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Published by David R.
For Greg
For Greg

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Published by: David R. on Jan 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PoisonedByDavid RaygozaWritten to celebrate Greg’s 16th year on Earth
EXT. UNNAMED STREET CORNER, UNDER A STREETLAMP NIGHTIn an undisclosed city on an undisclosed corner, a young manstands, smoking a cigarette. He might as well have justturned 18, as far as looks go, and namewise let’s call himBRAD.Another man, slightly older, possibly reaching his 30’s,walks into frame. For sake of clarity let’s call him WESLEY.WESLEYThose things will kill you, youknow.BRAD doesn’t react, instead he just keeps looking out towardthe distance.After a bit of just standing there, WESLEY pulls out a packof Camel Lights and gestures toward BRADWESLEYCould I get a light?BRAD gives him an incredulous look, but still says nothing.Pulling out his lighter, BRAD offers the flame and WESLEYtakes it. As he leans back he asksWESLEYYou waiting for someone?Still nothing out of BRADWESLEYNo no no, I get it, stranger dangerand all that. Smart kid. But I’mright, right? You’re waiting onsome one. Let me guess...some girl!Right? I’ve been there, you knowwhen the world is open and time isvast. So many things in the worldand usually you see some guywaiting on the street and it’salways for some girl. But let meask you something: Why are youwaiting? Why don’t YOU go to HER?You don’t know when thisWESLEY points at his heartWESLEYIs going to stop ticking, and whenyou’ve got something to go get, yourun. You don’t just stand on somecorner and WAIT!(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.BRAD might as well be a statue, only moving every here andthere to turn and look down the street or to check hisphone.WESLEY drops his cigarette and stops on it, getting incloser, craning his neck to look BRAD directly in the eyes.WESLEYYou don’t remember me do you? Wemet in front of the Record Store on3rd and Thompson. I gave you asmoke!This catches BRAD’s attentionBRADYeah...I do remember, actually.WESLEYWhen was that like...4?BRADAround there, yeah.WESLEYAnd what time is it now?BRAD checks his phoneBRADIt’s about to be 11.WESLEYAnd was I right? About the girl?BRADYeah. What did you say your namewas?WESLEYI didn’t say.BRAD drops his cigarette, bends down to grab it, but jerksup and grabs his head, as if some stinging pain has justpierced his brain.WESLEYLet’s see...I gave you the smoke at4, you went through it pretty quickbecause I see you’ve got a newbrand in your pocket, and it’s 11now. So all in all Id say yourticker’s got 6 hours on it left.(CONTINUED)

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