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Discover Magazine 2010-05

Discover Magazine 2010-05

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Published by Abi Mustafa

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Published by: Abi Mustafa on Dec 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An android“portrait”under constructionat HansonRobotics.
Machine Dreams
From disaster sites to the classroom,robots are reaching ever deeper into ourlives. Four robotics experts weigh in onthe science and the social implications.
The Terminators
In Iraq and Afghanistan, military machineshave proved their value at gatheringintelligence and disarming bombs. Nowthe hard question: Should robots also beallowed to kill?
By Mark Anderson
The Body Shop
Hanson Robotics is creating androidsthat look and act uncannily like us. Theway we respond to these creationssays as much about who we are as aboutwhat the new machines can do.
By Bruno Maddox
MAY 2010
Child’s Plague 
In the past few years, type 1 diabetesrates have soared alarmingly. Nobodyknows why—but one man has an idea.
By Dan Hurley 
New Moon
The moon is suddenly hot again:Scientists see a world of mystery,adventurers see a place to live, andentrepreneurs see a way to get rich.
Turning to Dust
Dry weather, overgrazing, and popula-tion growth are transforming grasslandinto desert around the globe. But somesmarter planning (and a little chickenwire) might reverse the tide.
By Michael Tennesen
Editor’s Note
Making sense of the earliest galaxies,eternal youth, probing the appendix,better body scans, genomes by num-bers, how water slowed global warm-ing, the multitasking tongue, and more.
Five Questionsfor Babak Tafreshi
The founder of the World at Nightphoto project explains how the night-time sky unites us all.
By Andrew GrantHot Science
New books and TV, future food, art thatblurs the line between life and death.
Destination Science
Caves, hot springs, and diamondfields—Arkansas is full of surprises.
 Vital Signs
 After the Haiti earthquake, volunteer doctors struggle with a puzzling, poten-tially fatal injury.
By H. Lee KaganThe Brain
 An olfactory yardstick measures our sense of smell.
By Carl Zimmer20 Things You Didn’t Know About Water
By Rebecca Coffey 
DISCOVER on the Web: 
 Videos, breaking news, and more—the latest is online at
Two decades ago the Internet began to make itself felt in our lives—subtly at first, then withincreasing insistence, until it became hard to recall how we lived without it. Two decades from now,will we look back on this as the time when robotics made the same leap? DISCOVER investigates.
   A   L   I   J   A   R   E   K   J   I   /   R   E   U   T   E   R   S .   I   N   S   E   T  :   T   I   M   O   T   H   Y   A   R   C   H   I   B   A   L   D .   C   O   V   E   R  :   T .   A .   R   E   C   T   O   R ,   I .   P .   D   E   L   L   ’   A   N   T   O   N   I   O   /   N   O   A   O   /   A   U   R   A   /   N   S   F
 The moon,seen in a color-enhancedcomposite photograph.
  A bee collectspollen from a flower in Amman, Jordan.

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