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New Techniques of Predictions 1

New Techniques of Predictions 1

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Published by Seetha Subramaniam

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Published by: Seetha Subramaniam on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Authors are oftwo types-those that editforeditionsake and afewfor the spreadof knowledge.My intentionis one oflatter class.Iamnot new to the astrolo$calentlrusiasts-atleastto the readers ofProf. B.V. Raman'sAstrologicalmagazinein which my seriesof articlesunderthe caption"NewTechniques ofPrediction"haveappeared sinceFebruary1962 issue.I couldhavestraight-awaypublishedthis book,without suchpreviousrevelations. Butmy sincerewish was thatitsmeritmust be firstknov"n to thepublicbeforethepublicationof thisbook as I fearedthat this bookmay bethougfrt to be one amongmany alreadyin the market.Ihad no intentiontopublishso early as this,as allmyResearch Workis notyetoverand there are stillmanymore wonderful subjectsunder examination.Buttheurgeof many of thereaders of myArticleshas been sohearythat Icouldnotpostponetoa later date.As far aspossiblemajority of theprinciplesthathaveprovedtrueby Researchareincluded in this editionreservingthe restfor future. That what allI haveorpoundedisgenuineandmarvellous may be seenfromthe severalopinions ofthe readers who alsohadconsultedme.Duringthepast35yearsI have made a deep shrdyof As'trologr and alliedsubjects. My experienceisthatmoreyoustudy from the booksthat are in theopenmarket themoreyougetconfusedthangrowwiser.Forseveral aulhors and commentatorshavestatedvarioustheories and commentaries,sometimes contrarytoo,.Moreoveralmost all rules arefullofalternativesconfusingone'smind.Wheneverthere are alternativeor
optional{heoriesthe onlyway ofperfectingit'is byResearch andby applyingthemto know chartsratherthangamblewith the Dictionarymeaning ofwords.Asresearchwork hadpaidwell in thecaseof othersciences,evenhere it willhave the bestof effectsanditshouldbe encouraged.In oldendaystherewas RoyalPatronage.Nowthatkingshipis abolished,theGovernmentor somepublicorganisationshouldaid.For,no oneindividual candothe oceanwide researchworkforobvious reasons.Forinstance,to establishthe cause(Astrological)for leprosy, chartsatakprosoriumshouldbecollected;for consumptionat Sanitorium,for mentalderangementat MentalHospitalsetc. Todo this,publichelpandpatronageofthe Governmentare needed.Bearingthisin mindafter a stageof studyI tooktoresearchwork andafber a longtimewhen myplanetsalsowere favourablydisposed forgenuineResearchsomenewflashes struckme andsomeadvantageoussituationsaroseof their ownaccord.WhenI saythisIdothis withauthority.Even awell-readandproficientastrologer,if not backedby favourableplanets,is likelytogodown atsuch unpropitioustimes.ThisbeingVedangaall cannothopeto be allsuccessfulat alltimes.Onemust begodlyandbeforeventurehe mustthinkofhisdeityand thenproceed.For, it is onlythenhewillhaveproperflashes especiallyin mattersof alternativesituations.Next Iwish to tracethe originofthis Science,itsgradualdevelopmentanditspresentstate.AJI knowthatit isVedanga. AsVedaisspelledby Godso isthisScir,rrcetoo.Thereareversionsstating thatIswaranarratedthis Scienceto ParvathiandNandikeswaratohis disciples.Thencamethe daysofMaharishiswho by

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