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Speech 3 - Get to the Point

Speech 3 - Get to the Point



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Published by api-3740740
Viks 3rd speech
Viks 3rd speech

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Published by: api-3740740 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The 7 magic letters

Madam Toastmaster, Ladies and Gentlemen \u2013 Good evening
How often have we heard from our parents or grand-parents that the world was a
much better place in yester years? Thefam ilies could let their children out on the
streets without any safety or security concerns, people in the community worked
with each other rather than being suspicious of each other\u2019s motives. Even within our

own homes, there was harmony and family members took care of each other.
So, what has changed that has made us so fearful of each other, why has the trust that
existed within our community dissipated and the bonding that we had with our
neighbours evaporated. Now, we even can\u2019t stand our own family members with kids
itching to leave the parents home at the first instant and our parents and grandparents

languishing in the aged care facilities and seen as a burden on families.
Where has this world got to?
Today, I shall let you in on a little secret. After hearing my speech, you will be able to

spell out the secret to making this world a better place. It\u2019s just 7 letters and it goes
like this - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - \u2018Respect\u2019.
What is Respect? The dictionary meaning of Respect is as follows:

\u201cRespect is an attitude of acknowledging the feelings and interests of another
party in a relationship, and of treating as consequential for the self the helping or
harming of the other.\u201d

Respect is one of the fundamental tenets about the way we approach life and the way
in which we treat others.
In our society, we are very conscious of abiding by the law of the land but how often
do we think about our morals and our duties as a person and as a member of the
community? We think that as long as we are not breaking the law, we are doing the
right thing. That\u2019s the root cause of all problems.

Let\u2019s have a look at how building a bit of respect into us can make a world of
difference out there.
There are 3 areas in which we need to build respect.

First \u2013 Within our Home:

Our parents have given us the most precious gift of all \u2013 life. They have nurtured us
thru our early childhood and have had a hand in shaping us and helping us get to
where we are at this moment in time. Without them, we would not have been in this
world and we would not have had an opportunity to experience the sheer magic of
For all that they have given us, the very least that we can do is to show a little bit of
respect. The next time you meet them, acknowledge their feelings and expectations
through your actions towards them. Back home, we touch our parents feet as a mark
of respect and seek their blessings.

Next \u2013 Within Our Classrooms:

The next most precious thing after life is knowledge. How often do we stop and think
about the people who have imparted this precious gift of knowledge to us? We take
our teachers for granted. In India, we have a saying \u201cGURU DEVO BHAVA\u201d.
Meaning \u2013 Your guru or teacher is on par with God. Such is the power of what they

give us.

All we need to do to be respectful to them is to stop and think about the consequences
of what might have happened if we would not have had the knowledge that we
currently have and I\u2019m certain that you will automatically be respectful towards them.

Last but not the least\u2013 Within our society our fellow-human beings:

We all know that in this world there are people who look, think and act differently to
us. This has been magnified with the increased movement of people from one country
to the other and we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of other people who are quite
different to us. The key word here is \u201cDifferent\u201d. We look at someone who is
different to us and immediately we start to feel a bit uneasy or uncomfortable around
that person till we get to know them. Unless we take the time to understand and
acknowledge their point of view, we will never be able to get to know them and we
will have to live with the consequences of our inactions namely \u2013 the racial tensions,
the aggressive behaviour \u2013 the attempt to enforce our way of life onto others. The root
cause of all the tensions in our current society is the lack of respect towards the other
person. Let\u2019s extend a bit of courtesy and try to view their opinion from the lens of
\u2018diversity\u2019 and watch their cold hands turn warm as they reach out to you.

It doesn\u2019t sound that hard, does it. In fact, it\u2019s not hard at all. All you need to do is to
turn on your internal wipers of respect and witness the miracle.

As they say \u201cLife is not defined by the number of breaths you take but by the
moments that take your breath away\u201d. The twinkle in your parents eyes when you
hold them in your comforting arms, the glitter in your teachers face when you
acknowledge their effort and the sheer pride in helping a fellow-human being are
things that make life worth living.

So, when you walk out of the door today, I would like you all to do one thing. The next time you interact with anyone, take a moment to acknowledge the feelings of others and treat them with the same respect that you wish them to treat you.

Remember the 7 magic letters that spell \u201cRespect\u201d and witness the world turn into a
better place right in front of you with your own eyes.
Thank you.
What is Respect? The dictionary meaning of
Respect is as follows:

\u201cRespect is an attitude of acknowledging
the feelings and interests of another party in
a relationship, and of treating as
consequential for the self the helping or
harming of the other.\u201d

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