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Why Vegan

Why Vegan

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Published by: Ursula Yvonne Sandner on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Recipes Inside!
Everything you need to eat right for your health, for animals, and for the Earth
Sir Paul McCartney:
“I am a vegetarianbecause I realize that evenlittle chickens suffer pain andfear, experience a rangeof feelings and emotions,and are as intelligent asmammals, includingdogs, cats, and evensome primates.”
Constance Marie:
“I stopped eating meat … whenI was working on the movie
.During the shoot, I had to hold achicken for five hours—if you hold itand feel its little heart beating forhours, you just can’t thinkabout eating it.”
• Carl Lewis,
“Olympian of the Century,”Olympic medalist in track (top left)
• Robert Parish,
one of the “50 GreatestPlayers in NBA History”
• Desmond Howard,
Heisman trophywinner and Super Bowl MVP (center left)
• Bill Pearl,
professional bodybuilderand four-time “Mr. Universe”
• Keith Holmes,
boxing champion
• Mac Danzig,
martial arts champion(bottom left)
• Edwin Moses,
two-time Olympicgold medalist in hurdles
Vegetarian Athletes
Why are vegetarian athletes always at thetop of their game? One reason is becauseplant foods provide athletes with all thenutrients that they need to stay healthy andstrong, minus all the saturated fat,cholesterol, and contaminants found inmeat and dairy products that can slow themdown. Carl Lewis, perhaps the greatest Olympic athlete ever,says, “[M]y best year of track competition was the firstyear I ate a vegan diet.”Besides receiving optimal nutrition from plant foods,vegetarians also weigh less, on average, and havebetter cardiovascular health and more stamina thanmeat-eaters—and all these things help athletesperform at their peak potential. Physician and authorDr. Neal Barnard explains that “a healthy vegan dietgives important advantages over a meaty diet,which is why many Olympic and professionalathletes are vegetarians. A healthy vegan dietwill give you the strength and stamina you needto leave those sluggish meat-eaters in the dust.”Learn more at PETA.org.
By opening this guide, you’ve just taken the first step toward one of the best choices that youcan make for yourself, animals, and the planet. The pages that follow are packed with importantinformation, tips, and recipes to help you establish eating habits that you’ll feel great about.It’s easy to live and let live, and this guide will show you how. Dig in!
Casey Affleck:
“I don’t eatmeat or any otheranimal products...because they’reunhealthy and they’rethe product of a violent andinhumaneindustry.”
   P  o  r   t  r  a   i   t  s  :   ©    A   P   /   W   I   D   E   W   O   R   L   D   P   H   O   T   O   S
Tobey Maguire:
“I just never reallyliked meat. I hada really tough timeeven eatingchicken. I wouldstart imaginingwhat I was eatingand the life of theanimals and all thatkind of stuff.”
Alicia Silverstone:
“Since I’ve gone vegetarian, mybody has never felt better and my tastebuds have been opened up to a wholenew world. It’s one of the most rewardingchoices I’ve ever made and I invite youto join me in living a healthy,cruelty-free lifestyle.”
for life
   P   h  o   t  o  :
   K  e  v   i  n   L  y  n  c   h
Joaquin Phoenix:
“Animal rights is a part of myeveryday life. When you liveby example, you createa certain level of awareness. Friendsof mine, people I havenever discussed animalrights or vegetarianismwith, are adoptingvegetarian habitsbecause theysee it.”
James Cromwell:
“So-called farmstoday treat animalslike so many boxes ina warehouse, choppingoff beaks andtails andgenitalswith nopainkillers atall, inflictingthird-degree burnsrepeatedly by brandingcows, ripping out the teethof pigs, and just a horrible catalogof abuses that, if done to dogsor cats, would be illegal on groundsof animal cruelty.”
Carrie Underwood:
“I do it because Ireally love animalsand [killing animalsfor meat] justmakes me sad.”
John Salley:
“It's good for yourweight. It's good foryour health ….Going vegetarian isthe best damn way toeat. Period.”
Kristen Bell:
“I have always beenan animal lover. I hada hard time disassociatingthe animals I cuddledwith—dogs and cats, forexample—from the animals onmy plate, and I never really caredfor the taste of meat. I alwaysloved my Brussels sprouts!”
His Holinessthe Dalai Lama:
“I have beenparticularly concernedwith the sufferingsof chickens for many years.It was the death of a chickenthat finally strengthened my resolveto become vegetarian. These days,when I see a row of plucked chickenshanging in a meat shop it hurts.I find it unacceptable thatviolence is the basis of someof our food habits.”
Russell Simmons:
“Chickens raisedfor food today are ...covered in excrement,they’re diseased, andthey’re drugged up with allsorts of toxins that you areingesting if you eat chickens. Onerecent study found that chickenflesh in this country has four times as mucharsenic—yes, arsenic, the poison (which is usedin the drugs the chickens are given)—as any othermeat. ... I have been a veganfor many years ...”
Pamela Anderson:
“Chickens, pigs, andother animals? They are interestingindividuals with personalitiesand intelligence. What peopleneed to understand is thatif they’re eating animals,they are promotingcruelty to animals.”
“Life is full of choices, andmany years ago,I chose to becomea vegetarian, and itwas one of the bestchoices I’ve ever made.”
   C  e   l  e   b  r   i   t  y  p   h  o   t  o  s  :   ©    S   T   A   R   M   A   X ,   I  n  c .
Natalie Portman:
“I am a very strictvegetarian. … I just really,really love animals andI act on my values. … Iam really against cruelty[to] animals.”
Alec Baldwin:
“Every time we sit downto eat, we make a choice:Please choose vegetarianism.Do it for … animals. Do it forthe environment and doit for your health.”
   P   h  o   t  o  :   ©    E   b  e  r   t   R  o   b  e  r   t  s
for life
   P  a  u   l   M  c   C  a  r   t  n  e  y   P   h  o   t  o  :   ©    M   P   L   C  o  m  m  u  n   i  c  a   t   i  o  n  s   L   t   d .

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