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Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

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Published by Frederick Meekins
Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes
Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

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Published by: Frederick Meekins on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes
Dr. Frederick MeekinsFellow Of Worldview Studies
Issachar Institute For The Study Of Apologetics & Policy
On the 6/26/11 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallaceinquired if Representative Michelle Bachman was a flake. As justification for this line of interrogation, Wallace pointed out aninstance where Bachman insinuated that certain members of Congress were anti-American.So apparently in the eyes of those considering Bachman a flake,it is now allegedly a sign of instability to expose those facts thata number of elites would rather gloss over in the hopes that theAmerican people won’t find out about such personalities andinstances.For example, Cynthia McKinney cannot be described in anyother way than anti-American. Not only did this Georgiarepresentative appear on Libyan state television. She also praised the Qaddaffi regime.People of good conscience can disagree as to the propriety and prudence of U.S. and NATO intervention in this north Africanuprising. However, what cannot be denied is that old Muammar is one of the great scumbags of the 20th and 21st centuries.
For though Al Qaeda and Qaddaffi’s regime have come to blowsin this rebellion, it must be remembered that Qaddaffi was, for alack of a better term, a superstar of world terrorism decades before any of us ever heard of Bin Laden.If McKinney wants to position herself as a feminist, she must beasked why would she even give this regime the time of day,much less speak favorably of it. It was reported during one point of the conflict that Libyan forces were using rape as aweapon of terror and intimidation.It could be argued that, despite her ability to grab an occasionalheadline such as when she tussled with Capitol Hill police whenshe insisted regulations regarding members of Congress showingidentification didn’t apply to her, McKinney’s subversivetendencies do not necessarily epitomize the foremost personalities of America’s national legislative body.As one of America’s most prominent families and one of theSenate’s longest serving members, Ted Kennedy was such a partof that institution that he was referred to as the lion of theworld’s greatest deliberative body because of his forcefulness inspeaking out on behalf of Democratic causes. Though one can be a Democrat and a loyal American (despite this combination becoming increasingly elusive), it could be questioned exactlywhere Ted Kennedy’s ultimate political loyalties were to befound.For example, one cannot necessarily cast suspicion by defaultupon the Massachusetts Senator simply for opposing many of 
the policies of President Ronald Reagan. After all, a hallmark of a free society is the opportunity to express one’s disagreementwith ruling authorities without fear of reprisal.It is a shame, though, that the youngest Kennedy brother felt the propriety of befriending a regime that epitomized the denial of  basic human liberty, namely the Soviet Union.Those still not convinced of this line of argumentation mightobserve that, unlike Michelle Bachman, none of these figures arecurrently in contention for the presidential nomination of their respective party. After all, Ted Kennedy quite literally drove hisoff a bridge when he fled the scene of an accident inChappaquiddick, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown. Asairheaded as the press might portray her to be, it is doubtfulanything that absentminded is to be found in Mrs. Bachman'strack record.
To many that would oppose someone like Michelle Bachmanwinning the Republican nomination and possibly even the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama represents the pinnacle of what this country has to offer in terms of politicalleadership. However, if one is able to get over the giddiness thatthe President is half Black to examine him for what he really isas a human being, one cannot avoid the conclusion that Obamais actually flakier than Michelle Bachman.A number of her detractors will insist that Michelle Bachmandoes not have enough experience to be President of the UnitedStates. What was it other than emerging from his mother’s birth

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