5.SP M R s P m
G pm | G mp
n p G m P m G p m ||
Srushti Stthiyan tha Kaara
kaa mitha Ka mitha Phala daa samana gaa thra Sha
m R - s
n p m r
, r S
| p S - m P r g m P - s , n pm ||
chee pathi sutha pdhi madaharaa nura ga ra a ra jitha katha Saarahitha
[Meaning: Your are the moon of the noblemen who are the sea of amruta. You ride on the Pushpaka Vimana
and your feet are pleasantly caressed by the lotus hands of Hanuman. You are the lord who subdued the demon
like forces of evil character. Your are immortal and worshipped by Brahma.]
6. S n p R s- m r s - p p , m r - s | g m p
m , m - np P - n s r S s ||
Sajjana Maa na Sap - dhi Sudha kara Ku suma- Vi ma na Sura saa Ripu Karaapja
Pmr snP
s n P
rsnp | ,mr s nP-s Spp
, mgm
Laalitha Charana vaguna Suragana Mada ha rana Sanaa thanaa Janatha
[Meaning: You are the parrot who lives in the cage of Pranava. You are the sum total if Siva. The destroyer of

Tripura; Brahma - who took form from the lotus; and Mahavishnu. Thou art the slayer of Ravana, Father of Indirajit. Your are the embodiment of all arts. You are the embodiment of all arts. Your are dear to Siva. You are the abode of compassion giving succor to those who surrender to you, You give happiness to noblemen, and you are immortal. You are the essence of Vedas.]

7. S , s , s - S r s N , s s n | p p s s , n - p n
s n p m R - n p ||
Om kaa ra Pan jara Kee ra pura hara Saro ja Bhava Ke- - sha vaa di Ru
,mr , sn pm rs S ps np | ,mrs
S - p p , p - n s , r g - m ||
pa Vaa sava ripu Janakaan thaka Kalaa dhara ka
la da ra ptha Ghrunaa kara - sha
rG m p np-s ,sn-p sS-m |mr S rNs
p n m p , - m g m ||
ranaaga tha jana Paa lana Sumano Ra mana Nir vikaara Nigama Saa rathara
[Meaning: Your hands are adorned with numerous arrows. You are the destroyer of the ego of the Asuras, You

are the destroyer of the ego of the Asuras, You are the protector o the divine parameters, You are famous and your fame is spread through the epic Ramayana written by poet Valmiki. You are the load worshipped by Shri Thyagaraja.]

8. p m r s
np S S,-m rs S
| , pm r
S -np ,-pmr
S - pm ||
Karadrutha Shara ja laa su ra madaa
pahara na Vanee sura su
raa vana
pNn pns-r,r-mp nPp | snpm R- np mr-S
, r g m ||
kavena Bilaja mouni krutha charithra san-nutha shree thia- - ga raa janutha
[Meaning: Ageless God! The son of Dasaratha; the helper and protector of the followers, slayer of Kara,
Viratha, and Ravana. Thou art sinless and blemish less. ]
9. p P n p m n
p -m M p
mgmr | sR- s mg pm
n P m g m p n ||

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