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Concepts to Read in Histology

Concepts to Read in Histology

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Published by Sai Pardhu

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Published by: Sai Pardhu on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Simple squamous epithelium that lines blood and lymph vessels goes by name of
________.(concept of endothelium)*****
2.Concept :-Types of epithelium.
3.Specialization of cell suface\ue000micro villi,cilia,inter-cellular functions.(types &

4.Which kind of cell contains special granule stain meta-chromatically.
5.Basal lamina,basal membrance (study clearly diff.layers___pg.no\u201441)
6.Connective tissue proper(pg.no\u201444)


8.cartilage ( division,contents,difernt types,differences)
9.pars distalis & adeno-hypophysis,basophilis include which kind of cells.
10.central acinar cell derived from which type of cell of pancreas.
11.imp.characters of alveolar duct.

12.glucose,amino acids,sugar & majority of water is absorbed in which part of renal

tubule ?
13.leydig cell produces which type of harmone ---testosterone.
14.zona pelicuda not present in which kind of follicle.
15.epidermis of skin is derived from which layer of exo-embryonic.
16.urino-genitial & genetal system derived from intermediate mesoderm.
17.umbilical basules derived from________________.
a) endoderm

b) ectoderm
c) mesoderm

wall of yolk sac.
18. parenchyma cell of pancreas derived from

c) endoderm
d)extra embryonic
19. lateral nasal prominence cannot fuse with maxillary prominence cannot fuse
with maxillary prominence results in__________________________________defect.
20. medial nasal prominence cannot fuse with maxillary prominence results in
21.eosin staining in H.E, cytoplasm & collagen causing which kind of colors ?

22.H.E staining by nucleus in which colors:--blue
23.epithelium cells can be divided into 2 groups by structure & function.
24.connective tissue proper are classified as4 types..(learn them clearly)

25.granulocytes have nucleus including neutrophils .(learn --kinds of
26.nerve tissue consists of which kind of cells ?
27.the parenchyma of lymph nodes is composed of_____________________.(which

28.the white pulp includes________.(how many parts and their names)
29.the red pulp includes______.(how many parts and their names)
30.dermis of skin includes______ .(how many parts and their names)
31.adrenal cortex includes________.(how many parts and their names)
32.endometrium can be sub-divided into__________________________.(their names)
33.the tri-laminar germ disc includes________________________.(how many names

and their names)
34.blastocyst includes3 parts_________________________.(their names)
35.from medial to laternal parts of the mesoderm\ue000
______________________________________.(names of the parts)
36.the dilatration of heart tube is divided into5 parts.___________________(their

37.bones \u2013 how many types of cells.( concept of osteons)
38.muscle\u2014skeletal,smooth,cardiac.(structure under LM)
39.concept of sacromere.\u2014page no.119
40.actin,myosin,tropnin,tropomysin---page no..120
41.ultra str. of skeletal muscle fiber
42.traid.\u2014page no.\u2014124
43.concept of transverse tubule..page no.\u2014123
44.nervous tissue \u2013neuron,glial cells..page no.134
45.neuron str. Under LM.,cell body,dendrites.

46. concept of nissil body.
47.cell body of neuron called perikaryon.
48.glandular epithelium & covering epithelium..page no.\u201420
49.neuron filaments & micro-tubules present in cell body.
50.concept of synapses\u2026.page no.\u2014140
51.str. of chemical synapse.
52.glial cells in CNS.
53.which kinds of cells form the axon---oligodendrocytes,Schwann sheath,satellite

54.which cells form the myelin sheath ?
55.capillaries\u2014str.,function..page no.168
56.dermis layers \u2013divided into
57.adenohypophysis/adrenal gland\u2014layers,secreting substances and its

function.adrenal medulla secretes______________.(page no..232)
58.hypophysis\u2014pars distalis include which cells ,its name,shape,which sub-type

cells,secretes what ?
59.basophillus,acidophilus---which cells.
60.pancreas into 2 layers,endocrine portion.(page no--275)
61.exocrine portion contain serous cells.
62.concept of central acinar cell.
63.liver---different parts,concept of liver lobules
64.portal space\ue000 concept\ue000 3ducts.
65.oesophagus\ue000 key point \u2026page no\u2014251\u2026.gen.. str of digestive tract.
66.stomach---fundus,body\u2026contains how many types of cells,\ue000 gastric glands.
67.str.of parietal cell in LM & EM.(ppt)
68.small intenstine\ue000 villi\ue000 glands have which types of cells \u2013panette cells.
69.respiratory epithelium---page no\u2014290

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