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Writers Mag

Writers Mag

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Published by api-26904714
An intersting magazine
An intersting magazine

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Published by: api-26904714 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Writer\u2019s Beat
Writer\u2019s Beat
Writer\u2019s Beat
The Beat
Goes On...
What\u2019s On and About on the Writer\u2019s Beat Forum
A lively discussion on the importance (or lack of) coffee took
place in The Inkster Incorporated forum:
"Coffee is a constitutional right. If not, it should be."
- Gary_Wagner
"I believe coffee is the joy of peoples m ornings."
- EstherMarie
But not everyone was as enthusiastic about a morning
cup \u2018o mud:
"Coffee is the devil's brew. It makes users (addicts?)
indulge in motormouth babel while their brains are hotwired on
caffeine. First step on the road to coke, crank and the cheap
thrills of pseudo-ephedrine cold medication."
- Starrwriter
Useful Writer\u2019s Tip from the WB Forum:
"I came across a tip that I found helpful and thought I would pass it on.

Some words you just don't need. They clutter up otherwise clean writing. There's a list of the most frequent offenders I keep near my keyboard. Here they are: just, really, definitely, so, even, such, very, at all certainly,

exactly, anyway, some.
And some unnecessary phrases: started to, began to, proceeded to.
You rarely need these words. For crisper writing, lose the unnecessary
words.You'll have more room for your story to grow."
- PiperDawn
You Really Don't Need the Word "Really"
Writer's Beat Forum, Writer's Tips and Advice
Writer\u2019s Clubsalutes
literary giant
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr
Nov., 1922 - April 2007

\u201cLike so many Americans,
she was trying to construct a
life that made sense from
things she found in gift

- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Slaughterhouse Five
Works by Kurt Vonnegut,
Player Piano

The Sirens of Titan
Mother Night
Cat's Cradle:

God Bless You,
Mr. Rosewater
Welcome to the Monkey House

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