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Women of Tomorrow US Multicultural Final Nov 2011 Nielsen

Women of Tomorrow US Multicultural Final Nov 2011 Nielsen

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Published by: Rudy Torres Villegas on Mar 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Women o Tomorrow:
U.S. MulticulturalInsights
November 2011
Copyright © 2011 The Nielsen Company
Optimism reigns among America’smulticultural women
Women are the world’s most powerul single demographic.They control the majority o household spending decisions,their inuence is growing and they are increasingly exercisingthis new-ound power in a variety o ways. It is only natural thatmarketers around the globe would take notice and seek ways tobetter reach women in terms o the media they watch and theproducts they buy.Nielsen surveyed women across generations and rom all cornerso both developed and emerging economies. Reaching out to 21countries representing 60 percent o the world’s population and78 percent o GDP, this study provides insight into how currentand uture generations o emale consumers shop and use media.While there are some surprising dierences – especially betweenwomen rom developed countries and those rom emergingcountries – there is one very positive commonality: womenbelieve their roles are changing or the better.With the ace o the United States changing, the attitudes andbehaviors o women across ethnicities is particularly important.Hispanics are now the astest growing ethnic group, a trend thathas tremendous ramifcations on media, retail and manuacturersnow and in the years ahead. As overall consumer demandshrinks and companies look or new segments o growth, themulticultural consumer represents a signifcant opportunity nowand in the long term. This report highlights the dierences andsimilarities o American women across the our primary ethnicgroups: Hispanic/Latino, Arican American, Asian American andCaucasian/White.
Our roles are changing for the better:
94% o Hispanic women90% o Arican American women90% o Caucasian women86% o Asian American women
Countries Represented in the Full Global Study
Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, SouthArica, Thailand, Turkey
Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea,Spain, Sweden, United States
Roles are changing for the better
In developed countries, 80 percent o women surveyed said thatthe role o women is changing, with 90 percent o those sayingit is changing or the better. In emerging countries, women areeven more optimistic about the uture. Women in the U.S. are nodierent, with vast majorities across ethnicities believing theirroles are changing and improving.
Copyright © 2011 The Nielsen Company
Optimism was highest among Arican American and Hispanicwomen, especially when it came to how they viewed theopportunities they have had compared with those o theirmothers. The optimism does not stop with the women o today:they are extremely positive about the outlook or the womeno tomorrow – their daughters – and expect them to have moreopportunities available to them than they themselves have now.

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