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#2a - Specifications

#2a - Specifications

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Mar 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dallas Farmers Market Redevelopment – BDZ1223
Request for Proposals and Statements of QualificationsRetail/Land Purchase/Operations OpportunityHarwood Street at Marilla Street, in Downtown Dallas
Sealed submissions shall be delivered in person or by mail at Dallas City Hall, (1500Marilla St. #3FN, Dallas, TX 75201) by 2:00 p.m. on the due date. Starting at 2:01p.m. on the due date, submissions will not be accepted and will be returned to theProposer unopened. All submissions should include the firm name, address, telephonenumber, and designated contact person regarding the submission.
One (1) originaland ten (10) copies
of the submission and relevant documentation shouldbe submitted to:
Michelle Charnoski, Buyer IIIBusiness Development and Procurement1500 Marilla St. #3FNDallas, TX 75201michelle.charnoski@dallascityhall.comFax: 214-670-4793
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-135
 The City of Dallas (City), Office of Economic Development (ECO), is working withDowntown Dallas, Inc, and downtown property owners to look at ways to improve theatmosphere, operations and taxable value of property located in the Dallas FarmersMarket area. The adopted vision for the area from the Downtown 360 plan calls forthis district to become Downtown’s first true balanced neighborhood, including lowand mid-rise housing with complementary service uses to support a family-friendlyatmosphere. The overall intent is for the Farmers Market to be the heart and defininglandmark of this neighborhood. By improving the Farmers Market, the City hopes toencourage the private development of market rate housing and commercialdevelopment that will benefit from proximity to the market. The City desires to solicit proposals from private developers and firms related to thepotential redevelopment of the Dallas Farmers Market property. The proposalsubmissions shall:1.
Provide an ongoing operational plan for the Dallas Farmers Marketthat allows it to continue to draw residents and visitors.
Currentoperational rules are spelled out in Chapter 29 of City Code
(Exhibit A)
. The successful applicant will develop an operational plan for the continuedoperations of the Dallas Farmers Market; the minimum period for the planshall be five (5) years. The plan, at a minimum, shall contain the followingelements:
a.Overall Merchandizing Concept for Marketb.Lead Tenant and Proposed ongoing Tenant Mix for Marketc.Financial Plan for operations including anticipated revenuefrom all sources and anticipated expensesd.Proposed licensing (space is licensed or leased currently)plan for commercial/vendor space including terms andconditionse.Proposed marketing/branding plan
Extent that Operational Plan calls for private or Citymanagement of the Dallas Farmers Market - T
his operationalplan can include privatization of some or all efforts currentlyundertaken by the City.g.
Proposed modifications needed to Chapter 29 of City Codeneeded to implement this Operational Plan
. (Any suchmodifications shall be approved by City Council)2.
Provide a preliminary market/design study from an independent,third party advisor acceptable to the City that is familiar withretailing efforts in mixed use development projects.
 This preliminarystudy should outline a ‘best use’ scenario – minimum retail requirement, inaddition to other development needs for the Dallas Farmers Market area.Further design and retailing analysis is likely to be necessary to develop afinal study conducted by a third party vendor, upon selection of thesuccessful applicant. The City has required the use of outside consultants to
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-135
verify market information and design requirements in other projects such asLake Highlands Town Center; use of a similar type of consulting group isenvisioned for this project. The successful applicant will show how the redevelopment of the DallasFarmers Market will further the redevelopment of the greater FarmersMarket area. The successful applicant will recognize the historic importance of the DallasFarmers Market and set out a program to preserve the Market for futuregenerations, while adapting to changes in the market and competitiveforces. It is the hope of the City that the historical uniqueness of the publicmarketplace can be incorporated into the final branding and marketing planfor the Dallas Farmers Market. The successful applicant should develop avision for the site that creates a ‘destination’ that is attractive to a largecross-section of market segments and is family friendly. The successful applicant will develop a program to improvevendor/farmers/produce dealer’s participation in the market and improvethe overall appeal and value of the Dallas Farmers Market to the immediateneighborhood, community and other consumer bases.3.
Provide a site plan for the proposed redeveloped Dallas FarmersMarket.
 The successful applicant shall submit a site plan for the entireDallas Farmers Market site that retains a minimum of 60,000 square feet of commercial/vendor space and includes other (taxable) uses that best fit theredevelopment plan for the site.Currently, the market contains approximately 100,000 square feet of commercial/vendor space. The final submission should clearly indicate theappropriate level of commercial space needed for the Dallas FarmersMarket. The proposal may reduce the amount of commercial vendor spaceto 60,000 square feet, but the reduction in space is not a requirement. Theproposal may recommend increasing the amount of commercial space. The plan should clearly identify areas to be used for the Dallas FarmersMarket, parking, open space (including but not limited to: an activated,unique neighborhood park/plaza along Pearl Street as a gathering place forthe area; streetscape improvements along Cesar Chavez; otherimprovements designed to increase the walkability of the area). Pocketparks and tot lots are also desirable as a component of an overall plan forthe greater neighborhood. In addition, the site plan should clearly identifyany surplus property, including air rights, that the development group maywish to purchase (for fair market value) from the City (excluding the portionof the property designated to ongoing operations of the Dallas FarmersMarket).If any land is intended to be purchased from the City (can include the entiresite except the portion dedicated to ongoing operations of the Dallas
Rev. 1 - 03/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-135

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