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Dera Bugti 2006

Dera Bugti 2006

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Published by Qissa Khwani

Article by Gulmina Bilal published 2006, republished for educational purposes solely copyright with the author

Article by Gulmina Bilal published 2006, republished for educational purposes solely copyright with the author

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Published by: Qissa Khwani on Jan 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dera Bugti post-NawabGulmina BilalThe story goes that the elder had some guests. He asked his son to go inside and ask for tea to besent out for the guests. The son went inside and found his stepmother in the kitchen and told her tomake tea. After half an hour, the father sent the son inside again wondering how long it was takingthe women to make tea. The son and the stepmother had a hot exchange, the result of which the
son shot dead the stepmother. An hour later, the father shot the first wife, i.e. the son’s mother. The
reason given was that to avenge the death of my wife, I shot your mother. Now we are even and cancontinue to be father and son.This is not some story of a B-grade movie. This is the story of a man who is actively working with thegovernment intelligence agencies in Dera Bugti following the death of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Thisgentleman eventually married a Phoolan Devi-type character who used to organise highwayrobberies in Southern Punjab. This gentleman, Khan Mohammad Kalpar, is one of three tribal elderswho is being supported and cultivated by the intelligence agencies. Khan Mohammad Kalpar is thechief of the Kalpar clan who were brought back to Dera Bugti by the government itself, as thecameras looked on. Even President General Pervez Musharraf on numerous occasions has declaredthat the Kalpars and their chief are essentially the victims and that is why they were rehabilitated. A
victim who is wanted in a number of cases, but let’s not split hairs over that.
 The other two chiefs that are being propped up by the agencies nowadays is the chief of the Masouriclan, Kadir Masouri, and the chief of the Rahejas, Amndan Bugti. Amndan Bugti is also a cousin of sorts of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The Kalpars are based in Sui, the Rahejas are based in Dera Bugti,and the Masouris are based at Bekar, which is near Dera Bugti.The three muske
teers on whom the intelligence agencies are spending taxpayers’ money to prop
them up in Dera Bugti are all wanted men. As I have written previously, Nawab Bugti was first adarling of the establishment and then became a pariah. The stories of G. M. Syed, Nawab Bugti andeven Nawaz Sharif are no different. With the death of the Nawab and the resultant tribal power
vacuum in Dera Bugti, these three musketeers are being ‘empowered’ and flushed with funds to
consolidate and broaden their power base.Given thi
s background, let’s understand what are the immediate problems occupying the boys right
now in Dera Bugti.Right now the battle that is being played out in Dera Bugti post-Nawab is the battle for the post of the District Nazim. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti had installed a Nazim, Kazim Bugti, against whom a no-confidence motion has been approved by the District Assembly. So now the three tribes are in the
running for the Nazim’s position, each declaring that by virtue of their power, the intelligence agents
d ‘approve and support’ their respective clan’s nominee.
Why are they interested in theposition of the District Nazim? It is certainly not for any deep conviction in devolution or localgovernment, but because of the fact that as compensation for all that has occurred in Dera Bugti,

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