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Fellowship Application 201213

Fellowship Application 201213

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Published by bangpound

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Published by: bangpound on Jan 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Applicant:Are you a member of the pro-Israel community who would like to influence policy througha career in the public sector, media, research or government? If so, we invite you to applyto the Israel Research Fellowship, a year-long program providing gifted and highly-motivated individuals interested in a career in public service at the executive level (i.e.international affairs, government, non-governmental organizations, politics, or media). Weare looking to identify those most familiar with and heavily involved in programs relatingto the Jewish community and Israel who wish to make a difference.We look forward to welcoming a new group of talented individuals to the Fellowship Classof 2012/2013.
Deadline: Sunday February 12, 2012COMPLETING THE APPLICATION1.Meeting the Basic Criteria
The Israel Research Fellowship is designed for applicants who have completed a Masters,Ph.D. or J.D. degree by June 2011. However, the program will also consider outstandingcollege graduates who have obtained impressive grades in their BA or BSc.The Fellowship is open to those who have excelled in their university or graduate work andexpect to pursue a career in public service.
2.Obtaining Your Transcript
You must submit an updated copy of your university or graduate/law school transcript.Although we prefer an original transcript, we will accept a copy if necessary. Please notethat some offices may require some time to process a request; please be mindful of thedeadlines in making your arrangements.We understand that procedures vary by country; should difficulties arise, please contact theFellowship office for further guidance.European applicants should submit a certified copy of an overview of their grades in thelast two semesters and an explanation of the grade system in the specific country.
3.Completing Your Application
The application and all supporting materials must be typed or printed clearly in ink. Pleaseensure that your first and last names are printed clearly at the top of each page. If you needadditional copies of the application form, it can be downloaded from our website,www.israelresearchfellowship.org.We invite you to send in your application as
an e-mail attachment
. If you have anyquestions while completing your application, please contact Ari at +972 54 765 4234, orari@israelresearchfellowship.org.
4.Submitting Your Application
The whole application must be EMAILED by
SUNDAY February 12, 2012
. It must includethe following:1.Application Form (with first and last name recorded at the top of each page)2.Four Photographs (passport size) (Scanned)
Israel Research Fellowship Application
3.Formal Resume/CV
Essays5.Writing Sample or Relevant Creative Piece of Work
University Transcripts (Scanned). US applicants must also provide an official copy of your university transcript
Two letters of recommendation to be submitted by a faculty member, advisor, orprofessional reference, one of whom must have known you for at least one year.Please provide them with the relevant email address.Use the checklist at the back of this booklet to track your completed application.Email the completed application to us atari@israelresearchfellowship.org.
5.The Interview
Fellowship Interviews
Initial interviews with Finalists will take place during March and April 2012. Finalists inIsrael will be interviewed in person; those abroad will be interviewed telephonically or viathe internet.Those selected as Fellows will be notified by the end of May 2012.Once you have accepted the Fellowship, we no longer look at other candidates. As such,Fellowship drop-outs (i.e. people who have accepted the Fellowship but leave beforecompleting the Fellowship year) deprive others of the Fellowship.
Placement Interviews
Once the Fellows have been selected, they will then be invited for interviews with one ormore potential placement organizations. Initial placement interviews need not be in personshould the Fellow still be abroad (i.e. they can be done telephonically or via the internet).However,
all Fellows have to be in Israel by the beginning of August – at the latest – forfinal-round interviews with potential placement agencies. If the fellow is interviewing for agovernment position, then s/he has to be in Israel by the end of June at the latest.
Pleasetake this into consideration when making summer plans before the Fellowship year. Failureto comply may result in the forfeiture of the Fellowship.
6.The Fellowship Year
The Fellowship year begins the first week in September 2012 and concludes at the end of August 2013. Please take this into consideration when making summer plans before theFellowship year.The Fellowship is full-time, i.e. 9:00am-5:00pm (or later) Sunday through Thursday.Fellows are not allowed to have other jobs or study while completing the Fellowship; ourprevious experience has shown that this quickly becomes unworkable.
Israel Research Fellowship Application

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