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P2 Acton SIP

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Published by thamestunnel

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Published by: thamestunnel on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thames Tunnel
 S i   t   ei  nf   om a t  i   on p a p e
Currently, untreated sewage regularly overows into the River Thames from London’s Victorian sewerage systemvia combined sewer overows (CSOs). The proposed Thames Tunnel would intercept these overows through theuse of a new storage and transfer tunnel, which would link west London and Abbey Mills Pumping Station. Thesewage ow would then be transferred to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works via the Lee Tunnel. The reductionin untreated sewage entering the River Thames would bring long-term benets for the environment and users of the River Thames. In order to deliver the project we need a number of sites along the route and this documentidenties our current preferred site at Acton Storm Tanks.
I  n t  o d  u c  t i   on
Acton Storm Tanks
Key facts
Local authority:Ealing
CSO name:Acton Storm Relief 
CSO spill volume in an average year:310,000m³ (equivalent to approximately124 Olympic swimming pools)
Site type:CSO and main tunnel reception site
Duration of main construction works:Approximately three and a half years.
Acton Storm Tanks
Section 1: Introduction and site information
We are proposing to use parts of our existing pumpingstation and storm water tanks site (Acton StormTanks) for this construction work and to accommodatepermanent building and structures required to operatethe main tunnel. The site would receive the main tunnelfrom Carnwath Road Riverside and connect the existinglocal CSO, known as the Acton Storm Relief CSO, to themain tunnel.The location of the site is shown in Figure 1A. The siteincludes six large open storm tanks, pumping station andlandscaped areas within our existing operational site. Thesite also includes Canham Road. To the north west, northeast, south and east of the site are residential properties.These include the Factory Quarter development andproperties on Emlyn Gardens and Greenend Road. Amixed use industrial estate is located to the north westand a number of commercial premises to the north of Canham Road.This site information paper sets out our proposals atActon Storm Tanks. We have also produced projectinformation papers, which cover overarching topicsrelating to the project. Where we consider that a projectinformation paper is particularly relevant, we havehighlighted this in a related documents box. At the endof this site information paper is a list of other documents,which may be of interest and a glossary of terms.
Related documents:
How we chose this site
What we proposed at phase one consultation
Through our site selection process, we identified threepossible shortlisted sites to intercept the Acton StormRelief CSO. At phase one consultation, which washeld between September 2010 and January 2011, wepresented these sites:
Former Hospital, Netheravon Road South
Car park, Welstead Way
Acton Storm Tanks.Acton Storm Tanks was identified as our preferred siteat phase one consultation. We proposed to use a longconnection tunnel to connect the CSO to the main tunnel.
What we are proposing at phase two consultation
We have considered the comments from phase oneconsultation, feedback from ongoing engagement andnew information; and undertaken further technical work.Redevelopment of the Former Hospital site is now welladvanced so it is no longer a potential CSO site.We still consider that Acton Storm Tanks should be ourpreferred site because it is in our ownership and is on theline of the CSO which means we can directly intercept it.
Figure 1A: Acton Storm Tanks location plan
NActon StormRelief CSOWendellParkCanham RoadActonStormTanks
 C o b b o l d  R o a d
A l l i e d  W a y
G  r  d   R  a  d  
S          t         a       n       l           e           y         G          a       r        d           e       n       s       
CSO discharges into River Thames approximately 1500metres south, adjacent to Chiswick Eyot
a   r    p  l    e   
 W    a   
EALINGHAMMERSMITH &FULHAMHOUNSLOWLocal authority boundaryDraft limit of land tobe acquired or usedProposed tunnelroute – centrelineExisting sewerFactory QuarterEmlynGardens

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