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300 Presentation

300 Presentation

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Published by ThomasFarrington

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Published by: ThomasFarrington on Mar 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Click to edit Master subtitle style20/03/12The research in this presentation aims to identify and analyze significant and
different key points derived from the popular 2007 film, ‘300’, an adaption of the
1998 comic book series by Frank Miller, using the following published and onlinesources:
300: The Art of the Film
by Frank Miller and Zack Snyder
Unpopular Culture: Transforming the European Comic Book in the 1990s
by Bart Beaty
The 300 Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction
by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
Inside ‘300’ 
by Gerri Miller
The 300 controversy by 
Dan Hassler-Forest
“Hollywood’s is intent on conveying a certain “image” of theClassics. Perhaps there is a desire to “Nordify” ancient Greece just as there is a desire to “Orientalize” the ancient Iranians. At
least the portrait of King Leonidas in the movie was consistentwith the depictions of ancient Greeks as seen in the vases of 
Classical Greece.” (Farrokh, <no date>)
 - The portrayal of Persians was not 100% accurate. Hollywood
seemed to be catering more to a ‘dumbed
down’ audience.
- The portrayal of the messenger, the emissary sent to talk withLeonidas and other Persians were also played by black actors.-
“The script is not an attempt in typical Hollywood fashion to recreatethe past as a costume drama. Instead it is based on Frank Miller’s (of Sin City fame) comic book graphics and captions. Miller’s illustrated
novelette of the battle adapts themes loosely from the well-knownstory of the Greek defense, but with deference made to the tastes of 
contemporary popular culture.” (Davis, 2006:Foreword)
 - Because the techniques used in the film such as an unreal and CGgenerated world and an unrealistic and unnatural color palette, mostlyconsisting of de-saturated browns, reds and blues, the film gainedsome attention from its new style, differentiating itself from otherfilms of its kind.
“Our skies are created using a blend of photographic and watercolour
elements, giving the backgrounds a unique textured feel without being
entirely painted.”
Classicism Realism
The Cultural Context of 300
What inspired the film-makers and what do audiences expect out of this genre?
- 300 was originally a comic book created by Dark Horse Comics.-The film draws upon this comic-book style for much of its art direction.-The film also seems to draw upon other films for inspiration, primarily 'TheMatrix' with its flo-mo style cinematography. 300 came after the matrix andprobably thought to draw some inspiration from its camera techniques.-Movies depicting events in history may sometimes be considered boringwithout artistic licensing, so more action and more altering of history is donein order to cater to the needs of an audience.-The audience does not want a boring film.

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