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Published by skaplan5975

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Published by: skaplan5975 on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By, @Seth_KaplanShow me a bracket-style tournament and there’s only one option left for me. Look at the statistics. Analyze it. Break-it-down match-up vs. match-up. Then, make predictions. March Madness is clearly the Taj Mahal of brackets, but give me a bracket of best actors, worst one-hit wonders or a Minnesota Manuary and I’ll giveyou my opinion. This Manuary bracket is a little tougher to analyze, because people are voting through the winners. So, I will need to add to my analysis themind set of the voter. Also included in the formula, the competitors "reach of voice," their shameless self-promotion and the opinion of some women I will look to for advice. Finally, with some opinion from Twitter followers and my wife, Iwill give you my analysis of the "myTalk 107.1 Manuary" Tournament.Disclaimer: It’s not advisable to use my opinion as a tool to win money in LasVegas. You can bet on this at Caesar’s, right?
Ricky Rubio vs. Ken Barlow
For those of you who follow NCAA basketball, you know a 16-seed has never  beaten a 1-seed. That’s what we have here. Rubio is the new-kid in town, theexotic guy from Spain. He should not only run away with this one, but if he wassmart, he’d give himself one of those fancy assists he’s so famous for by tweetingout to his followers to vote for him. He has over 506,000 followers. Barlow has1,500 followers. One tweet... could equal defeat... for the opponent.
This is the weakest bracket, which means Rubio should easily findhimself in the Final Four.Twitter opinion from @KarleeKanz: "Rubio is adorable as a kitten, but Ken's agednicely and came back to MN, still sizzling. Barlow."
John Hanson vs. Dave Dahl
Dave Dahl has been forecasting the weather since I was a wee-lad. He’s well-known in the market and that means good things when it comes to garnering thelocal vote. John Hanson is somewhat unknown to the locals, which makes this oneof those intriguing 8-seed/9-seed 1st round match-ups. You have to give the nod toDahl here for his longevity.
Dahl advances, but goes down to Rubio in the 2nd Round.
Glen Perkins vs. Eric Perkins
It’s the Clash of the Perkins. Both of these guys are active on Twitter and of any of the 1st round match-ups, they have the closest number of followers. 6,325 for Glen and 6,582 for Eric. Knowing Eric, it’s been much to my surprise he hasn’tdone more self-promotion. But, maybe that will come when voting opens up. Hestrategic like that. Glen, on the other hand, is embracing Manuary early and if hegets the Twins fans to support him, he’ll be tough to beat. Eric also has solid"reach of voice" with his new radio gig, anchoring and a loyal Twitter following.This is a 4-seed, 5-seed toss-up game.
Eric does something goofy to get the vote and wins, but that may beas far as he goes.Quote from my wife: "Glen is just hot."
Keith Marler vs. Phil Mackey
This is one of the most fascinating early round match-ups. Marler has a rabid,loyal morning show fan base. He may not have the Twitter followers Mackey has, but his Facebook page is full of fanatics. Marler has tweeted about this contest andworking with Jason Matheson could push him over the edge. Mackey has alsotweeted about #Manuary and he will have no problem shamelessly asking peopleto vote for him. He also will, no doubt, talk about this on his radio show since heand his tag-team partner Patrick Reusse are both in the tourney. Finally, let’s behonest, P-Mac is a young, good-looking guy. Known as a numbers guy (for  baseball stats, not with women), P-Mac has to find the right balance of promotionto seal a victory.
Mackey squeaks by in one of the closest 1st round games andadvances to face Eric Perkins in the next round, he also probably wins that one, butthan losses to Rubio.Quote from my wife: "I like shorter guys. Plus, have you ever had a hug fromPhil?"
 Region 1 Analysis
from @LindsayGuentzel: I think Ricky Rubio obviously has alead over any man in Region 1, but the most unfair matchup goes to Keith Marler vs. Phil Mackey. Mackey is an ace when it comes to monopolizing social media, soI've got to take @PMac21 into the next round. I've got a soft spot for dorky shortguys with too many gaming systems at home.
Adrian Peterson vs. Jared Allen
Who will be victorious between these Vikings? After watching the 2011 season,maybe neither. Peterson just had knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. Allen justcame off one of the most dominant defensive seasons in NFL history. This one isgoing to be decided by personality, not stats, or looks. And, for those of you whohave heard #69 speak, you know, the personality cup runeth over. This is also the battle between the biggest Twitter followings. No other 1st round match has thesemany followers combined. 201,000 for AP and 144,000 for Allen. Neither hastweeted for votes, so one tweet could turn the tables.
Allen wins because he’s one of the funniest athletes in history... andthe ladies love mullets.Quote from my wife: "Jared is just like my husband. Strong and hilarious."Twitter opinion from @KarleeKanz: "Peterson is handsome as all get out, but mostwomen like the bad boy type. Allen."
Schroeder vs. Frank Vascellaro
Looks like Frank gets a first round bye. Is this because Joe Mauer isn’t on the list?What happened there? However, never underestimate the power of the internet poll. People like to play games with this stuff (see: Vote For The Worst Idol) so Istill expect Schroeder to get 25+% of the vote. Seems like this is a Mitt Romney in New Hampshire kind of race and Schroder is Ron Paul.
Frank advances, but that’s as far as he’ll go.
Patrick Reusse vs. Cal Clutterbuck 
On paper, this is the biggest 1
round mismatch. Syracuse vs. North Dakota St.Clutterbuck and his moustache is loved by the ladies. But, Reusse has that ever important "reach of voice." Not only is he active on Twitter, but he has a radioshow, where I’m sure this topic will come up more than once (brought up by his partner Phil Mackey, of course). This is, by far, the toughest prediction to make.It could go so many ways. That’s right, with this one, there are more than twoways it could go.

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