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Doctor from Llasa

Doctor from Llasa

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Published by api-3782298

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Published by: api-3782298 on Oct 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Doctor From Lhasa
Author\u2019s Forward
1 Into the Unknown
2 Chungking
3 Medical Days
4 Flying
5 The Other Side of Death
6 Clairvoyance
7 Mercy Flight
8 When The World Was Very Young
9 Prisoner Of The Japanese
10 How To Breathe
11 The Bomb
Author's Foreword

WHEN I was in England I wrote The Third Eye, a book
which is true, but which has caused much comment. Letters
came in from all over the world, and in answer to requests
I wrote this book, Doctor from Lhasa.

My experiences, as will be told in a third book, have
been far beyond that which most people have to endure,
experiences which are paralleled only in a few cases in
history. That, though, is not the object ofthis book which
deals with a continuation of my autobiography.

I am a Tibetan lama who came to the western world in
pursuance of his destiny, came as was foretold, and en-
dured all the hardships as foretold. Unfortunately, western
people looked upon me as a curio, as a specimen who
should be put in a cage and shown off as a freak from the
unknown. It made me wonder what would happen to my
old friends, the Yetis, if the westerners got hold of them\u2014
as they are trying to do.

Undoubtedly the Yeti would be shot, stuffed, and put in
some museum. Even then people would argue and say that
there were no such things as Yetis! To me it is strange
beyond belief that western people can believe in television,
and in space rockets that may circle the Moon and return
and yet not credit Yetis or \u201cUnknown Flying Objects,\u201d or,
in fact, anything which they cannot hold in their hands and
pull to pieces to see what makes it work.

But now I have the formidable task of putting into just
a few pages that which before took a whole book, the details
of my early childhood. I came of a very high-ranking
family, one of the leading families in Lhasa, the capital of
Tibet. My parents had much to say in the control of the
country, and because I was of high rank I was given severe


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