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Psychic Predictions on Obama, the US, Estrada and Arroyo

Psychic Predictions on Obama, the US, Estrada and Arroyo



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Published by jesusa
Psychic predictions on Obama's electoral victory and future presidency, the Philippines' Estrada and Arroyo, the United States and the world. Originally published on October 20, 2008, the Postscript portion was made the day after the U.S. presidential elections held on November 4, 2008.
Psychic predictions on Obama's electoral victory and future presidency, the Philippines' Estrada and Arroyo, the United States and the world. Originally published on October 20, 2008, the Postscript portion was made the day after the U.S. presidential elections held on November 4, 2008.

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Published by: jesusa on Dec 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic predictions on Estrada and Arroyo,the US, Obama & the world
Originally published at Newsvine.com — Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:07 PM EDTPostscript written on November 5, 2008
by Jesusa Bernardo
Warning: Only for those who take psychic "predictions" 
to heart.
 The decade was the mid-1980s when I watched the documentary on Nostradamus' predictions,the much acclaimed
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
. Much of its contents had already slipped mymind (until I recently decided to revisit the movie via YouTube) but based from the presentation,I remember telling myself then that the French seer has a near-prophetic accuracy at foretellingthe future, and that he has some rather dire predictions in store for the modern humans. I wasn'tinclined, however, to buy his predictions hook, line and sinker. While I was try to keep an openmind as a matter of "scientific thinking" policy, I'm not the gullible type because I always seek valid evidence before getting myself to believe anything.
One of Nostradamus astounding predictionsshown in the film is the supposeddevastation of the world being broughtabout by a nuclear war instigated by aMuslim leader from the "East." As shown inthe film, the man, clad in an apparentlyMuslim garb with blue turban, will launch anuclear weapon targeting the United Statesof America. Keep in mind that the year thiswas shown was the 1980s and that at thetime, the "enemy" of the US was no other than the communist superpower Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Back then, anyMuslim country being able to stand up tothe US was unthinkable. Moreover, theCold War had every country and everyone fearing that the end of the world would come via anuclear missile exchange between the two superpowers.As history would later unfold, the improbable happened when the once indivisible USSR and itscommunist bloc began disintegrating, beginning in the late1980s. Was this historicaldevelopment a proof of the accuracy of Nostradamus' predictions?
Predictions of an "Apo"
 Amidst numerous Internet sites insinuating, if not actuallynaming Democratic standard bearer Barack Obama as the next"anti-Christ" mentioned in Nostradamus quatrains, I venturedto seek a more "enlightened" interpretation of the Nostradamus predictions that potentially relates to Obama and the future of the world. I then set out to "consult" with a low-profile psychicI've heard about for years. I've been aware of his political predictions on the Philippine scene—which I constantlyquestion in my mind but most of which have so far proved to be true.Ever since the Edsa 2 coup that deposed the constitutionally elected JosephEstrada and catapulted the power grabbing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to thePhilippine presidency, I must admit I have been hoping for some news or "predictions" that would rectify this grave political sin against the Filipino people. Apo, however, would consistently predict that the fake "President"Arroyo would continue her hold on power--despite the pro-Estrada Edna 3 failedrevolution, numerous coup rumors and attempts, and electoral exercises, particularly the 2004 elections (which official results declaring Arroyo's win over opposition bet Fernando Poe Jr. proved to have been rigged by a conspiracy among Arroyo,certain Comely and military officials, administrations senators and congressmen, and perhapseven the NAMFREL "watchdog").
Obama victory
 Apo has very interesting things to say on both the Philippine andAmerican political scenes, and the world in general. What willhappen in America in the next months or years, it seems, willgravely impact on world developments. Well, the United States being the sole remaining superpower, it's hardly surprising thatdevelopments in the US influence events in other parts of theglobe.The Democratic ticket led by Barack Obama will most likelywin the November elections, says Apo. The final vote tally willyield an approximately 33 percent lead over the Republicantandem of McCain and Palin. Unfortunately, there's a second,unpalatable part of this prediction. Barack Obama's presidencywill be marked by pronounced materialism. Contrary to Obama'sapparent idealism, his latent materialist agenda will surface oncehe takes over the administration of the USA.There's much more. The low-key psychic says that Obama's win willsignal the beginning of the world era of much difficulty and chaos.The global recession obtaining at the moment will not be resolved bythe new administration, and instead, will deteriorate into a worldcrisis. Also, Obama will supposedly befriend, or be befriended by, a political figure of a Muslim state--an association that would somehowadversely impact on President Obama's foreign affairs and domestic policies. Apo says that Nostradamus' dire predictions for the US andthe world could likely come to fruition under the Obama presidency(He did not elaborate so I'm not sure what particular Nostradamusquatrain he refers to, but I'm wondering whether he meant thescenario of that Middle Eastern man with blue turban bringing terror to the West as depicted in
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
Assassination attempts on Arroyo & Estrada
 Apo also predicts that deposed and defamed ex-President Joseph Estrada willrun again for the Philippine presidency. Based on current developments whenthe opposition appears disunited, and on past statements of Estrada indicatingthat he'll run himself if the opposition will not field a unified candidate, this prediction does not seem far-fetch. The psychic also says the former Presidentwill win--something not really surprising, considering how he continues to bemobbed wherever he goes and how certain surveys show how the Filipinosview him as innocent of the Plunder charges for which he was convicted.

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Psychic predictions should be taken in such way that they should be viewed as a source of guidance. In the most basic sense, psychic predictions are just a sneak peek of what might happen -- they aren't 100% sure proof. The reality is, predictions aren't written in stone, they're just based on a series of events that might still possibly be altered over time. http://ow.ly/3LjwZ
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