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Cricket Tour Chart

Cricket Tour Chart

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Published by: Mirza Mubashir Ali Baig on Feb 27, 2012
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3 ODIs eachHost BanTo West IndiesHost SATo Eng2 Tests 3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 2 T203 Tests, 5 ODIs, 2 T202 TestsTo Zimb tri-series SLTo Zimb tri-series IndHost Ind, SL tri-series4/5 ODIs4/5 ODIs4/5 ODIs(additional)To England(Additional)3ODIs(Additional)Host NZTo Scotland 1 ODI5 ODIs (Additional)Asia Cup2011Asia CupAsia CupHost NZ (resch. From Asia Cup(Host WI Cancelled)3-4 matchesv SL in USA 2 T20Is3-4 matches3-4 matches20113-4 matchesHost Ban 3 ODIsTo Pak (in Eng)To EnglandTo Eng 3 ODIsHost Pakistan v2 Tests, 2 T20IsHost Aus in England4 Tests and 5 ODIsTo Aus
Australia2008)To SL2 Tests, 2 T20IsHost Indwas 2 Tests (rescheduled2 Tests and 2T203 Tests (additional)(rescheduled from 2008)3 Tests (additional)played in 2009)from Aug 08)Host Pakistan
To SLTo England Host Ind and NZTo Pak4T, 5ODIs, 2T202 Tests (rescheduled4-5 ODI tri-series with Ind4T, 5ODIs, 2T20 4-5 ODIs tri - series(moved to Apr 2012)(additional)from Aug 08)with NZ (Additional)(Additional)(additional)(Additional)2 Tests and 3 ODIsTo IndiaHost AusTo BanHost NZ2 Tests, 3 ODIs2 Tests, 3 ODIsHost ZimTo SA(Additional)(Additional)2 Tests and 3 ODIs3 ODIs, 2 T20s3 ODIs, 2 T20s2 Tests and 3 ODIs2 weeks warm upHost SA in UAETo Pak in UAEHost SL 3ODIs, 1 T20Host NZTo IndiaTo Aus 3ODis, 1 T20(Additional)2 Tests, 5 ODIs, 1 T202 Tests, 5 ODIs, 1 T20Host W IndiesTo SL3 Tests and 5 ODIs3 Tests and 5 ODIs(Additional)(Additional)To AusHost England3 Tests and 5 ODIs3 Tests and 5 ODIs5 Tests,5 Tests,To BangHost Zim7 ODIs, 2T20Is7 ODIs, 2 T20Is2 Tests and 5 ODIS2 Tests and 5 ODIsTo SA (add - prev FTP)Host PakTo NZFTP)(additional)(additional)3 Tests and 5 ODIs3 Tests and 5 ODIs3 Tests and 5 ODIs3 Tests and 5 ODIs(Additional)(Additional)CWC 20113-9 ODIs eachTo BanTo West IndiesHost PakistanHost Aus3 ODI's 2 Tests 2 Tests 3 ODI's5 ODIs5 ODIs1T201T20Host SLTo EngTo W IndiesHost India3 Tests3 Tests 3 Tests3 Tests5 ODIs, 1 T205 ODIs5 ODIs, 1 T205 ODI's1T201T20(additional)(additional)Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11Aug-10Sep-10Oct-10Nov-10Dec-10Jan-11
FTP 2011 to 2020 Version 3 (updated at CEC Meeting 26/27 June 2011, presented to Executive Board 28 June 2011, updated 14 December 2011)
Host Ind To EngHost BanTo Zimb4 TestsTo SL4 TestsHost Aus1 Test1 Test5 ODIs, 1 T203 Tests 5 ODIs, 1 T203 Tests 5 ODIs 5 ODI's(incl 1 additional Test)(incl 1 additional Test)5 ODI's 5 ODI's2 T20'sTo Zimb2 T20'sHost Pak1 Test 1 TestHost West Indies3 ODIs To England3 ODIs2 T20's1T202 T20's1T20To BangladeshHost West IndiesTo SAHost Australia2 Tests 2 TestsTo India 1 T202 Tests, 2 T20sHost England 1 T20To ZimbabweHost SL2 Tests, 2 T20sTo Pak3 ODIsHost NZ3 ODI's5 ODIs (additional)3 ODI's 5 ODIs (additional)1 Test3 Tests 3 ODIs3 Tests1T201 Test1T20Host West Indies3 ODIs, 2T20's5 ODIs 5 ODIsTo India3 ODIs, 2 T20's3 Tests1T201T205 ODI's3 Tests and 5 ODIsHost NZTo Aus2 Tests2 TestsTo BangladeshHost SLTo SAHost Pak(additional)(additional)2 Tests 3 Tests3 Tests2 TestsHost IndiaTo Aus3 ODIs5 ODI's 5 ODI's 3 ODI's1T201T204 Tests4 TestsHost ZimbTo NZTo Pakistan2 T20s8-11 ODIs1 TestHost Eng1 Test3 Tests2 T20s3 ODIs, 2T20's3 Tests3 ODIs, 2 T20's4 ODI's(additional)4 ODIs3 T20'sHost SL 3 T20'sTo Ausand India (Additional)8 - 11 ODIs8 - 11 ODIsHost SATo NZHost PakTo IndTo West Indies3 Tests 3 TestsHost AusTo SL (additional)3 Tests 3 ODIs3 Tests 3 ODI'sTo BangHost SL3 Tests3 T20's3 T20's5 ODIs add.3 Tests5 ODIs (additional)2 Tests 5 ODI's5 ODI's 5 ODI's Host Eng 2 Tests5 ODI's2 T20s(additional)2 T20sHost BanTo Pak(moved from Aug 10)(moved from Aug 2010)Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Jul-11
Host2 TestsAway2 TestsWest Indies 3 ODI's (2nd leg)England3 ODI's3 TestsTo Sri LankaHost Pakistan3 Tests3 Tests3 Tests3 ODI's 5 ODI's5 ODI's3 ODI's1 T202 T20's2 T20's1 T20HostAwayHostAustraliaEnglandAwayNew Zealand5 ODI's 5 ODI'sAwayWest IndiesHost3 TestsSri Lanka3 TestsIndia5 ODI'sHost3 Tests5 ODI's Away3 Tests2 T20'sSouth Africa2 T20'sEnglandHostAway3 Tests3 TestsBangladeshZimbabwe5 ODI's5 ODI's2 Tests2 Tests3 T20'sAwayHostAwayHost3 T20's3 ODI's 3 ODI'sPakistanNew ZealandIndiaAustralia2 T20's2 T20's5 ODI's, 1 T203 Tests3 Tests5 ODI's, 1 T20
ChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueHost AwayAwayHostAwaySouth AfricaHostSri LankaAustraliaNew ZealandAwayHostIndia3 TestsEngland2 Tests3 Tests2 TestsBangladeshWest Indies5 ODI's, 1 T205 ODI's, 1 T202 Tests2 Tests4 Tests4 Tests5 ODIs, 1T205 ODIs, 1 T20HostAwayHostAwaySri LankaSouth AfricaAway ZimbabweNew ZealandAustraliaHost Pakistan3 Tests2 Tests3 Tests2 TestsAway5 ODI'sHost2 Tests3 ODIs2 Tests5 ODI's 3 ODIsIndia 1 T202 T20'sEngland 1 T203 ODI's, 2 T202 T20s3 ODI's, 2 T202 T20's2 T20s7 ODI's 7 ODI'sHost W IndiesAwayHostAway AustraliaAway5 ODI's HostSouth AfricaPakistan5 ODI'sNew ZealandEngland3 TestsAwayHost3 Tests3 Tests3 TestsHostAway5 ODI's IndiaAustralia5 ODI's BangladeshHost ZimbabweAway West IndiesSri Lanka1 T201 T205 ODI's 5 ODI's 2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests4 Tests4 Tests2 T20's2 T20's3 ODIs3 ODIs3 ODIs3 ODIs,2 T20's2 T20'sAwayHostHost NZAway EnglandWest IndiesSri Lanka2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests3 ODI's, 2 T20's 3 ODI's, 2 T20'sAwayHostHostAwayAway ZimWest IndiesPakistanHost IndiaAustraliaEngland3 ODI's2 TestsAwayHost2 Tests3 ODI's' 'May-13Aug-12Sep-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Jul-13Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13Apr-13
5 Tests 5 Tests5 ODI'sSri LankaSouth Africa5 ODI's5 ODI's 5 ODI's 2 T20's3 Tests 3 Tests 2 T20's2T20s2 T20s5 ODI's 5 ODI's3 T20's3 T20'sHost NZChampionsChampionsAway EnglandChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampions5 ODIs5 ODIsLeagueLeagueLeagueChamp. LeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueAwayHostAwayHostIndiaAustraliaAwayHostAwayZimbabweSri LankaHost7 ODI's 7 ODI's BangladeshSouth AfricaPakistan2 Tests 2 TestsNew Zealand1 T201 T202 Tests 2 Tests2 Tests3 ODI's3 ODI's2 Tests3 ODI's5 ODI's 5 ODI's3 ODI's1 T203 T20's3 T20's1 T20AwayHostAway SL 3 ODI'sHost NZ 3 ODI'sAustraliaEngland1 T201 T205 Tests5 TestsAwayHostSouth AfricaHostHostIndiaAwayAwayWest IndiesSri LankaPakistanNew Zealand3 Tests 3 Tests3 Tests 3 Tests 3 Tests 3 Tests5 ODI's5 ODI's7 ODI's7 ODI's2 T20's5 ODI's 5 ODI's 2 T20's5 ODI's 5 ODI's3 T20's3 T20's1 T202 T20's1 T202 T20'sAwayAwayAwayHostHostAwayHostHostWest Indies South AfricaNew ZealandIndiaAustraliaBangladeshEnglandSri Lanka5 ODI's3 Tests3 Tests3 Tests3 Tests 2 Tests 5 ODI's 2 Tests1 T203 T20's5 ODI's5 ODI'sAway ODI tri-series3 T20'sAway ODI tri-series1 T20ODI Tri. Series1 T201 T20Bang (3rd leg)Bang Sri LankaSri LankaPakistan & Pakistan
ICC WT20 - Bang
HostAwaySri LankaEngland2 Tests Away2 TestsHost5 ODI's Away BangWest Indies5 ODI'sNew ZealandHost India1 T203 ODIs1 T203 ODIs3 Tests3 TestsTo Zimbabwe5 ODI's5 ODI'sHost AustraliaHost3 ODIsAway2 T20's2 T20's3 ODIsIndiaEngland5 Tests 5 TestsAwayHostHostAwayZimbabweBangladeshSouth AfricaWest Indies2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests5 ODIs5 ODI's3 ODI's3 ODI's3 ODI's3 ODI's1 T201 T201 T201 T201 T201 T20ChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueAwayHostPakistanAustraliaAway BangladeshAway BanHost SL & ZimHostTri. SeriesAwayTri ODI seriesTri. Series3 TestsWest Indies3 Tests IndiaAway BangHost Zim.AwayHost3 TestsAwayHostAwayHost3 Tests 2 Tests 2 TestsSri LankaSouth Africa5 ODI'sPakistanNew ZealandAustraliaEngland5 ODI's1 T203 Tests3 Tests1 T205 ODI's5 ODI's / 3 T20's3 ODI's3 ODI's5 ODI's / 3 T20's5 ODI's2 T20's1 T201 T202 T20'sHostAwayHost ZimbabweAway PakistanIndiaAustralia2 TestsHostAway2 TestsHost3 ODI's / 2 T20'sWest IndiesAwaySouth Africa3 ODI's / 2 T20's4 Tests4 Tests Sri LankaAway3 TestsNew Zealand3 TestsHost2 Tests Bangladesh2 Tests PakistanAwayHostAway5 ODI's2 Tests 5 ODI's5 ODI's5 ODI's2 TestsAustraliaEngland / IndiaAustralia1 T203 ODIs, 1 T202 T20's1 T202 T20's3 ODIs, 1 T20Triangular 5 ODIsTriangular 5 ODIsTriangular 5 ODIsAwayHostWest Indies England3 Tests3 TestsHost ZimbabweAway Sri Lanka5 ODIs, 2 T20's5 ODIs, 2 T20'sHostAwayNew ZealandEngland2 TestsAway2 Tests Host5 ODI'sWest IndiesAway5 ODI's AwayAustraliaHostHost1 T202 Tests Bangladesh 1 T20Zimbabwe2 Tests PakistanIndia3 ODIs 2 Tests2 Tests3 ODIs 2 Tests2 Tests3 ODI's3 ODI's 1T203 ODI's 1T203 ODIsAwayHostHostAwayBangladeshSouth Africa Nov-14Jun-14Jul-14
AustraliaEnglandAway SL2 TestsHost NZAway ZimHost West Indies2 Tests5 Tests 5 Tests 2 Tests3 ODI's2 Tests2 Tests2 Tests3 ODI's5 ODI's1 T205 ODI's3 ODI's3 ODI's1 T201 T201 T202 T20I's2 T20's5 ODI's 5 ODI's1 T201 T20ChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsChampionsLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueLeagueAwayAway ZimbabweHost NZHostAwayBangladeshHost2 Tests HostAwayHostAway2 TestsAustraliaPakistan2 TestsSouth AfricaEnglandIndiaWest IndiesSri Lanka2 Tests3 ODIs2 Tests 2 Tests3 ODIs3 TestsHost3 TestsAway3 Tests 3 Tests 3 ODI's 3 ODI's5 ODI'sNew Zealand7 ODI's Australia5 ODI's 7 ODI's 2 T20's2 T20's1 T202 T20's1 T202 T20's3 Tests3 TestsHostHostAwayAwayWest IndiesSri LankaIndiaAustralia3 Tests3 TestsHostAway3 Tests3 TestsAwayPakistanNew ZealandHost AwayHostSouth AfricaHostAway3 Tests 3 Tests EnglandBangladeshZimbabweIndiaAustralia5 ODI's5 ODI's4 Tests7 ODI's7 ODI's 1 T201 T204 Tests2 Tests 2 Tests5 ODI's2 T20's2 T20's5 ODI's7 ODI's 7 ODI's1 or 2 T20's tbcAwayHostAway1 or 2 T20's tbcHost1 T201 T20New ZealandAwayAustraliaSri LankaPakistanHost3 TestsWest Indies3 TestsIndiaAway3 Tests 3 Tests Host3 Tests3 TestsSouth Africa5 ODI'sHost Zimbabwe5 ODI'sAustralia5 ODI's 5 ODI'sTo NZ5 ODI's, 3 T20's1 T203 ODIs2 T20's5 ODI's, 3 T20's2 T20's1 T203 ODIs

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