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Big Brother in the Big Apple, E&T

Big Brother in the Big Apple, E&T

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Published by Laurie Wiegler
New York used London and its "ring of steel" as a model in 2008 when planning expansion of CCTV cameras within the Big Apple.
New York used London and its "ring of steel" as a model in 2008 when planning expansion of CCTV cameras within the Big Apple.

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Published by: Laurie Wiegler on Nov 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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eiri & Tl
24 may - 6 Jun 2008
EvEry LondonEr is caught camea  aeage 200 times aa, much me fte tha a newyke. yet, teist theats – eal  peceie – ae chagigUS attitues t sueillace.due t maj secuitcces i Ameica, the US iscatchig up t its Bitish all:abut 3,000 cameas ae beigistalle as pat f the LweMahatta Secuit Iitiatie, ate eche i ma theAmeica cities icluigdallas, Pheix, Baltime,new oleas a Ls Ageles.Als, new yk Cit’sMetplita Tasit Authit(MTA) is i the mist f futheig a high-tech secuitupgae, which bega i 2006.All f this is a challege t theUS Cstituti, accig tthse wh lea  the FuthAmemet as a buttessguaateeig a ight t piac.Law efcemet fficials wulague that cameas ae put ipublic places, whee iiiualscat easabl expectpiac. yet, as sueillacectiues a the use f igitalimages – icluig suchseemigl icuus es asmbile phe sapshts – plifeates, the public ebatea legal waglig age .
London as aRoLe ModeL
I new yk Cit, whee citizesae t kw f keepig quietabut thei ispleasue, eactit sueillace is mixe. Sice9/11, the aeage new ykewul tell u that iee, safetis paamut. But that es tmea he  she wul acceptam Big Bthe-like tacticsa what has wke well iL is meetig esistace ithe Big Apple. Cgesti tafficpicig (a that wul haeals ile cgestisueillace cameas), eseb the state’s ew ge,dai Pates, was ecetl(afte much ebate) ejecte bthe state legislatue.At the time f gig t pess,nyPd (the new yk Plicedepatmet) was uaailablef cmmet. Hwee, Cit f L’s Chief Supeiteeta hea f Ati-Teism aPublic oe, Alex rbets,sas simpl: “We’e e pewith a law efcemetagec wh wul like t cmealg a see u sstems, awe cetail hae spke tthse wh hae aise nyPd,mail membes f the busiesscmmuit.”othe L-likesueillace measues haealea bee embee inew yk.Mele afte the rig f Steel, the Lwe MahattaSecuit Iitiatie, alg withcamea istallatis f theMTA, ase fm the eal peceie theats esultig fm
bbn bapp
Nw Yk and  s f  USA a anup w Ban n pub suanny, dss
Lauri Wilr 
24 may - 6 Jun 2008
eiri & Tl
bth 9/11 a 7/7 bmbigs.Chief Supeiteetrbets tl
that iee,new yk’s epesetatiesisite fm acss the Atlatict stu the rig f Steel, aptlefee t as the ‘Cit f L Taffic aEimetal Ze’, whichctais 200 sueillacecameas withi theSquae Mile ale. Sicethe fist istallati f clse cicuit teleisi(CCTv) cameas i 1993,appximatel £8m hasbee spet  thesstem.“We’e use CCTvf a awful ltlge tha pbablmst places i Ameica,”sas rbets. Aske whaties the use f these cameas,he isists that it is pimailthe safet f the peple, athetha a specific teisttheat. “Peple thik theIrA pblem, f example,is  lge eleat, but weae still e much awaethat thee ae cetai factiswithi nthe Iela whwul be kee t ca utteist attacks  themaila.”
 WheRe in the WoRLd?
Les ma be use thaig thei pictues take – a as rbets put it,iicall – especiall whethe’e staig i ft f acamea, but it emais t be seeif new ykes ae quite as keeabut it. Pehaps f this eas,MTA will t eeal whichsubwa statis hae thecameas alea.A US cities fa be newyk’s bes hae als beeuppig thei sueillace iecet eas. While exactumbes ae cstatlchagig, IdC aalst JhGatz sas the eall “igitaluiese” that icluessueillace cameas “will bete times bigge i fie eas” asigital gwth “ceatesecmic gwth.”dilip Saaga, a aalstf Fst & Sullia’s nthAmeica bach, cfimsthat iee, sueillace isbmig i the US.“Util a cuple eas ag itwas a cmpletel ukwmaket. I the UK, thee hasbee public sueillace feas, but i the US – because f all the piac laws – the’eee eall tie it. But w,with a icease peceietheat the ae statig timplemet sueillace sstemsi public aeas,” he sas.Sme f these iclue theaea au the nFL eue fthis ea’s Supe Bwl; the newJese tasit sstem; Amtak’stais; the Cit f Chicag; thedallas Plice depatmet; theCit f new oleas; the Cit
‘Sn9/11,  aaNw Yk wud yu a safy spaaun. Bu ads n an   swud ap andB B-k as’
eiri & Tl
24 may - 6 Jun 2008
Many camera manufacturers aretaking a smart approach tosurveillance.IBM’s ‘Smart Surveillancesystem uses video analytics toolsto file surveillance footages. Itdetects patterns and sounds alerts when appropriate, while also warning security guards of individuals in restricted areas. Jeanne Jang, IBM’s lead on video surveillance, says that thecameras are used by numerousentities, most of whom prefer toremain anonymous.Since 2003, Sony has beenmarketing an Internet Protocol(IP)-based surveillance systemthat taps its software, servers and video cameras and is deployed by a third-party networkinginfrastructure. Initially designed asan educational surveillancesystem, it is now installed in many types of locations.According to Sony’s MiguelLazatin: “Our cameras areincreasingly installed in medicalbuildings, government agencies,housing authorities, housingprojects, hotels, and corporatesecurities.”Understandably, he refused toindicate any specific locations inNew York where Sony camerasmay be used.
‘SmArt’ FocUS
f Baltime; a iume-able schls, libaies, shppigmalls, baks a stes.new Jese Tasit empls a‘nice’ sueillace sstem, aAmtak ecetl auce theimplemetati f secuitmeasues  its tais – similat thse  ailies.Amtak spkesma Cliff Clesas: “Secuit cameas ae ef ma tls Amtak has usei the past, a ctiues t use,t impe safet a secuit u sstem. As with thetls, we ae cstatle-ealuatig the effectieessf such cameas a ajustigthei eplmet.”
taLking PictuRes
nt all sueillace sstems aeequal, but sme, it seems, aeme efficiet tha thes.Michael dill, vP f busiess eelpmet withFietie, sas the emplesueillace utsie theSupe Bwl aea i Pheix,Aiza’s wtw istict.He quickl as that thisile much me tha CCTvcameas, amel vice oeIteet Ptcl (vIP).vIP is giig ise t a stgmaket shae f es suchas Fietie, which takes aitegate appach t bigigpictues t life.“I’ like t sa it’s ie avIP  pupse,” dill sas.He is t sue hw much f hisbusiess is ie esus vIP,“because the esie f bth isstg”.“The Supe Bwl’s aexcellet example f that – tl i the u iesueillace cameas, but thewee als uig iscete icechaels,” dill sas.Athe e, Isael-basenice Sstems, has istalle itsnicevisi CtlCete atsuch wl-famus lamaksas the Statue f Libet a theEiffel Twe (see sieba) aswell as at dallas Ft WthAipt, Chia’s Miist f railwas a umeus gamiga cpate facilities.nice’s Mti Shabtai sas theals ece last ea’sSupebwl i Miami withthei w mesh techlg.
integRation key 
While the nicevisi sstemmaages etwke iesees, IP eices a ieaaltics, it als itegates withthi-pat secuit sstems.Thse cul be Siemes, IBM Mtla, as well as umeustelecmmuicatis, e-busiess sftwae es.Athe sueillace sstemitegat, Fietie, tuts ascheme base  a mesh etwkthat utes isual a aual atabetwee es. It allws fsteamlie cectis,hppig fm e t eutil the sigal’s estiatiis eache.The techlg has beeeple t l at thepeiphe f the Supebwl,but i umeus the lcatis.F example, a AgileMesh/Fietie ie sueillacesstem was embee at nASA’sSoFIA (Statspheicobseat f IfaeAstm) a dC-8 AibeLabat aicaft i Palmale,Califia, a satellite facilit fnASA’s de Flight reseachCete at Ewas AifceBase.The sueillace sstem issla-pwee, high-eslutia wieless, tasmittig iefm the peimete f thehaga t the -site secuitpeatis cete. The ie ismite i eal-time;pesel patllig thepeimete cmmuicate withthe peatis cete a caesp t iciets withisecs, accig t Fietie.Images ae ste f 30 asf iciet eiew aiestigati.Shabtai pits ut that withsstems such as the nicevisi,thee ae fu steps ile:captuig ie atasmittig it, ecig,aalsig a maagig. of this last step, Shabtai sas:“This petais t what u with the metaata u extactfm the ie, f exampleiteacti betwee peple,abmal behaiu.”He emphasises that theaaltic aspect f a sueillacesstem is ke. A g example isa uattee bag which wul
c  L Pl v  r cctV m,  wr ’  pl r lr    r nw yr rpr
tlgrw fv yr!
dgtal informaton create, apture, replate Worlwe
DVD,RFID,Digital TV,MP3players,Digital cameras,Camera phones, VoIP,Medical imaging, Laptops,Datacenter applications, Games,Satellite images, GPS, ATMs, Scanners,Sensors, Digital radio, DLP theaters, Telematics,Peer-to-peer, Email, Instant messaging, Videoconferencing,CAD/CAM, Toys, Industrial machines, Security systems, Appliances
t rp rm  rpr   idc/eMc w w    l m r xpll 

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